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  1. I like this option if you want to have most of the elves and dwarves gone in your world. Only scattered survivors or extremely powerful/protected individuals remain of the elves and dwarves. A whole bunch of dark creatures/undead/spirits of the fallen races begin to stir and become a new threat to everyone.
  2. I agree. I tend to run "gritty" fantasy games for the most part, with the notable exception of a Planescape game set in Sigil where the characters hopped through gates to various worlds and magic was epic level. In all of my FH games, I've required players to avoid creating new characters as "stat monsters" and encouraged them to try to balance skills and stat costs. I also rarely allow players to spend points to increase physical stats after their initial build. It would require some in-game explanation as to why the stat would be changing. I also set limits to maximum OCV and DCV values of 10. I encourage everyone to use skills like martial arts maneuvers to increase damage. Likewise, I limit maximum killing damage attacks, maximum resistant armor values, etc. Together, these things have worked very well in my games to keep a good balance, despite giving out plenty of experience that primarily goes to increasing skills, and or developing new spells for casters.
  3. Part of me thinks a professionally designed sample advertised through Kickstarter could help raise the money needed for printing. I've toyed with the idea of creating individual adventure modules (Fantasy HERO) to sell online as PDFs. I'm a graphic designer and media coordinator with a commercial printing background, so the layout part isn't a problem at all. If I do it they would be nicely designed and not just black and white columns of text. HERO could definitely use the wow factor of some nice artwork and layouts.
  4. To talk about religion in my world, I need to provide a little background first. My favorite setting I run is a dark, gritty fantasy world. It is based on combined ideas from the old Shadow World of Kulthea setting, along with the Fae (a hidden magical force which flows through everything, and can be influenced by accident or manipulated by those who know how.) The Fae concept comes from C.S. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy (Black Sun Rising, When True Night Falls, and Crown of Shadows) The game world is the result of a collision between a physical world, and a world from another dimension that crossed paths in the past. Supernatural forces and creatures from the dimensional world crossed over into the physical world during the time they overlapped which was know as the Conjunction. The Fae and the supernatural creatures (demons, vampires, etc.) spilled over into the physical world and found shelter in the dark spaces underground and hidden throughout remote locations around the world. The Fae itself is the power that manifests through manipulation or belief. It isn't inherently good or evil, but reacts and is shaped by the beliefs or will of those in the area. If the belief or manipulation is strong enough, the Fae can be shaped into real creatures. (Example: everyone in the village tells their children about the bogeyman that comes to take away misbehaving children. If enough people (children) strongly believe in it, then the Fae creates a real bogeyman.) The religions in the world have tapped into this ability without realizing it. They preach their particular belief in whatever power or god they worship, and if enough of their followers believe in it then the Fae becomes the source of their miracles. (healing, protection, etc.) They create their source of power (god) through their beliefs. If their particular brand of religion loses enough followers, their god's power and influence is weakened or goes away. The Fae is normally balanced between perceptions of good and evil, but in times of war or suffering, the Fae often shifts toward the darker side and supernatural creatures are formed or released into the physical world. A haunted ruin or forest can become a true home to monsters or ghosts if enough people believe in its reputation. Conversely, in good times or in positive areas (sacred temple, grove, etc.) the Fae reacts to the good aura and the area may become a place of protection or healing (magical healing waters, etc.) It's a world where most magic is rare. Therefore, it is amazing to most people and considered miracles or sorcery depending on how it is used and the perception and beliefs of those viewing it. People in this world are VERY superstitious. Finally, the Fae exists in invisible lines of power that run through the world. It can become concentrated in areas where these lines come together (often an extremely physically active location like a volcano or fault zone, large waterfall or other natural occurrences). These nodes or nexus locations are sought out by those who intentionally study and attempt to harness the powers of the Fae. Magic is strongest and also most dangerous in these areas. Some of the largest temples and towers of sorcery are located at these points to harness the potential power that emanates from them. As far as gods go, they are as real as people believe and make them.
  5. Happy to help. I'm a media/communications guy so it was a quick few minutes in Photoshop.
  6. Re: Anonymity vs magic Suppress vs. detection type magic may work as well.
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