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  1. It was just a bit of whimsy and weirdness on my part when I read it. I’m actually intrigued by Black Paladin having offspring, since he was a recurring villain in my last Champions campaign. However, anything is possible with magic. 😆
  2. My immediate reaction to the post title was, "With each other?" 😱
  3. Steve

    Bonnie and Clyde

    They were two of the most notorious criminals of the 1930s, so I was wondering if anyone had ever written them up in the Hero System for a Pulp-era game? Would they be above-average in ability, or were they just lucky?
  4. A new website to look at: https://rt.live/ Most states look to be below an Rt number of 1, and some are getting really low now.
  5. Since I'm stuck at home due to COVID-19, I thought I'd work on one of my long-delayed projects: ripping my DVDs to make high-quality backups. I have a large library of older movies on DVD (some on Blu-Ray) that I'd like to make backups of in case of catastrophe, keeping all their menu information and being able to run them like I could off the original disc. So I'm asking for your opinions on the best software to do this and reasons why I should use it. What is the best DVD ripping software I could purchase to make the best backup copies of my movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray? What have you used?
  6. Regarding the Serpent Lantern, Destroyer managed to obtain it for himself several years ago, then drained some of its energies into himself using his super-science to render himself immortal without pledging himself to Nama. VIPER has since tried to kill him on several occasions, but they only managed to whittle down his supporters to a fragment of its former size. After threatening to disintegrate the Lantern after their last attempt on his life, the direct threats against him stopped, and he and the Supreme Serpent are now in a cold war with the world as the prize, using their agents and superhuman allies against each other. Using his network, Destroyer has assembled cells of resistance fighters, some of them small superhuman teams that don't know they are working with the infamous Dr. Destroyer. Professor Muerte heads up one such team, his former allies scattered or dead, forcing him to acquire new ones. Mechanon has proven to be one of VIPER's most tenacious foes, establishing new bases just a bit faster than VIPER can find and destroy them, rebuilding himself again and again and spawning an ever-growing army of robotic assistants. His activities distract the Supreme Serpent and diverts VIPER's resources into fighting against him, unintentionally helping the resistance by keeping VIPER from focusing more fully on them.
  7. I had not considered Ravenswood before, but this is a great idea. I'd rep you, but I've run out of points for now.
  8. On a variant of the Champions Universe timeline, VIPER has achieved the unthinkable: world conquest. VIPER emerged victorious after a series of schemes and a few major battles went their way a number of years ago (perhaps a decade or so), and now they rule the world. The Supreme Serpent has re-organized VIPER into a semi-feudal arrangement to manage things, with the Council of Thirty acting as his dukes. Below them are an assortment of former Nest Leaders, each one now controlling the various cities and towns of the world, backed up by cadres of agents, superhumans and their technological arsenal. Heroes still rise to oppose them, but they are the underdogs here and most get put down quickly. Due to a massive propaganda effort, people have come to accept VIPER as their rulers. Any dissent is crushed by force or propaganda on social media and regular media, both of which are heavily monitored. Most major supervillains are now dead, those that would not bend their knee to the Supreme Serpent, but a few still carry out their plots. Mechanon continues to carry out his attempts to destroy humanity, and there are rumors that Doctor Destroyer assists the resistance's efforts. In such a world, I would imagine that secret identities would be even more important than usual. What kind of heroes will arise? What sort of events would make for good campaign plots?
  9. I think another way to do this would be to try the "Thunderbolts" approach from Marvel. Just abandon the old costumed identities and create new, heroic ones. Even better, if you could find a respected hero who is a telepath, they could verify the story is true, that these are no longer the same people. There could be lingering memories of the old villains in each body, not enough to take over or outright control them, but maybe influence the new people a bit.
  10. How much did they take? I’ve heard it was just a pinprick’s worth.
  11. I saw Get Smart mentioned on here, but no one has offered up Hogan's Heroes? Led by Colonel Robert Hogan, a ragtag bunch of Allied POWs run a special operations group from within the prison camp, Stalag 13. Yeah, it was campy and cheesy as anything, but a lot of the episodes were fun and there were some great characters. Magnum P.I., the original show, _not_ the remake. A Vietnam veteran and ex-Navy SEAL, Thomas Magnum lives in Hawaii in a guest house of famed novelist, Robin Masters. Each week, he deals with a new case, aided by his friends Rick and TC, and sometimes his nemesis, Higgins, an ex-British Army Sergeant-Major who runs the estate for the ever-absent Robin Masters (voiced by Orson Welles in a handful of episodes). It was fun but had some noir elements to it despite the setting, such as Magnum's inner monologue.
  12. Anime Expo 2020 is scheduled on the 4th of July weekend, but I don't think it will be happening. Japan is experiencing a new surge of cases and officially declared they are in an emergency situation, so that will affect things too.
  13. A medical specialist seems like your best bet to me too, and the different Star Trek series have shown that a variety of characters in just that one specialty is possible. You could even throw in a bunch of science skills or maybe even some detective skills and still be within concept. It worked for Dr. House, after all.
  14. It looks like the San Diego Comic-Con is going to be canceled this year. The organizers and county officials don’t see a way to hold it and maintain social distancing.
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