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  1. How about something a bit more down to earth? This is Percival Prentiss, my character in a 1930 pulp game. The goggles are just glasses (which he actually only needs for reading). I based the character on Hiram Holliday, a pulp era hero created by a very famous author in some of his first stories. Unfortunately, I have just had a senior moment and cannot remember his name. He wrote a lot of great stories over the years. Percival, like Hiram, has been studying to be a hero for the last ten years. He's taken shooting lessons and boxing lessons and learned a bit about driving and piloting. Now he's found he is one of the Sons of K. D. Elder, a very diverse group who have inherited their fathers' estate and their father's penchant for investigating conspiracies...
  2. American Avenger The attached was drawn for me by David Wong, an artist who hits a lot of the California conventions. It's for my character in Scott Bennie's Gestalt campaign, which may get published in pdf form by Hero some year. Essentially, AA is a telekinetic brick who likes flashy cowboy clothes. His wings are an illusory construct that help him focus on flying - they have no material existence - which is why they are just an outline.
  3. The Mighty Manta The attached character illo is for a character I actually played in an Aberrant game, but the drawing is by Brandon McKinney, who has done some pro stuff and does artwork at various West Coast game and media conventions, which is where I got him to do this picture.
  4. Picture of my namesake This is a picture Rich Buckler drew of my namesake, Captain Liberty, when we were both in comics fandom in the 60s.
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