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  1. The question should be do we ever have then INTENTIONALLY.
  2. I ran a version of the old Island of Dr. Destroyer ages ago as a one-off at my FLAGS. I posted a game report. Here it is:
  3. d20 has critical hits, Hero has Called Shots.
  4. Quasar - Clearly the technology-based threat is the largest one. "We've got to intercept that Mech-Turkey before it reaches downtown. Non-flyers, to the Hoverjet! The rest of you, form up on me!" A few kinetic blasts should bring it down. After all, it can't be tougher than Mechanon. Can it....? Shadowhunter - "That asshat Quasar just flew off with all the heavy hitters! How the hell am I suppose to handle a giant, mutant turkey all on my own? sigh.. Same way I handle everything ELSE all on my own - Hide in stealth, observe to find weakness, ambush from behind, called shot
  5. Frank Miller likes that, too. But it was a girl named Carrie.
  6. So modernize it. It's not a boxing glove, it's a tiny airbag with a proximity fuse. Fire it at a person, and just before impact the airbag deploys, spreading the impact surface area across their entire face and, for game purposes, making the attack do Stun Only.
  7. My personal favorite take on the Trick Arrow Archer is to take everything with Range Based On Strength and say they're thrown weapons - Bolos, flash bangs, gas grenades, etc.
  8. Quasar As a professor of physics at Millennium City University, Quasar recognizes an invitation to paradox when he sees one. He answers with a polite but firm "No." Shadowhunter He is actually Shadowhunter II. He would use this as an opportunity to go back and talk to Shadowhunter I during his prime. Before he can leave, though, Shadowhunter I wheels himself in on his powerchair. "Don't bother going. You were a dumbass then just like you're a dumbass now." Shadowhunter II decides not to go. Then can't figure out how Shadowhunter I could know to tell him not to go if he decid
  9. Monster Hunter: Memoirs are three books co-authored by John Ringo, and IMO are the best in the series. And well separate from his "Everyone is a Chosen One" series, taking place ~20 years before the events in Minster Hunter: International. So feel free to dive right in without worry of spoilers. And yeah, 3 & 5 were the best because they WEREN'T about Owen. Also, check out Bubba the Monster Hunter by John G. Hartness. Books 1 & 2 are good. Book 3 starts to go off the rails, and book 4 is a head first dive into a privy trench. But 1 & 2 are good.
  10. And Hitler loved his dogs. But yeah, it's a -1/4 at best.
  11. Only read about half the OP. Your player wants a Variable Power Pool. A VPP is a power framework that has been a part of the game since around 3rd edition. IMO you shouldn't let him have one. Not because it's overpowered (although right/wrong hands it totally is). Because it's a logistical/rules nightmare that will slow your play sessions to a dead crawl, and suck every last iota of fun out of the room. As a GM I only allow VERY experienced players to buy a VPP, and even then I make then write out a "spell book" ahead of time with every power they think they might
  12. I had a PC that traced his lineage back to the French Revolution: The Scarlet Pimpernel - Zoro - Lone Ranger - Green Hornet (Golden Age) - Shadowhunter I (Silver Age, DNPC) - Shadowhunter II (my PC, Bronze Age)
  13. Pencil & paper, same way I did back in 1987. GOD! I'm old...
  14. You forgot Island of Dr. Destroyer
  15. Thanks. Also: Wearing the Cape (8 books I think) West Pacific Supers (2 books, I wish there were more) Super Powereds (4 books plus Bonus Book)
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