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  1. Let me point out that if the power is from nuclear fission, you're using the power of ancient supernovae to bake those cookies...
  2. Duplication copies yourself... Ranged Duplication is not allowed because you're never going to be at range from yourself...
  3. Thanks for the estimate... I was guessing Jed at 20 to 25, and Jethro at 25 to 30... Remember the skeet shooting... Elly Mae got a skeet with her slingshot...
  4. Would a 20 STR let Jed and Jethro pick up a small car, one at each end, and carry it over to hide it behind some bushes...? They did that to Sonny Drysdale's car in the first Season...
  5. Any idea of how Jed and Jethro would stat out, Strength-wise, in the Hero System?
  6. So far I've got: Inventor Mechanics Electronics SS: Physics SS: Dimensional Geometry SS: Biophysics There was also the time he was convinced he could talk to birds... Quite a lot of money was wasted testing him, until it turned out that he'd accidentally drank a leftover psychoactive lab sample, thinking it was Mountain Dew...
  7. Okay... Right now I'm using him without a finalized character sheet, but I'd like to set skills for him that make sense... The Superhero branch of the Federal Government of the US is the Metanormal Examination and Training Authority... They are secretly in possession of a power core removed from an Alien Spacecraft... No one has ever been able to figure out how the core works, but it apparently holds an unknown quantity of a Matter/Antimatter flux, that somehow is prevented from annihilating itself... Instead, the device is able to deliver phenomenal amounts of power on demand, apparently by pulling it from the flux... META has been pulling several gigawatts from it for decades now, and they have no idea when it's going to be empty... Given that it almost exploded once, after someone tampered with it, folks are rather keen to know... Professor Mallory had the notion that a resonance in space-time could be set up, to try and measure how much flux the core still has inside it... The problem is, when he did his experiment, with the PCs there, there was an accidental rupture of space-time, resulting in extradimensional visitors, who would like to go home... The Professor has also done research into the power signatures associated with high energy powers, and anything else META has fiddled with the last 10 years or so, which could be a LOT of stuff, given they are fiddling like idiots with a bunch of alien technology... So, given this, what skills should go onto his character sheet to finalize it...? Dimensional Geometry...? What else...?
  8. I have an NPC I'm creating, named Professor Michael Mallory... I need to select his science skills... The basics are obvious, but I need suggestions for his *weird* skills... I. E. the ones he uses when fiddling around with super-gadgets and Deux Ex Machina devices... Has anyone come up with a set of these they use frequently...?
  9. My wife came up with the idea of a character who can let other people perceive things through her senses... This seems at first to be Clairsentience, usable by others, but the more I think about it, the more awkward it seems to try and build, given how the rules for perception points work... Does anyone have any notions to other ways to build this ability...? I've contemplated Mind Link and Telepathy, but they don't really seem up to the job...
  10. Has anyone heard of a Martial Art, or created one for the Hero System, based on coordinated activity by a group of people...?
  11. Is there any chance of Print to PDF being upgraded to include Vehicles, Bases, Automatons, Computers, and AIs...?
  12. We're tied... I have a character made super with 3 points of Longevity... He was born in 1900, so he has more than 100 years of experience...
  13. I'm curious... What is the LEAST amount of points you've ever spent on Super Abilities, to create a Superhero Character...? This includes any Characteristics bought past the top of the Legendary range, and any Powers not defined as Equipment...
  14. I thought this had changed in 6th edition. Thanks for pointing it out...
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