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  1. And then you can celebrate by playing your viola.
  2. What I would do with a hypothetical Seventh Edition is avoid it like the plague. At this point the rules have been combed through, deconstructed, revised, clarified, optionized, and hair-split to within an inch of their lives. There are no more pressing problems in the system that need to be addressed. Any further modifications would simply reflect the personal opinions and preferences of whoever was given responsibility for creating a new edition; and we all already modify the RAW to suit our preferences anyway. For alternative ways of doing things, we have earlier editions to draw from. I see no need and feel no desire to invest time and money learning yet another iteration of Hero.
  3. I knew all that corn had to represent something.
  4. To be clear, the referendum to leave the European Union was not legally binding. If you want to consider the moral validity of slim majorities involving a fraction of the eligible electorate, well, there's the last American presidential election. FWIW I don't like Boris Johnson either. But the Hulk does sometimes wear the same hairstyle. 😛
  5. A raging force of destruction is maybe not the best analogy to use in this circumstance. And a Prime Minister willing to publicly ignore the lawful decisions of his country's legislature sets a dangerous precedent. But it does say something when the premier governing official of a major country compares himself to a comic-book character. Geek culture is emphatically mainstream. 😎
  6. "Mom, 'pachyderm' doesn't mean 'pack on weight'!"
  7. Obviously a fake. Big Bird would make twenty of those.
  8. I just noticed that the global graphic in that seal is centered on Europe. That's an appropriate touch, since the Imperial capital is Lyon in what is France today. It's also a reminder that this Terran Empire isn't "America in space," which so much science-fiction uses as its default.
  9. The inhabitants of that castle must deal with a lot of broken dishes...
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