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  1. Re: In The Cards That might work in other situations, but in this one as written? It doesn't. * If the odds suck that bad, then the scenario still assumes you're being an idiot -- in this instance, for attacking odds that lopsided by yourself instead of waiting for backup. After all, you followed them to their warehouse without them being aware that they were followed; that means you get to pick the time and circumstances of your assault. * In that vein, since you did have surprise, why didn't your first shot goes into the greatest probable threat -- which is the boss
  2. Re: Australian Supervillains Speaking in ignorance here, but isn't one of the elements of Australian culture 'We hate our celebrities?' Maybe one of your villains is a former Australian superhero who got tired of that.
  3. Re: In The Cards Errrr, could you rewrite the scenario so that it doesn't start out assuming that we crit-failed our Tactics roll? Because I think most of our rooftop crawling vigilantes would, if we followed some mooks back to an obvious villainous warehouse lair with an obvious theme-villain mastermind lording it over his mooks, make our skylight drop surprise attack on the mastermind first and then start thumping the lesser threats. As opposed to what we got here, which is to jump in, ignore the ringleader, focus only on the lesser threats, and then stand there and let this guy
  4. Re: Why do you poist WWYCD threads? My posts on WWYCD threads are largely 'gaming methadone fix', as mentioned above.
  5. Re: Public vs. Secret Identity In the games I've run, I got a lot of PCs with Public Identity. Most of them had also partially or completely 'armored' their lives against the common ptifalls of Public ID. (Such as being from an equivalent of the Empyreans, or not having an extended family, or being wealthy and powerful enough to afford the best of security, or etc.) Nobody seemed interested in RP'ing the standard Secret Identity tropes.
  6. Re: Why Your Heroes Shouldn't Kill Now, having posted that, I move on to discussing the lethal force topic as in the superhero games I have played in and DM'ed... Hokay, first up, none of my players has ever taken a CvK past 'moderate', if that high. Many of them stick with the 0-point 'Reluctant to Kill'... and a few have gone all the way down to borderline Dark Champions. This is because the Silver Age 20-point CvKs only work in a Silver Age world where narrative causality chooses to reward your total non-lethalness by giving you villains that never actually manage a successful
  7. Re: Why Your Heroes Shouldn't Kill Belated entry into this thread... Well, the part where he openly admitted to doing it, for one. (Note: That wasn't his first statement on the topic, just his most explicit.) You will never see that happen with terrorists of bin Laden's stripe, for the simple reason that it would require disclosing in open court not only exactly what evidence we had, but who gathered it when and where. Remember, you can't use hearsay in court; you have to link every bit of eyewitness testimony to an actual name, and every bit of forensic evidence to
  8. Re: Why Don't The Villains Kill? Because for Dr. Sivana, its not about surviving, its about winning. Shooting Billy Batson is admitting that he doesn't have the mojo to take down Captain Marvel. Um, being fair to Lex Luthor, he's tried to kill Superman with Kryptonite and without more times than I can count. His 'Kill Superman' R&D budget ran to literal billions of dollars. Superman is just that competent at not being killed. Movie Bane actually said it most succinctly -- "Your punishment must be more severe." Of course it ultimately depends on w
  9. Chuckg


    Re: Evil We've gotten this far without the Pratchett quote? Its from Carpe Jugulum, and Granny Weatherwax is speaking with an Omnian missionary.
  10. Re: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury #1: Security Robot Zaps Burglar Back to the original question: Legally, this is a case of a principle I like to call on "Don't pee on the electric fence, you moron." The only area of doubt is whether or not the zap gun he was hit with was safety-certified and legal for sale, like tasers in real life are. If it wasn't, then the owner (if it was an illegal home modification or home-made) or the manufacturer (if it was something legally sold off-the-shelf, but built or designed unsafely) is liable. Even so, the burglar's continuing to
  11. Re: Immigration into the USA - legal, or making illegal legal If she is willing to take a government job I'm sure getting a green card or even fast-track naturalization wouldn't be any problem; any government has a vested interest in making sure as many friendly metas are available to them as possible. And governments gladly do things if they think they're getting ahead on the deal. And this doesn't necessarily mean 'Welcome to the Weapon X project' either; depending on the DM, something as simple as 'Is a DOSPA-sanctioned hero' could qualify. After all, the government knows their
  12. Re: Istvatha V'han - why can't she conquer Earth? In order for the Quaternion Banishment to work on her, she would need to be from a dimension among Hod or Netzach, or farther out, on the Sephiroth. Tyrannon and Skarn are from such places; V'Han very likely is not (as all the 'mundane' alternate universes of the material universe are still Assiatic planes, way down on the Sephiroth's bottom along with Earth). Indeed, since part of the definition of an Outer Plane is one where the reality runs primarily on magic as opposed to science, she's likely not from one. The point is moot, h
  13. Re: Would your Hero endorse a politician? Kaian: Has (despite his many many tarnishes, most of them known only to him) the public reputation of Captain America, and knows perfectly well what goes along with having that. He's ducked being drafted for public office on his own hook, he is like heck getting involved in that mess for anyone else. Unless someone like Lex Luthor is running, in which case he'd do whatever it took to keep the guy out of the Presidency.
  14. Re: WWYCD- April Fools are everywhere Kaian: 'Good morning, Mr. Mayor. You're on TV in two minutes. Please come this way to the press room, the cameras are rolling, here's a copy of the speech you're going to give. I typed it all up for you.' 'Do I know you?' 'Your regular assistant had to go home today. I'm a temp.' 'Oh, all right. This way, you said?' 'Yes sir. And here's your speech. Remember, you're going live, so we have to get this done in one uninterrupted take and save the questions for after the end. That's vital. And on in 3... 2... 1... go!'
  15. Re: You ARE Dr.Destroyer Kaian/Striker-One: Assuming that his curse of immortality even allows this to happen (as its been pretty damn stubborn about allowing him any escape from having to be himself for eternity, however exotic), he pisses himself laughing. Then spend a horrid several hours wrestling with temptation. Does he try the benevolent supervillain mastermind thing? Of course, that would require immediately killing off 'Doctor Destroyer' in a grandiose public manner after first setting up the bulk of resources to be reclaimed by a newly-crafted false ID he's goin
  16. Re: Greased Is The Word Starguard: *wraps Gomer in a protective force field, then TKs the weapon out of his hand* Baron von Darien: *Chuckle inwardly, keep walking by. Adios, Gomer.* Kaian/Striker-One: "Gomer? If you, very very slowly, raise your weapon until its pointing at the ceiling, they won't shoot you. Then I'll come up and take it from you and put the handcuffs on. All right?" (looks at everyone else) "Got that?"
  17. Re: Have a player wanting a Peter Petrelli Like character Don't forget his "Physical Limitation: Complete Idiot".
  18. Re: WWYD - Raising You Starguard: None of her power has a genetic component, so her young clone will just be an ordinary, very sweet-natured girl. Given her age (17), she'd probably take her kid back home to be raised by her parents, and spend as much time there as she could when not superheroing. Kaian: This is perhaps the single worst thing that could possibly happen to him. His clone, not being cursed like him, will be mortal... but will also have mystic potential exceeding that of any Archmage in the past couple of millenia. (Kaian, before being cursed with immortality and
  19. Re: The Collapse Of Dark Realm I agree. One character of mine (Starguard) has enough mystic power to open her own D-gate out; everybody else is going to have to run for the portal and take their chances. Kaian would first estimate how much time before the dimension collapsed, though, and if there were enough minutes left to kidney punch a shadow wraith until it felt truly repentant and wanted to reset the gate to a specific destination of his choice, he'd do that. Otherwise, he'd take potluck and like it.
  20. Re: WWYD - Battlefield Starguard: Start using Force Walls to keep civilians safe. Also ask/yell at the combatants WTF is going on here. Kaian: Has no powers for protecting other people, or powers at all, really. Time to start taking down combatants as swiftly and effectively as possible, even if that means checking a plasma cannon out of the AEGIS armory and sniping people in the head with it.
  21. Re: World Without People! Kaian: Well, this is a rare occasion; he's actually going to freak out. The "I Am Legend" thing will trigger flashbacks to a period of his life he really tries not to think about. After getting over that (at least for now), its time to start figuring out what the frig happened. Oh yes, and getting the people off the International Space Station. Fortunately, if Kaian was on a mission offworld by himself, then he had to have been flying a spaceship, as he has no travel powers. Time to use it! (Or the Vanguard team spaceplane, which started off li
  22. Re: Replacing Destroyer with Teleios As to why he chose such a slow method of killing off Zerstoiten -- well, INT 35 Zerstoiten was more intelligent than even Spregen back then (although Spregen has since used the intervening decades to genetically augment his brains to past even Destroyer's level, in addition to making himself unaging and etc.), and it wasn't the time and place to pick a fight at the time, especially since he couldn't be sure who'd win. So, that plus inventing longevity meant Spregen simply chose to take a very slow and steady approach to killing Zerstoiten off. In a
  23. Re: Super powered Nation-The Gathering storm At this point, Kaian is utterly cursing the fact that every time he resists the impulse to do the pragmatic and ruthless thing, and instead chooses to not a bullet in someone's face, the universe then goes out of its way to make him regret it. At least he can say that he didn't let the UN confiscate the gene bomb in the first place. Kaian: "... well, I admit, this plan is at least somewhat more workable. Can you control which powers the person gets? Have you considered the possibility of indirect action... agreeing to empower, fo
  24. Re: The Golden Apple Kaian: #1 -- 'I already have a public identity... as a serving officer in the United States military. I regretfully decline your offer. Also, the part where you asked for the files intact rather than asking to witness their destruction makes me think that your government is less concerned about keeping other people from using them for blackmail than they are in using them themselves... and no, I'm not saying you want to do that, I'm certain you believe every word you just told me. I'm also certain that at least one of your superiors is less idealistic than yo
  25. Re: A Super powered Nation Kaian (after staring at the scientist speechless for a while) -- "... first off, let me congratulate you on having an unwavering optimism and faith in the innate decency of humankind beyond anything I've ever been capable of, or wanted to be capable of. That having been said, its entirely misplaced -- no, no, lets not get bogged down in an ethical debate on the topic, there's no need when your plan has a massive practical obstacle preventing it from ever being fulfilled. Which is to say, the very warring generals that you hate so much, and all their follower
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