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  1. Re: league of extraordinary PULP HEROs Actually, they are Doc's Super Six (six players in the group). And at this point I have no idea who they are because I haven't even briefed them on the game. We are in the midst of a Fantasy Hero campaign at the moment that will probably go on for a few more months. More time for me to prepare.
  2. Re: league of extraordinary PULP HEROs In 1912, Jim Thorpe was the sensation of the Olympic games, winning both the pentathalon and decathalon and three individual events. But in 1913 it was revealed that he has played semi-pro baseball as a youngster and he was stripped of his medals. Many believe that his being a Sac and Fox Indian may have contributed to the zeal in which the Olympic Committee took away his medals. Whatever that case, when the 1920 Olympic Committee was confronted by an equally gifted Navaho athelete named Bartholomew Techumseh Manyshadows from the Navaho tribe, they
  3. Re: league of extraordinary PULP HEROs Our own Darren ran the Pulp All-Stars game at several conventions about four years ago. The lineup included Doc Savage The Shadow Tarzan Mandrake the Magician Indiana Jones (for players who have no idea who the others are) Nancy Drew (whose adventures actually started in the early 30s and she was a gun-toting daredevil as well as a first rate detective) The Saint (Simon Templar) who people also tend to forget was originally a pulp hero. At DunDraCon I got to play The Saint and put as much into it as I could, as the actress said to th
  4. Re: What is 'Animated Style Write-ups'? Animated Style simply means the writeup is based on the character as it appeared on TV or DVD, rather than from the comic books. Sometimes this is not much difference at all, sometimes there is a distinct difference.
  5. Re: Thou Shalt Not Speak Its Name You mean, of course, an entirely serious CIA team.
  6. Re: Songs that inspire(d) you to make a Champions Character I put together an entire super team called Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Gang (which tells you when I was listening to rock...) Sponsored by "The Fool On the Hill" Headquartered in "Strawberry Fields" Members included: Maxwell, who was actually the silver hammer. It is a cursed object that attracts punks who pick it up and are very nasty killers until finally put away. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: Tripped out LSD-head with an extensive multipower that she accesses at random. Blackbird: Sonics us
  7. Re: Foxbat....Where have I used him? A few years back I was running an ISIS campaign. One of the PCs was a young light manipulator who was part of the group as work furlough/community service. Seems she had a weakness for glittery objects. In this world, Batman existed in the Golden and Silver Ages, but retired in the 60s and his successor (Dick Grayson) was killed in action in the early 80s. Since then, Huntress (Helena Wayne) and Nightwing (Bruce Grayson) have guarded the Batman legacy and there has not been another Batman. Foxbat decided that (1) Radiance was his sidekick, or
  8. Re: WWYCD: The Seven Deadlies Chastity includes being faithful to a spouse/lover.
  9. Re: Old "butt" Champions Mini's I'm unfamiliar with Heroscape. What are the non-Marvel figures like? Are they superhero-oriented, or more fantasy? Or what?
  10. Re: Old "butt" Champions Mini's I will concede that there are differences between Hero and HeroClix. I will also concede that players might play both. I will point out that a gamer might, at some point, have to make a choice whether he will follow the Clix or the Champs, if only financially. Both are games; both take up gaming time and money. Both fill the superhero gaming niche, though each in different ways. They are competitors. Lord knows I hope I am wrong. I would love to have me some Champsclix. But I don't think it is likely to happen, especially considering the fact t
  11. Re: Old "butt" Champions Mini's Why would HeroClix support another superhero game? Clix are competitors to Hero. A license with a comic book publisher makes sense for HeroClix. But Hero is another game company. And miniatures manufacturers in general are in the business to have the publishers pay them for the privilege of having their creations immortalized in pewter or plastic. Steve and Darren would not be giving the license to a manufacturer. They would be paying a manufacturer to provide miniatures to support their game.
  12. Re: Old "butt" Champions Mini's Someone needs to want to do miniatures. To have miniatures done on command, Hero would have to have its own miniatures company. Not in the budget, as I understand what's going on. I imagine various figure makers are assuming that there isn't enough market for Champions figs. Besides, you can always kitbash HeroClix...
  13. Re: Old "butt" Champions Mini's That's the aforementioned "Aluminum Man."
  14. Re: Old "butt" Champions Mini's The armored figure was never originally named. He was a random illustration Mark Williams did for one of the original Champions books. Later, Steve Peterson did a version of the character he called Aluminum Man. I used the miniature for a late 1930s character, painted garish early age of plastic appliances colors, calling him Plastics Man - the Hero of Plastics. Others in the hero box include Flare, Icestar, Marksman, Gargoyle, Dove, the aforementioned Aluminum Man, the platinum blonde wearing pretty much nothing from one of the original Champions cov
  15. Re: The Super Darwin Awards Some time back, during the early days of RuneQuest, a bunch of the players at the regular Chaosium game decided to put together a beast team. It was, and is, fairly easy to play non-human, beast-oriented, characters in RuneQuest. So they had a Baboon (from the intelligent baboon tribe), a newtling, a duck, a morokanth (intelligent animal that herds humans), and some others. A mutual friend heard about the game and decided that this was for him. His main role playing experience was with Arduin Grimoire, where any race can be just about anything. He looks at
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