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  1. I continue to hold that this is a process of correction our entire civilization has needed for a long time. The pendulum swings. Most of us here living in developed countries grew up during a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity, which was unlikely to last. But this will almost certainly get worse before it gets better, because history suggests that the human race, collectively, has to start to drown before they're motivated to start learning to swim.
  2. Sure. But if you have aliens, you can also have alien heroes. Superman. Martian Manhunter. Captain Mar-vell. Guardians of the Galaxy. Green Lantern. Silver Surfer. Beta Ray Bill. Ultraman. Good to have on your side.
  3. For whoever tells you anime women aren't real.
  4. I game in the Champions Universe. I took both.
  5. Likewise. Just thinking what must have been in her mind is horrifying. And with no mouth or nose, was she suffocating? As do I. But loving something and being frightened by it aren't mutually exclusive. The whole horror genre of entertainment is built on that premise.
  6. That first season of TOS had other pretty frightening things: Ruk the giant android, the Horta, Balok (at least his "Hyde" form). Charlie X was the one that freaked me out the most. For years I couldn't watch that episode again.
  7. I work part-time coaching medical students to pass their qualifying exams. The above is a very small part of how we train them. The subsequent interpretation of that training kinda misses the point.
  8. It's a bit of a positive development, but I fear it's too little, too late. The monsters of popular extremism and conspiracy theory in the United States that the media and politicians nurtured have grown beyond their ability to control. If their followers don't like what one voice is telling them, they'll find another that tells them what they want.
  9. Given a choice between those two explanations, I agree. But it would most likely result if women had power, or a type of power, that men lacked. Many early societies were matriarchal, when the role of women in reproduction was given mystical and even religious importance. Ultimately, though, that gave way to men's ability to swing bigger weapons.
  10. It's how third-world election results are frequently framed.
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