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  1. What's on my mind? Possibly a brain parasite...

  2. I hate it when a "new forum format" doesn't let me choose a dark layout. I find glaring white internet pages fantastically irritating. The fact that it seems to take longer to load is also not an improvement. edit: This new format is so irritating (imo) that this is good-bye until it goes away. Good-bye.
  3. Re: The cranky thread Woke up with my head completely packed full of slime, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, eyes watering. Seems more allergic than sick, but I'm kind of a mess at the moment. Will "take something" and see what happens. Been a long time since my last sinus allergy attack. No fond memories.
  4. Re: The "Nice Happy" Thread Spent time biting (and webbing, and poisoning) the Free Peoples in LotRO today with my Spider. I hardly even qualify as a casual PvPer in any MMOs, but I always have fun on those rare occasions.
  5. Re: The cranky thread Well, if they're badly made, I suppose.
  6. Re: The cranky thread You're a back-stabbing bureaucrat and sleezebag suit?
  7. Re: The cranky thread I'm out of work again. Not the end of the world, certainly. Michelle's newest contract makes (at least) twice as much as my job and her unemployment benefits did - about 80k a year. Even an improvement over her last excellent contract. We're both getting used to the contract work gig. My own wasn't up for another 5 months, but my schedule there was very incompatible with her new job, and they weren't interested in negotiating a change. Fair enough. I wasn't interested in jeapordizing her new situation in favor of my own. No hard feelings either way. But I always feel "at loose ends" for a while in the aftermath, regardless of how it comes about. Directionless. I've hated that feeling ever since my days in the USAF.
  8. Re: The cranky thread No problems are petty that consume your mind and sap your will. They may be "small", but when you feel like an ant, a golfball is a mountain. Sometimes, you just have to find a way to let go, to loosen your deathgrip on it long enough to open your hand, see it for what it is, and deal with it. Venting it to friends is a way to do that, even if we can't exactly help... other than by being sympathetic ears, so to speak.
  9. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... You ever get that feeling that someone's watching you?..
  10. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... Ai wuvs da bouncie kassle!
  11. Re: The cranky thread Consistency is the key.
  12. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... GETTIT ORFA MEEEE!!!
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