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  1. Bruce Wayne tries to take a proactive stance every now and then with Gotham City, but it always seems to bite him in the butt. Nothing ever gets better. It’s like the city fights him as much as the major bad guys there do. He seems to do best when he just goes out each night looking for small-time hoods to pummel. Come to think of it, a vigilante like the Punisher is pretty pro-active, but he’s probably not the role model most players would want to emulate.
  2. Resurrecting an old thread in my search for Atomic Age heroics on the forums. Having the Enewetak Atoll blast in 1952 (10.4 megatons) trigger the Superheroic Age gives an interesting spin on things. The Cold War had a different feel than WWII. Using GURPS Technomancer as a background element to usher in superheroes instead of magic-users is definitely food for thought.
  3. GME is exploding again. At $91.70 at the end of trading today and $170 after-hours right now.
  4. I think the constellations would even look different over that many thousands of years. A genius like Dr. Destroyer should be able to figure out when he is just by looking up at the night sky.
  5. Sure, I am interested in those too. My initial post was to inquire if there was an equivalent to the Necronomicon or Marvel's Darkhold in the CU, to find out what is the most legendary tome of darkness in the setting. It sounds like Liber Terribilis is the CU equivalent of those two books.
  6. This is a query to those more knowledgeable on the Mystic World of the Champions Universe than I. Marvel has the Darkhold as its scary book to avoid, and the Cthulhu Mythos has ones like the Necronomicon and The King In Yellow. What are titles that have been used in the Champions Universe for naming tomes of the darkest magic?
  7. I strongly suggest avoiding VPPs at all costs for new players unless they have a pre-written list of abilities. Even then, if the list is too long, you’ll run into decision paralysis which will bog down the game. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with a Multipower or several Multipowers (one for attack and defenses and maybe a second one for movement powers). Avoid a big list here too. It can always be added to with experience. Others have already given pretty good origin advice. Being given it by a cosmic group of some kind (Lensman/Green Lantern Corps) brings in a b
  8. It turns out the two top office holders of the 15-member board of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), live out-of-state. Three other ERCOT board members also appear to live thousands of miles from Texas. The board members also nominate each other to the board. Pretty sweet deal, huh? Texas is now looking at legislation to prohibit membership to those who don't live in the state. If you want to blame someone for this mess, I think you should start with them.
  9. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/texas-facing-humanitarian-crisis Downtown office buildings and parking structures are lit up throughout the night while other neighborhoods are dark. They are not only lacking electricity, but the water system is failing too.
  10. He passed away today at the age of 70 due to complications from lung cancer.
  11. If you were to put the series into a genre, is it a Pulp Hero setting? Since it's mostly a comedy series with some drama, I wasn't sure what genre it best fits into. My favorite recurring characters other than those in the camp are General Burkhalter and Major Hochstetter.
  12. After reading through the Beverly Hillbillies thread in this forum, it got me to thinking about another fun series from decades ago, Hogan’s Heroes. I think it could probably be done pretty well with 175-point Heroic characters. Any thoughts on abilities? I’m thinking most of them had at least a die of Luck.
  13. I suggest building it this way. Buy the first 2-3 points of defense normally (or maybe toss on a limitation like Non-Persistent), then buy 2-3 more points with an additional limitation “lets 1st point of BODY damage through” to get pretty much the effect you want. That’s the limitation used in a Champions power write-up “You Only Nicked Me” that I like using on some builds like you describe.
  14. Isn't there also LTE to consider in the case of armor? In the case of fighting with a weapon and shield, a shield bash would be considered part of a Multiple Attack. As others have pointed out, just using it to defend should not cause extra END usage.
  15. Looking forward to Western Hero and Martial Enemies.
  16. I don’t have my books handy at the moment, but I recall that there was one Turakian Age wizard using a time travel spell and ending up in the Valdorian Age. They then didn’t have sufficient magical power to leave it. I can’t remember if this was from the Turakian Age or the Valdorian Age sourcebook.
  17. The actor who played Screech on "Saved By The Bell" passed away at age 44 from cancer.
  18. Robinhood seems to be immolating right before our eyes. Robinhood seeks another billion dollars this week after burning through four billion dollars last week.
  19. I checked the wallstreetbets reddit, and it looks like they aren't the ones behind that one. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/l9runf/the_silver_squeeze_is_a_hedgefund_coordinated/
  20. Yes, there was a tremendous amount of buying happening Friday. There is fear of what the opening brings Monday morning. There is a shortage of physical silver right now, so prices could go through the roof over the next few months.
  21. Has the Robinhood exodus begun? A petition to remove Robinhood from the Apple app store for violating terms of service.
  22. It looks like someone bought billboard space on Time Square. I guess anyone can do it, which I didn't know before. Here's a link. It's not expensive, and it could be fun, especially if someone catches it on camera and it goes viral.
  23. Mark Cuban Presents A "Little Trick" For Creating The Mother Of All Short Squeezes "Here's a little trick: everyone who is long GME should instruct their broker tomorrow to make their shares not lendable." Here's his full thread from Twitter: "Lets talk $GME shorts vs De-Fi. When someone shorts a stock that is already heavily shorted, they have to pay a fee to borrow that stock. In the case of $GME that fee has been hovering around 30% this week. Shorts have to pay (Price x .30)/360 per day. In DeFi that's a 30% APY. For RH Traders that own $GME that mo
  24. Actually, the higher stock price gives them an opportunity to try and raise more capital, which could stave off bankruptcy. It might also give them more time to update their business model. That's a theory being floated by Peter Hanks at dailyfx.com recently.
  25. An article from Zerohedge, Robinhood has now capped maximum holdings in 36 stocks to just one share. That is total new shares, not shares per order. Something bad is going to happen to them this weekend, I think. They might be about to implode.
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