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  1. Re: Slade, time management, and you.... Not a bad breakdown at all... It was those few "slips" in the rules (such as not having an action to missle deflect) that made me think of triggered, although I think there might still have been a few instances (such as with Atom, as you mentioned). Also, with Black Canary, does her Canary Scream have extra time on it so he would audibly know before hand about it, or do you think that would be more of a trigger (triggered to go off when he head the jaw *click*)? Good segment by segment however....
  2. Re: The Team Not meaning to derail this thread, but I have a small answer for Scifi_Toughguy, who said: Your distain for the "supers" who were nothing more than bow uers is exactly WHY many people enjoy them. On the same line with batman, greenarrow and hawkeye are nothing more than highly skilled people. They werent BORN with special abilities and they didnt have to FIND a special suit or something....They use skill, training, ingenuity, and the belief that they too can make a difference.... So, thats my .2cents, but Im partial to them as well....Hope that answers som
  3. Many on this board have read the issue of Identity Crisis which portrays Slade, AKA Deathstroke, taking on the JLA. There was even an earlier thread discussing a small writeup of him. One major factor that I see missing in most of the mini-writups was Slades overwhelming speed. Now, not his SPD per se, but the fact that he acted serval times in one round, as if he had several different Held Actions waiting for him. for a recap, heres what happens, as described in another thread by Bloodstone: Now what I see here is SEVERAL actions, not just done on different phases, but on
  4. Re: O.m.a.c. For my 2 cents... I found Identity Crisis to be AMAZING... Countdown to infinity was just plain awesome...(yeah, BB should get more dues, but still...thats what HAPPENS to nosey batman types when they snoop...just waiting for it to happen to bats =P) Villians united, Rann-thangarr wars, and OMAC a bit less so...but I have hope. All that has been release about the Infinity Crisis is it will be the "worst moment in the DC universe..." Im horribly excited about it all....
  5. Re: What are his powers...? I cant help but see Triad, err...Triplicate Girl from the Legion. The costume looks very familiar.....His costume could split in three...Red, Green, and Black versions.... Meh, but thats all the creativity youre gonna get out of me when Im hungry and sleep deprived...
  6. Re: Best way to Build Cap's Shield? My 2 cents on OIHID... There has to be a LIMITATION for him not being able to use his shield while not in his heroic ID....Cap never suffers a time when he just "cant" use the shield because he forgot his red white and blue pajamas. While you state that he is never seen using it without costume, he is also never caught in a position where he was "trapped" in normal clothing, and resistant to use the shield. Cap, in this case, is getting exra cost break for no real limitation....It NEVER comes up in the source material that I've seen. Super
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Eclipse, a dark magic-based hero, is calling her uncle, who belongs to a council of secretive mystics, on his cell phone... Me(DM) - "Before you even say 'Hello', your uncle instantly says your name, and asks you what the situation is...." Amy (Eclipse's player) - "Wow, is that like some kind of mystic, clairvoyant power he has?" Me - "Yes....That or caller ID"
  8. Re: Strength Damage: Pathetic or what? Only argument to that is that its not just "some guy" with a stick...An 8d6 MA attack represents batman ESQUE training and skill...something near legendary....
  9. Re: This week on "Champions"... (note - not a champions game, but a home run Hero Supers game none the less) Megatopia's Finest 11:00 Wed - With the recent discovery of a terrorist plot by the organization V.E.N.O.M. and its mysterious allies, six rogue heros pull together under the banner of a government subsidiary called C.R.I.S.I.S. and set out to stop a meeting between several of their deadliest adversaries.
  10. Re: Help with Sai (character review) You will ALL PH3AR Impulse!!! (the poster child for the judgementally impared!)
  11. Re: Help with Sai (character review) OUCH! The UMA got CREAMED!!! Thats a hard book to find now-a-days! I dont mean to alarm you, but I'd run to your local game store and order one immediately, as they are out of print. I cant live without that book....speedsters are not the same without my good 'ol Passing Strike! =P
  12. Re: Quick rules Question... You are correct....The attacker does not take AWAY part of the damage he does to his foe, just additional damage to himself....
  13. Re: Help with Sai (character review) I still say that the biggest OMPF for your money is if you put back your psionic sai attack (+8d6), giving you a total damage set of 17 1/2d6 (3d6 from str, 2d6 sai, +8d6 psionic psi attack that you took out, +4 1/2d6 from your martial strike). That would put your damage right up there with the big boys (or more), AND let you do some difty martial MPAs as well... Then Id say take the advice from chapsguy and the others about your dex and con and such.... It really is a shame that your campaign is more combat based. And a note for your GM, I
  14. Re: Name My Supervillian! Ha! I love this one! Good quote too...
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