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  1. How is the mass for a shield figured out? The Mass Limitation explains how mass for armor is based on PD & ED, but I can't find anything for the mass of shields based on DCV.
  2. ... blade runner... farscape... MIB... gremlins...hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy... thundercats...
  3. I would use XDM. I have an old Ravenloft adventure module "The Forgotten Terror" (2e) that basically answers the question of what happens when someone's soul is trapped in an object. The setting for the adventure is a tiny pocket domain of dread build like a horror funhouse that exists w/in the jewel of a soul stealing dagger. Each facet of the jewel is its own sub domain or room of the horror funhouse & represents a different aspect of the trapped soul's life & personality [possibly based on Complications in HERO terms]. ~Mister E
  4. How many swords can you make in an hour? This is extraordinary weaponsmithery.
  5. Missing hit locations ought to cost something. How would you build it? Some kind of localized Always On Desolid? A new form of Automaton Power?
  6. Sisyphus was all about existence. Longevity. Cheating death. I imagine him happy.
  7. "You last won the day on March 26, 2017" 6 What you got?
  8. Who would win in a fight: One Punch Man (Saitama) or Thanos (w/ the Infinity Gauntlet). ?
  9. I miss the old City Of Heroes costume generator.
  10. During Obama gun sales were way up because of the fear that the government was coming for your guns. With 45 as president gun sales have dropped sharply because the people who were scared of Obama are not worried about 45. That & they already bought so many. So now the new fear that is replacing the old fear is of the mythical radical left antifa. Marketing.
  11. Ice cream. Warren Beatty vs. Robert Wagner
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