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  1. Re: Hellgate London Game My problem isn't the monsters those are fairly easy to recreat in hero except perhaps the orbiles and such as that. The main problem at least in my mind whether it truly is or not is the character clases and such. The Templar are fairly easy, The Marksman and Evokers also although the armor and shield combo thing is not working out as well as I hoped. So if someone would give me an idea on a better way perhaps to do the shields an armor for the characters that would help or at least your take on it. It would give me another perspective at least.
  2. Has anybody thought of doing a port of this RPG/MMO over to Hero and if so what have you come up with so far? My friends like the history and general stuff of the game and would like me to run one similar so I am starting on working up something but I wanted to check here and see if anyone else had done something on it also. Thanks in Advance
  3. Re: The astonishing powers of Kelvarite! I would go with Dr Anomaly on this one. A series of HPA's that form a campaign length adventure I would definitely be interested in. Each one could be a piece of the puzzle although as with all adventure puzzles you never have to always get to the very end to enjoy them.
  4. Re: Computer Controlled Power Armor Weapons Personally I would just go the simple route with a Conditional Modifier - Requires computer computation to function. Then the GM will just tell you when your computer is down or damaged and you know the power wont work. Still only would round out to about a 1/4 mod though. Wouldn't try to slide by with anything more.
  5. Re: GM's "Notebook" I have 2 levels of keeping track of stuff. Current Game and Long Term. For CG I use Herodesigner for characters and its export templates to provide excellent combat charts for the game. I use excel sometimes or the open office equvalent for some data for the game also. For LT I use Open office and Word for long descriptions of campaign goals and future plot summaries so that I don't forget a plot thread that I have used or am going to use. Some of my best games I have run have been multible threads from past games coming together to be resolved or to bite some
  6. Re: Original Supervillain Groups -- Get Creative! One of my evil supergroups is an assassination group called The Three Ninja. They are led by The Grey Ninja - A ninja spirit able to possess normals completely and supers not so completely. Able to manifest spirit ninja equipment which is deadly to almost anyone since it targets souls not bodies. The Black Ninja - Japanese demon spirit controls darkness and shadows as well as mystical ninja abilities. White Ninja - Japanese Vampire with a multitude of oriental vampiric abilities not subject to the limitations of west
  7. Re: Skills for Battlesuit Technician? Several KS and PS's To include: Aeronautics Robotics Metalurgy Computer Programming Nanotechnology Neurological interfaces Tailoring Cybernetics Electronics Weapon smith These would be my basic requirement for someone who invents or works on battle suits. Of course lots of other skills would be useful.
  8. Re: Hero Plus Adventures #6 -- THE DRAGON MANDARIN -- Now On Sale! Bought it, read it, like it. Have used Dr Yin Wu a great deal in my game and always like more information.
  9. Re: The Kandris Seal I second the recommendation. I greatly enjoyed the Kandris Seal. I bought it when it first came out. I have used it ever since in my campaign as part of the mystical history of it. Using the organizations and several the characters as proven to be very good and fun for my group.
  10. Re: Sanctuary? I also have something similar to Sanctuary in my game although it isn't preciesly a place. It is a set of underground clubs in the large cities that mutants go to. Generally low level mutants or mutants with deforming mutations and powers. It is not precisely a place that villans go but if they do they are not unwelcome unless they cause problems or are publically known murderers. Anyone too much in the public eye is not welcome whether for good or ill in the clubs, who maintain their aninimity by being low key. Each club has several layers denoted by powerclass t
  11. Re: Campaign Notes so far And that should bring it up to date now. Let me hear what you all think.
  12. Re: Campaign Notes so far And the journey continues. Here is the latest installment. After this little bit the game went on a hiatus for 2 months. But we are starting up again this coming sunday. August 12, 2003 No rest for the weary or the wicked. It’s late I’ve only had a few hours of sporadic sleep over the days since our raid on Genocide, and then with Destroyers attack, the 11th barely ended before we were into it again; it’s been a long two days. What a day we had; I know BZYs in still in the medical bay until his nanites can finish their repairs and I’m p
  13. Re: Looking for FEEDBACK on campaign idea Definitely sensing a bit of David Weber influence. But overall the concepts seem sound so far it just depends on where it goes at that point. So far with what you describe the players are along for the ride. Are they going to be in a running chase throughout the ship with the aliens hunting them? Learn enough about the ship to initiate actions to fight the aliens, find a medical complex within the ship which modifies them in some way to interact with the ship and thus learn more about what is going on? Any or all of these ideas can be
  14. Re: Campaign Notes so far So does anyone have any observations after reading through? Haven't heard a peep out of anyone recently.
  15. Re: How to do Split personality Alright thanks everyone for their help. Went with multiform and it seemed to wrok out well although the character went over a little in the numbers he should be great fun for the player. And is still very close to the campaign guidlines. Again thatnk everyone for the help.
  16. Re: How to do Split personality Okay I will use Multiform. Now does anyone have a good example of a Multiform character or could point to one in the books so I can look it over some? Alas Multiform is one of the powers I haven't really played with all that much. Or if someone would like to help out the character he wants is an assassin as the dominant true most powerful form (fantasy hero type game) with a bard type as the other form. They would be completely seperate in most things although the assassin would be able to take control if he had to for survival.
  17. I have a player that wishes to play a person with multiple personality disorder, where each personality would have different skills. Not different powers just different skill sets for each personality. What would be the best way to do this? Multiform? Duplication, or a strange multipower thing?
  18. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... And from our famous Gadgeteer in the group came this little ditty. "Something else strange, about 40 of the dots suddenly got close together and are blinking." "What does blinking mean?" Asks Geiger. "On, off, on, off. How the hell am I supposed to know what the hell blinking means on this damn machine, do I have a 101 Genocide manual on how it works!"
  19. Re: Campaign Notes so far And that updates everyone on the Journals of Firefrost. I know it is a lot of reading but for those that do read all the way through tell me what you all think so I can pass it on to the player. Also this represents an ongoing campaign of aproximately 2 years. It is going to go on haiatus for a few months while I run some simple fantasy hero stuff for a break before returning to the champions game. hope you all enjoyed
  20. Re: Campaign Notes so far August 9, 2003 Can't sleep the clowns will eat me. That's how I feel right now; like my sanity is slipping away like sand through my fingers, the tighter I try to hold onto it the faster it slides away. Can people go mad in just a few short days? Or is it that things have built and built for so long all it takes is that one final straw to break and for it all to come tumbling down? I've been tense for so long, but now after loosing Succor, after almost getting killed in the same day, I'm quickly unraveling, maybe I should of just dealt with the nightmar
  21. Re: Campaign Notes so far August 4th & 5th, 2003 Three days of nothing but workout routines in the danger room, no emergency calls and running enzymes tracks on the DNA samples I’ve been send from Stronghold. I’m doing something interesting with DNA again, I’ve decided I want to try and understand how magic works in the human genome, yes I know its another project to further frustrate myself with but you know me. I’ve collected samples from several magic using individuals to run tests on. Over the year, holy shit its only been a year? That I’ve been working with Eb
  22. Re: Campaign Notes so far Sorry I haven't been updating this July 27, 2003 I’ve never seen a Shadow Tournament before; hell, I’d hardly call watching Bloodsport or The Quest even remotely any form of preparation for watching a real martial arts tournament (grossly poor movies, honestly.) The real thing, even just a preliminary match, is substantially scarier and infinitely more important, especially when that tournament leads up to a battle for the survival of the human race. We had spent the evening of the 24th and most of the 25th in the tender mercies of Father O’Mal
  23. Re: Campaign Notes so far And for more continuation. July 20, 2003 I slept the sleep of the dead, and awoke in a panic when the alarm went off, half expecting to see the Wampa cave again, thank God all that greeted me was the warming light of day streaming through my window and the shrill chatter of the clock. I ached, mentally and physically. I felt a little out of sorts, and while I had breakfast, I looked for wind up keys and listened for clicks or whirrs from Ms. Nesbitt the cook and the rest of the mansion staff as I wandered downstairs to my labs afterwards. I was di
  24. Re: VOICE of DOOM I like this conversion also and it is very similar to one I did on Lung Hung. I would greatly enjoy seeing anyones conversions as they always provide ideas even if I may not have done them the way other people would have.
  25. Re: 40k Space Marines Suspended Animation So has anyone else done a full conversion of Warhammer 40 K to hero in a prefab yet. I liked the implants one immensely
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