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  1. I was afraid all your head-banging left you wandering off with amnesia! Great to see you here again, Boz! :D


    1. Bozimus


      Thank you!


      Glad to see that you are still fighting the good fight...  The community on this forum really is a wonderful mix of individuals!

  2. Always nice to see you around here, Mr. Bretz. :)

    1. Theron


      Thanks. I'm still around, once in a while.

  3. Good to see you here again, Thia. :thumbup:

  4. I'll be offline indefinitely. Take care of each other. :)

    1. Cancer


      Good luck, whatever you're up to.

    2. Killer Shrike
    3. Norm


      Take care of yourself and your friends/family.   Crazy stuff going on right now.  I hope that we will see you back sometime down the road.

  5. I just realized I've been coming to this website regularly for nearly eighteen years. Time goes by too fast. :(

    1. Cancer


      Yeah, and we've lost too many of those that used to be here with us.

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