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    Re: Multiverse Wow, that seems like forever ago. Actually some of the concepts were pretty good. I especially like Dr. Strangefate, Dark Claw & Spider-Boy.
  2. BLBlake


    Re: Multiverse Hey, with a combined DC & Marvel Universe we could have a "Infinite Secret Crisis War".
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Just Dance 2 My kids have been playing it all morning on the Wii.
  4. Re: List Your CO Heroes! My character I've been playing is Black Samson. I started him off as a Behemoth but, switched him over to a Gold status character, so now I am using free form for his powers/talents/etc. Here's a pic: [ATTACH=CONFIG]38346[/ATTACH] Black Samson Born, and raised on the mean streets of Millennium City’s lower Westside, Samuel Lucas Jefferson realized at a young age that getting an education was his ticket out of the crime-ridden despair of his neighborhood. Through hard work, and perseverance he excelled in his school academics, earning a scholarship to Millennium City University. He left his home for college, vowing to return one day to help make his community a better place. Six years later he made good on his promise. After earning his Master degree in education, Samuel was offered a teaching position at Rosemont Elementary School. He eagerly accepted, thus setting into motion the events that would change his life forever. On Friday April 13th, the sound of children playing during recess was stifled by a large explosion just outside the school property. The force of the impact, along with deadly shrapnel took its toll in lives. Sixteen children died in the initial blast, and three teachers were gravely injured. Dozens of kids and adults were overcome by a strange noxious gas that was emitted from the explosion. Samuel was overcome by the fumes while trying to help get the children to safety. He awoke several days later in the hospital’s ICU. The toxic fumes nearly killed him, but miraculously his body was able to fight it off. All but, a few were so lucky. One hundred and three lives were lost that day, and of that number all but, twelve were children. After his release from the hospital, Samuel began experiencing strange physiological changes to his body. His skin had slowly become hardened like steel, his muscle mass, and muscle density had increased dramatically giving him super human strength. It was discovered much later by Dr. Silverback, that Samuel’s genetic makeup was altered by the bio-mutagenic fumes he had inhaled. These vapors acted as a catalyst, kick starting Samuel’s dormant meta-gene, thus imbuing him with super strength, and invulnerability. Deciding to use his newfound powers to help his community, Samuel created the super heroic identity of Black Samson. As Black Samson, Samuel strives to be the living embodiment of hope, strength, and courage. To many of the downtrodden he is the only beacon of light that they know. Shortly after the attack, it was revealed that the villainous organization, Viper was behind the horrific attack. The ill-fated neighborhood was used as a testing ground for their new bio-mutagenic “dirty bomb”. Outraged at their callous disregard for human life, Black Samson has vowed to bring Viper and all the involved parties to justice.
  5. Re: Old Marvel Super Heroes to Champions conversion. One of my groups favorite in between games pastimes was converting characters from Marvel to Champions. At one time we had most of the characters from the Official Handbooks of the Marvel Universe converted over. Unfortunately, the player who was running the game at the time moved away with all of our conversions.
  6. Re: What do you really think of Champions Online? I've been having a lot of fun with Champions Online. I don't play many video games, and even though I'm a big Champions fan I resisted trying the MMORPG until just recently when they went F2P. I liked it enough to subscribe. Between work, and family I have a tight schedule so, I appreciate that CO allows me the freedom to jump in, play, and then log off when I want. Many of the missions seem to be scaled for solo or team play which I like. Since I can't play as regularly or for long at a time as I would like, it's nice to play solo. Maybe when my workload lightens I can try joining a team. One thing I absolutely love is the character creation part. I spent a longtime tweaking my character's look. This is something I longed for ever since the old Champions vaporware from the early 1990's was announced. I enjoy creating, and designing heroes and this feature hits the spot.
  7. BLBlake

    Super Names

    Re: Super Names I'm not sure if these are already listed but, here's a few names: Anxiety Blackshot Blood Shroud B.R.A.I.N - Bio-Reactive Artificial Network Cold Case Cumulus Daggerstorm Defiance Dr. Density Dr. Macabre El Supremo Independence M.A.R.S - Mobile Armored Retaliation Suit Memeron Mini-Max Night Scream Overdrive Purple Terror Quad Ruckus Sam Shade P.I.
  8. Re: The Incredibles Great show! My wife & kids enjoyed it every bit as much as I did. Too bad today's comic books don't pack that kinda of energy. All of us walked away wanting to see more adventures. These rare gems of a movie are a great way to introduce younger people to the wonderful world of role playing games, where the adventures never end as long as you have your imagination. Enjoy!
  9. Farkling, Thanks for the rundown on the Wilcards. I remember seeing somewhere(the Great Net Book of Heroes..I think)full fledged character write-ups for several of the Aces and was suprised by some of their point totals(both high & low). Outside of Tachyon & the Turtle the only other Aces I can remember being of "normal Champions" power level would be Fortunato and the Astronomer, even though I would like to see a write-up for Bloat. Best,
  10. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your help. I received alot of good ideas and I plan on giving them all a try to see which ones work out best for my campaign. Best,
  11. Hi Everyone, After a 13 year lapse I'm getting back into playing Champions again. In the past our group always played the default power level or higher(250 points - 350 points). I'm wanting to run a lower level campaign similar to the "Wildcards" series of novels. The player's characters will only have one or two powers, or be highly skilled(martial arts, special forces, etc.). The Champions genre sourcebook suggests something like 200 points or so. I still think that may be higher than what is needed. I've seen decently powered characters posted on rec.games.frp.super-heroes built on 100 - 150 points. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent amount of starting points for a "realistic" supers game? Also, what would be a good ratio between the character points and disadvantges(ex. 100 character points & 50 disadvantages, 75 & 75, etc.). Any suggestion or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time,
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