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  1. I did. Stayed up most of the night with my mom to watch the moonwalk. So worth it.
  2. I doubt he knows anyone who went to a public school. Aside from the ones who clean his pool or carry his golf clubs.
  3. Well, Endgame ended with Thor ceding rule of "New Asgard" to Valkyrie, and heading out into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy (and having a new bionic eye). After his conversation with his mother in the past, Thor seems to have decided that he's not cut out to be a king, and is looking for his destiny in the wider galaxy. That would stream with Kevin Feige's remarks that Phase Four will take the MCU in a more cosmic direction. After his last three movie appearances fan interest in Thor has soared, so it makes sense for Marvel to look at another Thor-centric vehicle. Hemsworth has also found renewed pleasure in playing this version of the God of Thunder. And let's face it, Chris's film career hasn't exactly taken off outside of Marvel, so on a practical level this is probably a smart move.
  4. I got this from a poster to YouTube named Ann van de Kew: __________________________________________________________ My father was doing some plowing one day, when I came running up and said: "Dad, there's a man at the door asking us who we will vote for and will we donate money." "That's okay" said my father. "Now you go back and find out what political party he is. If he's a republican, lock up the chicken house, cause he'll want to steal some chickens. If he's a democrat, lock up the moonshine, cause he'll tax it. And if he's Trump, sit between your mother's legs until I get there."
  5. I still maintain that if Thanos had faced this Thor at the end of Endgame, he'd have had a far tougher fight on his hands.
  6. A:EMH was a great superhero animated series, cancelled too soon. I agree that their handling of both Kang and Ultron (who had significant story arcs) was impressive. Part of that IMHO is the ability of a television series to draw out a story over multiple episodes to explore it fully, which most movies don't have the luxury of. What made Kang work especially well there, is that while his background was based on comic-book Kang, he was given a story-based reason to focus all his attention on the Avengers and their era, so that actual time-travel was only a brief feature of his appearances.
  7. Japanese anime like that have been very popular with the French for decades. They've been shown on French prime-time television, and some get high ratings.
  8. Well done; but I'd say the middle one is more "Spreadlery."
  9. The term "Socialism" today seems to have taken on the connotation for many Americans that "Communism" used to have: the antithesis of the American way of life. "Socialist" is used by no few Conservatives as a convenient label by which to categorize anyone who advocates changes to the socio-economic status quo as enemies of the people, thereby denigrating any of their arguments as being unworthy of consideration by real Americans.
  10. We probably will never know if Donald Trump would own slaves if he could get away with it. At least I hope we'll never know...
  11. Like I always say: Things aren't more expensive. Money's just worth less.
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