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  1. While I've been looking forward to reading about all the action that I missed out on, I can wait. I hope you're not one of the people losing their minds.
  2. Sorry I couldn't be there. I was roasting in the Grand Canyon for part of that day and riding a tour bus with the family for much of the rest of it. I look forward to playing in a couple of weeks.
  3. I guess I'll have to keep upping my game as a player and force you to keep consulting your notes for important details. 😏
  4. That sounds fine to me. I enjoy adding depth to characters that makes plotline sense.
  5. Incident #3 (continued) Beretta Colt: Be a good girl?! Don't say anything?! I'm covered in (bleep)-ing blood and gore! Again!! Why does this (bleep)-ing (bleep) keep happening to me?!! I thought I left all this (bleep) behind in college! That guy has (bleep)-ing fangs! He almost tore out my throat before I got a hold of my dad's gun and emptied it into him! Section M agent: (sighs) All right, Ms. Colt. I guess, given your history having to forcibly deal with several such events head-on, you've earned the truth. You might want to sit down for this... I could understand her being a trouble magnet. Maybe I should revise her Complications somehow? A Hunted of some kind? A Social Complication?
  6. I could imagine something like that happened with Beretta in her origin story. Incident #1, Section M agent: No, those weren't really zombies, Ms. Colt. They were actually the unfortunate victims of a bioterrorism incident that the government would prefer you keep quiet about due to national security concerns. Incident #2, Section M agent: Magic? Aztec curses? Come now, Ms. Colt. Your ex-boyfriend was actually doped to the gills on a mix of PCP, steroids and amphetamines that we found in his apartment when we searched it. That's why he was able to ignore being thrown off the roof of a three-story building, getting hit across the face with a crowbar and being shot twice in the chest at point-blank range with the .38 revolver your fiancé was using before he was murdered. The bullets that went through your ex's body must have somehow managed to miss his vital organs. You don't want to sound like a crazy person and keep talking about cursed knives, now do you? Incident #3, Section M agent: There are no such things as vampires, Ms. Colt. Beretta Colt: That's the best you've got? You were far more eloquent in our past encounters. Section M agent: It's been a very long night, Ms. Colt. So just be a good girl and don't talk about this incident, for your own safety.
  7. Yes, that is true too. She wants to be part of a team because soloing is suicidal. I'm kind of liking that her initial intro gave her a vampire hunter specialist sort of feel, even though she really isn't. I may run a bit with that to carve out a niche specialty alongside her "Final Girl takes a level in badass" theme, but I am still worried she'll end up being Vasquez from the Aliens franchise, if I'm not careful or the dice betray me. 😨
  8. It's been an interesting journey so far. I don't think we are heading towards becoming murder hobos, or at least I don't think I am. 😮 Between this campaign and the last one, I've been discovering how much I missed being a player, but I'm sure my world-building GM urges will start hitting me again eventually. I regret having to miss the next game session in a couple of weeks while I roast in the desert. Murgatroyd has certainly been proving to be an excellent vehicle for giving voice to Durzan's strong streak of snarkiness that I've come to appreciate in gaming with you for a while. The character has also been quite useful in two story arcs now.
  9. Yeah, let's just say that Beretta has some lingering PTSD that can become an issue when soloing certain types of enemies (like VAMPIRES!). 😰 There was a decent chance she would not have been in a state of mind that could follow that plan after she came face to face with one of them while alone. She wasn't going to admit she had that particular weakness to someone she just met a short time before, so she got a little bristly.
  10. I understand this. I have always preferred warriors and thieves myself, so I'll leave the "subtle wizard" stuff to you. In a sense, they make an interesting contrast, since she is a far more physical sort that is somewhat resistant to fear and Murgatroyd is a scholarly type who needs his brown pants about once a session. Oh, I'm not dissing him at all. If Beretta manage to survive longer than a session or two, I'll be buying her a level or two of Supernatural Resistance, since it fits into her "Final Girl" survivor theme and is available to all characters.
  11. Yes, that would make sense. I actually thought Murgatroyd would be toast in one or two sessions, and he's held on pretty successfully so far, except for needing a change of pants or two. We'll see how things go for him and the others that the Elder Things now have their collective eyes on.
  12. I think I'll enjoy playing her. However, due to the lethality of the setting, she might only last one or two sessions before I have to come up with another character. 😰 The picture is of a cosplay model named Alyssa Loughran I found while looking for a cool character picture to use. Here are some more from Jeff Zoet Visuals.
  13. The picture actually inspired the character write-up, since I was having trouble coming up with a decent concept. Our GM was amused by her name, which I picked for an "action hero" sort of feel, but it does sound sort of stripperiffic too. Comparing her to Sarah Conner in the later movies is pretty fair. She's actually kind of a mix of Zoey from Left 4 Dead with Jill Valentine from Resident Evil and Sarah Conner.
  14. Well, my new character looks like it has been approved after some diligent editing work by our hard-working GM to fit the campaign.
  15. Yes, I built the power by first taking Reduced END and Persistent before taking Time Limit. When I first add Time Limit to the power, the edit window for that Advantage pops up. However, if I later go into the power build and do any other modifications to it, Time Limit defaults to 1 Turn instead of remaining at the previously selected Extra Phase. The dropdown doesn't show Extra Phase at all. If I go in and edit the Advantage, then Extra Phase is available. It's an extra step I have to do each time I modify the power, even if I'm not altering Persistent, Reduced END or Time Limit. Otherwise it will modify Time Limit on its own to be 1 Turn instead of leaving it alone.
  16. I've emailed in a character for consideration, trying to follow the examples of the iconics. I shall be there on Saturday.
  17. I am building the following ability in version 20190428 Darkness to Hearing Group 1m radius, Persistent (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (5 Active Points); Time Limit (Extra Phase; -3) When I initially add Time Limit, it brings up the edit window and shows Extra Phase. Then if I save it with Time Limit, go out and go back into the power again, the dropdown menu for Time Limit defaults to a minimum of 1 Turn. The Extra Phase option is only available if I choose to edit Time Limit, not via the dropdown menu. I don't recall that being an issue before.
  18. It was great fun for the session and half I could be there. I hope my submitted character meets with approval for this weekend's session.
  19. Steve

    Legion of Doom

    Yeah, that's what I get for doing a quick survey to get a post done. I went through them based on powersets and psychs, weeding out those who were casual killers and megalomaniacs. Putting an African in with an Nazi won't work, and I agree that Doctor Yin Wu is a mistake on my part, but I felt a sorcerer sort was needed. I was picturing Menton as the Lex Luthor of the group. As long as you follow his lead, everything would be fine.
  20. I'm wondering if MCU Cap might be better represented by having only a 5-6 SPD but then adding on a couple of extra points of Limited SPD (only for use with melee maneuvers). He must also have all of the multiple attack skills, probably limited to melee usage only (Rapid Attack, Defensive Attack (from APG) and Two-Weapon Fighting). He could then throw 2 attacks per phase at only a -2 DCV. If he has superior DEX, he can even use Blocks without aborting and still make attacks as a combo maneuver, so maybe he also has some Lightning Reflexes for usage only in melee.
  21. Steve

    Legion of Doom

    A CU Legion of Doom? I think a pretty scary one could be put together pretty quickly by using some of the Master Villains like the following: Baron Nihil Gravitar Interface Invictus Joseph Otanga Menton The Shadow Queen The Warlord Doctor Yin Wu I think they could be willing to set aside their egos long enough to work together, if they saw the benefits of being a team. I could even see some of them having a more cordial relationship with each other, such as The Shadow Queen and Invictus or Gravitar and Menton. I left out those with Megalomania or Casual Killer psychs. I just don't see them working very well with others.
  22. I set up sections on the Equipment tab for things like Contacts, since Resource Point-bought Contacts are not actually part of the main sheet's accounting.
  23. Porcelain 6-sided dice! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/187384819/dynasty-porcelain-dice There's only a couple of days left on the Kickstarter, but I thought other Hero gamers might like to know about these 6-siders.
  24. While I use PRIMUS, the source of Cyberline is somewhat less Iron Age dark than what was presented in the 4th edition book, or at least I think so. Since I like adding some bits of Marvel and DC into my versions of the Champions Universe, the original source for Cyberline is Steve Rogers (aka Captain America). He was found frozen in the 1960s and brought back to America, but he remained comatose after he was thawed out and revived. He's been receiving regular care in a military hospital ever since, his body remaining in peak condition, seemingly ageless. Blood and tissue samples were taken from his body back in the early 1970s which formed the basis for Cyberline. I hint now and then in my campaigns that someday he will wake up.
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