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  1. 13 hours ago, Pariah said:

    On a more serious note, there are people making good money today from blogs and YouTube channels. This could be a real possibility.


    I can imagine some supers livestreaming their activities, at least the action scenes.


    It sounds like something DC's Booster Gold would do.

  2. Drow may not be "inherently evil" anymore, but I think most non-Evil Drow will be getting purged by the priestesses of Lolth pretty quickly.


    This change may make their species seem even more horrifying than before, since your choices as a good Drow are 1) hide it and commit just enough villainy to be ignored by the nearest Drow Matriarch; 2) run away and hope you can make it through the Underdark to the surface; or 3) be sacrificed to Lolth.


    Will the SJW crowd still let us say that Drow culture is evil?

  3. 2 hours ago, Brian Stanfield said:

    You could always go beneath the city into the sewers. That could develop into an entire sub-culture like the Parisian sewer system, or perhaps some low-level sewer monsters that won't break your "mannish" worldview too much. Or you could go full-blown Cthulhu sewer scenario and shut a gate to a supernatural plane that was accidentally opened by one of your cultist groups. Monsters would only last long enough to shove them back through the portal without any long-lasting effects, and you get the fun of hacking and slashing for a little while.

    Another option for Sewer City is ghouls. They could be an offshoot of humanity, mutated by exposure to something down there. They have an entire culture in Call of Cthulhu mythology you could draw from.

  4. If she wanted to run a more subtle campaign rather than a shock and awe one, replacing high-level government officials and possibly a handful of respected superhumans with well-trained other-universe doppelgangers might allow her to avoid an actual war. Telepaths among her forces could strip-mine information from the originals to give to their duplicates, such as passwords, code phrases and more personal information. She could use her time travel powers to do such substitutions mere moments after the last war ended and leave them as sleeper agents waiting for her next arrival. If she coupled that with a change in tone when she next appears, such as offering free things to the masses with no apparent strings attached, millions might join her cause quickly. Starting with smaller countries and moving up to larger ones like Russia would keep her away from awareness by most superteams, since the majority of superhumans are in the US in most worlds.


    Just in the US alone, she would probably only need to replace less than a thousand people to effectively take over, especially if she also replaced media personalities.


    If she succeeded in such a takeover, the campaign might shift into a resistance mode against V'Hanian tyranny and her collaborators and secret police among the locals.

  5. 12 hours ago, Gnome BODY (important!) said:

    It feels to me like there's an obvious blind spot for "Knowledge Disadvantages" which are like PsyLims but involve knowing things and INT rolls to overcome. 

    I think a case could be made that an INT roll MIGHT be allowed to overcome such a limitation, perhaps with some penalties, but in general this would likely be a GM adjudication. I’ve seen characters built with varying levels of this kind of complication/disadvantage.

  6. 8 minutes ago, pawsplay said:

    Psych: Wants to believe the best of everyone (very common, moderate)

    Psych: Overconfidence (very common, moderate)

    Psych: Code of Honor, Personalized Kryptonian and Citizen of the Galaxy (common, strong)

    Hunted: Anti-alien faction working within the government

    Hunted: Any villainous Kryptonians or Daxamites that learn of her existence

    Vulnerability: x1 1/2 effect from Strength drains

    Phys: Didn't grow up on Earth, has some holes in knowledge (infrequently, barely) (5)


    I like the first Psych and the Physical one. They really remind me of Silver Age Supergirl with a bit of Mary Marvel thrown in.

  7. I posed a question in the Dark Champions forum about Hudson City having riots, and how the different heroes and villains might react.


    In a superhero universe, how might empowered individuals deal with riots in places like Millenium City or New York? Other than using mental abilities or Force Walls, what powers are good for crowd control?


    Would superheroes even get involved? Could those with awesome amounts of Presence calm crowds by just talking to them?


    How might supervillains take advantage of the chaos? I can think of a number of supervillains that would go wild during riots and looting, or even turn peaceful protestors into a mob.

  8. Given what we are seeing in the real world around the world, what do you think Hudson City would be like this year?


    If riots and looting broke out, would the Harbinger of Justice start a killing spree?


    How might other heroes of the city and villains react to the protests and riots?

  9. While the presence of superhumans and all they bring with them will change the world, I've recently been wondering about other ways to flesh out a world. You can also have oddities and wonders that occur, that aren't necessarily connected to any superhuman but are just bits of weirdness that make the world more interesting.


    How about a field in Kansas where it always rains at 3:06 PM local time for exactly five minutes to the second, even if the sky is totally clear that day?


    How about a house in the campaign city that never needs heating or cooling because it is always 72 degrees inside, even with all the windows open and broiling or freezing temperatures outside?


    How about a pawn shop that always seems to have the right trinket to help someone passing by its doors, before they even know they need it?


    What kinds of weirdness have you seen in campaign worlds?

  10. After some thought, I suppose it could be like a superhuman version of a cop drama. The team works out of a designated base in the campaign city and probably have a bunch of normals for office support staff (DNPCs galore!). If the team members have some specialist skills, like one of them being a detective, another one a martial artist, then that brings in more hooks. Perhaps the detective expert PC works with or heads up the CSI support team. Maybe the tech expert is pals with the engineers that maintain the base's equipment.


    You also have the potentially interesting possibility that other superteams may view them as government stooges, since they have no civilian supers on the team, only government-paid agents.

  11. I'm curious. What do the presumed acronyms (STARS and STRIPES) stand for?


    Since it's looking like you will have an entire team of super soldiers, what enemies would a team of Captain Americas fight? In the comics, that would be HYDRA or the like, but you've already said that this is what STARS is for. This presents you with your present conundrum. One way you might resolve this would be to give one of these groups its own superteam. Maybe one or more of these groups have obtained the super-solder serum that STRIPES uses and put together their own squads of elite agents, so a counter is needed. I guess the team's missions could feel like the comic book version of GI JOE, only with superpowers.


    I agree with Duke Bushido's suggestion about a war. How about an anti-alien task force fighting against different invasions, secret or overt? Or a group that fights against creatures from the dark dimensions that would (literally) eat a group of STARS agents?


    Come to think of it, why not just make them a team of STARS agents? Do those guys not have super-solders?

  12. 1 hour ago, fdw3773 said:

    Not quite, considering the originals are all male. 😇 In the storyline, it's Black Paladin's daughter, Black Magus's niece, and a member of the Malais's dragon brood. 🙃


    It was just a bit of whimsy and weirdness on my part when I read it. I’m actually intrigued by Black Paladin having offspring, since he was a recurring villain in my last Champions campaign.


    However, anything is possible with magic. 😆

  13. They were two of the most notorious criminals of the 1930s, so I was wondering if anyone had ever written them up in the Hero System for a Pulp-era game?


    Would they be above-average in ability, or were they just lucky?

  14. Since I'm stuck at home due to COVID-19, I thought I'd work on one of my long-delayed projects: ripping my DVDs to make high-quality backups.


    I have a large library of older movies on DVD (some on Blu-Ray) that I'd like to make backups of in case of catastrophe, keeping all their menu information and being able to run them like I could off the original disc.


    So I'm asking for your opinions on the best software to do this and reasons why I should use it.


    What is the best DVD ripping software I could purchase to make the best backup copies of my movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray? What have you used?

  15. On 4/29/2020 at 3:47 PM, drunkonduty said:



    There's assassination. Taking out the Supreme Serpent (or just one of the Council high ups) would be a goal for some.


    Sabotage. Blow up a VIPER factory, or arms  dump, or super weapon.


    Hearts and Minds. Doing good deeds and spreading the word of the heroes selflessness and VIPER's evil would be a good strategy. Similarly: The heroes have proof of VIPER atrocities and they need to get it out to the world.


    Have VIPER recovered the Serpent Lantern? (a magic item that stops people from ageing.)  If so then getting it off of them and destroying it would put their leadership once more in the realm of mortals. Or perhaps VIPER has  only just discovered its location (I think in official Champions history it was lost in outer space somewhere near Earth orbit) and are sending an expedition to recover it. The heroes  have to get there first. This can intersect with Destroyer wanting the thing. (He's the reason it was lost in the first place. Also, he real old.)


    Working with VIPER to stop a Mechanon plot. Extra points for making the person they have to work with someone they already know and hate. Could lead to winning mutual respect and getting a friend on the inside. Or extra hate. Both are good.


    If Doctor Destroyer is alive and working with the heroes then there's all sorts of dramatic tension that can be milked from having to deal with an utterly ruthless sociopath. Not necessarily plots, but added dramatic scenes.


    The Serpentine Network is a valuable (vital?) piece of VIPER's infrastructure and both Destroyer and Mechanon have the means to infiltrate/take it over. Perhaps the heroes have to link some sort of device to the central mainframe to enable Destroyer to hack it. Or perhaps some VR adventures, a la Tron.


    For the mystically minded there's direct interaction with Nama, the patron saint of VIPER. Nama seems to be a real trickster and supports VIPER for reasons that come down to "shits and giggles." But maybe not - maybe the wily old serpent needs a VIPER controlled Earth for some reason; a greater extra-dimensional threat the needs the full might of the whole planet to combat. Or, conversely, Nama plans to become that greater extra-dimensional threat itself and invade someone else. Nama has its thumb (Nama is a snake, we all know it's using it's tail) on the scale of chance and has been feeding VIPER good luck for years now. Block that and even the odds. Preface this outrageous luck with some back story and the heroes witnessing it in action. 


    Finding other allies against VIPER. Possibly an old, embittered hero. Or one of the few villains to have escaped VIPER (so far!) needs to be found and "brought in from the cold." Could be how they meet Destroyer or some other old fave. (Personally I don't like Destroyer as a character. Much prefer Professor Muerte.)


    Regarding the Serpent Lantern, Destroyer managed to obtain it for himself several years ago, then drained some of its energies into himself using his super-science to render himself immortal without pledging himself to Nama. VIPER has since tried to kill him on several occasions, but they only managed to whittle down his supporters to a fragment of its former size. After threatening to disintegrate the Lantern after their last attempt on his life, the direct threats against him stopped, and he and the Supreme Serpent are now in a cold war with the world as the prize, using their agents and superhuman allies against each other. Using his network, Destroyer has assembled cells of resistance fighters, some of them small superhuman teams that don't know they are working with the infamous Dr. Destroyer. Professor Muerte heads up one such team, his former allies scattered or dead, forcing him to acquire new ones.


    Mechanon has proven to be one of VIPER's most tenacious foes, establishing new bases just a bit faster than VIPER can find and destroy them, rebuilding himself again and again and spawning an ever-growing army of robotic assistants. His activities distract the Supreme Serpent and diverts VIPER's resources into fighting against him, unintentionally helping the resistance by keeping VIPER from focusing more fully on them.

  16. 6 hours ago, Hermit said:

    Either Ravenswood (or some other school for gifted young supers) becomes a secret hotbed of teenaged resistance and insurgency against VIPER, or, if VIPER has discovered it, it becomes a new place for Future Viper Super youth where the powerful enforcers of tomorrow get an education in serving the new coiled Order.


    Either take could lead to storylines for rebel heroes.


    I had not considered Ravenswood before, but this is a great idea. I'd rep you, but I've run out of points for now.

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