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  1. "Thank you, you've been a great audience! The bar is open 'til 2:00."
  2. The driver may or may not have lit a cigarette after filling those fuel tanks. It's telling that none of us would be shocked if he did.
  3. The impression I got was just the opposite, to be honest. Throughout the first WW movie I could see and feel the building relationship between Steve and Diana, their mutual understanding, trust, admiration, their shared joy and grief, through intense moments and quiet ones. It's also worth remembering that experiences are heightened in war. You go through a lot of living in a short time, and people who share that experience quickly form a bond of literal life and death. When Diana and Steve made love I absolutely believed their relationship had led to it, and when Steve died I comp
  4. Yankees say 8 fully vaccinated members tested positive for COVID.
  5. If they do form a third party, I doubt it will draw many of the existing Republican base which polling suggests is now predominantly Trumpist. But any splitting of the vote on the Right will benefit Democrats, and even "lesser of two evils" believers should welcome that in the present circumstances.
  6. They really need to take those "Wet Paint" signs on the benches more seriously.
  7. Fear vs Greed. That should be quite a confrontation.
  8. And I agree that's logical. Except that it doesn't match what the Ancient One said. And Thanos from the past died during Endgame before he destroyed the stones. MCU time post-Endgame is a mess. We'll see what they do with it in upcoming movies and TV.
  9. Hey, I'm just pointing out what the scene said. Like I said, I expected the point to be argued. Of course you can argue that the time line of the MCU that they're all living in now has changed, because the Thanos who came forward from the past and was killed in Endgame never got all the stones in the first place. Yeah, I think I'm going to lie down 'til the headache thinking about this gave me goes away. 😣 EDIT: The plot of the Loki miniseries appears to be based on repairing fractured time, so maybe it will all make sense after that.
  10. But horizontal works. It does what it's supposed to. Vertical just does it better.
  11. You could consider the ethical/moral dimension of the Eye's power to be an expression of "soul" rather than "mind." Or just join the very long list of philosophers who have debated the difference.
  12. If the MCU had followed the comics precedent more closely, I would say the Soul Stone would be a closer match for what the Eye was shown to do than the Time Stone. Its light hurts and weakens creatures and forces of evil and/or darkness, banishes illusions, reveals hidden things. When Strange causes the Eye to levitate out of the amulet and affix itself to his forehead he can see someone's deepest thoughts. I'm sure I'm overlooking other things it's been shown to do. I'm not sure why they chose to make MCU Strange's amulet the Time Stone, but IMO they worked it into his movie prett
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