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  1. But they apparently had the courtesy to have learned English by the time those Japanese movies played in North America.
  2. It was loud, flashy, goofy escapism that didn't pretend to be anything else. Younger audiences who hadn't seen many earlier movies probably didn't recognize how derivative it was. But all the time I was in the theater watching it I kept thinking to myself, "That's from V, that's from Star Wars, that's from War of the Worlds, that's from Top Gun, that's from Alien..."
  3. Aliens always spoke English in 1960s sci-fi movies and TV. It helped the plot move faster. Audiences were accustomed to the convention.
  4. Dr. Who became really popular in the States over thirty-five years ago. I was part of a group of Whovians who'd get together every Sunday night to watch a four-episode story arc on our closest PBS station. Tom Baker was my Doctor, and always will be.
  5. Not knowing a lot of details about your situation, this advice is going to be more general, and sound more blunt, than is my wont to give. When I face difficult situations, I ask myself if the good in the situation is greater than the bad; if the benefit outweighs the cost. If it does, keep working to make it as positive as possible. If it doesn't, get out of it. On the surface that sounds selfish, but "benefit" can be measured many ways. During the last years of my mother's life I was her primary caregiver. She suffered from dementia and a few other physical infirmities, and taking care of her had become a 24/7 job. Financially, physically and emotionally I was burning myself out. Many times I thought of just running, leaving my brother to be responsible for her, and starting over; but for me, abandoning her would have been worse than enduring the situation. In the end, though, I had to admit I'd reached the end of my endurance, and needed to arrange for nursing-home care for her. I felt guilty over that, but if I hadn't done it we both would have suffered the consequences. As the song says, "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."
  6. Got it. Champions III, p. 6. One of the book's contributing authors used this and a few other in-game incidents involving his PC, Revenant, to illustrate character growth over a campaign. (The stories span a couple of pages in the book.)
  7. One thing I really like about this SCOTUS decision is that it applies no modifiers based on who violated the treaties, whether the Native American parties had authority to consent, or if the American government ever actually intended to honor them. It simply asserts that these treaties were lawfully negotiated and signed by the American government, and therefore their terms have the force of law.
  8. Heck, I've lost count of how many times DC Comics has rebooted their continuity. 😵 I'm not aware of anyone having created prose fiction set in the Terran Empire. As much as I like the setting, a lot of it follows familiar sci-fi themes and tropes, so I would prefer to see fiction playing up some of its more distinctive elements, e.g. being caught in an underworld war between the Clone Mob, the Hzeel Outfit, and/or the Psindicate; or conflict with one or more of the Void Messiahs of the Church of the Infinite Dark. (See Scourges Of The Galaxy for more on these.) To be honest, though, as inspiration for a series of stories, the Alien Wars period seems to me to hold even more potential. The threat and drama are built in, and there are many episodes in the long war with the Xenovores that could easily form the basis for a story. I can envision something akin to Fred Saberhagen's Berserker War short stories.
  9. To make Deimos a longer-term fixture in your campaign, it could be helpful to craft a series of adventures he could send them on with a benevolent pretext, but which actually advance his hidden agenda; but leave clues your players may start piecing together. For example: Deimos tells the PCs a local government official is corrupt, and wants them to steal records from his home that will prove it, so that Deimos can expose him. The official is indeed corrupt, but Deimos wants the evidence to hold over him to force his compliance. The players may eventually notice that he was never removed. A local woman has been sentenced to be burned alive for witchcraft. Deimos assures the PCs the charge is false, and sends them to break her out of prison before the sentence. She actually is a witch who works for Deimos and knows who and what he is, and he wants her out before she tries to buy her life with what she knows. But she won't live long afterward -- her sloppiness in getting caught means Deimos considers her a liability. A plague is sweeping the PCs' home city. Deimos says he believes the plague was deliberately introduced by malevolent forces, and they must retrieve rare herbs/a hidden artifact/etc. from a dangerous place, in order to break it. Everything he says is true... but he omitted mentioning that he's the cause of the plague. After the plague is lifted rumors spread from unknown sources that Deimos was responsible for curing it, which greatly enhances his reputation in the city.
  10. I want to give props to the original Star Trek pilot, "The Cage" starring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike, later repackaged in the two-part episode, "The Menagerie." Mostly different cast from TOS, of course, but it was perhaps the boldest and truest science-fiction done for Star Trek.
  11. Most people write "would of" when they mean "would've." I stand in defense of all pedantry!
  12. Well one role was green and the other was purple. Only the Hulk can get away with combining those.
  13. A goatee lacks a mustache. What Spock was sporting is called a van dyke.
  14. Could this be what you were thinking of ? Wu-Xia HERO
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