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  1. Re: What do you have in your coinpurse? It's your choice to balance playability versus worldbuilding. There are other areas this appears too - every time you want something original, you have to guess at how playable it will be, whether the players will like the originality of the setting, or whether it confuses them and stops them killing orcs for too long These things include currency, calendars, languages, names for common items, and of course races. One of the main reasons that fantasy campaigns are so unoriginal is that the designers fear changing things from the ster
  2. Re: What do you have in your coinpurse? I worked out a blazon to describe coinage for the Western Shores Felines used Chinese names are generally based on medieval Chinese and use paper money. Humans used English names and medieval european coinage. Lizardmen used Greek and Middle Eastern names. Coinage is large with lots of raised surfaces because of less tactile sense. Elves used Tolkein elvish names. Coins are thematic according to philosophy, and highly magical. Dwarves use a modified Tolkein dwarvish. Coins are machine stamped and the strongest currency. The most
  3. Re: Fantasy Art Thread I just got permission from the artist to use their book illustration on the website for my free print-and-play Wings of War variant based on Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. It's a nice piece- They've put more of their work up on the Temeraire wiki
  4. Re: Fantasy Art Thread They're not like D&D dragons - colour coded for your convenience Mind you - I don't think adventurers, especially clerics would wear their ceremonial gear into a dungeon - it's a bit mucky down there. No robes and bright colours - except for the mage, the only D&D character that had magical cleaning powers.
  5. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Last three from the game and the box cover art (though not as useful for folk )
  6. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Adventurers from my Dungeon Building card game-
  7. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Here's the jousting knight from my card game-
  8. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Why the Ents did so well against Saruman-- From here- http://www.digital-wasteland.com
  9. Re: Fantasy Art Thread On a related note, just came across my random map generator for a boardgame I was making - http://www.curufea.com/games/buildings/map.php Although isomorphic, the building images would be worth using for making maps. I got them from the Dundjinni website. Which is well worth looking at for mapping (although I prefer using photoshop to their software).
  10. Re: Fantasy Art Thread LOD - Level of detail. I've heard of it. I think the latest DAZ studio offered LOD for the default characters it has. With a game engine, it's handy to have the different polygon total models all as one file, so the engine can choose as need be. But for a proper 3D rendering program, you don't need to do that, and can just have separate models and use as need be. E.g. - if you only have house roofs showing, you don't bother putting in house bodies. If you only have bits showing, just use the low poly model. [edit] - Rather than a new slightly
  11. Re: Fantasy Art Thread You could also render it in layers with higher poly models, and use them as progressive backdrops. It'd take time, but it wouldn't make your computer fall over from the memory needed for lots of models, as you'd only render a few each time. As long as you progress from the furthest to the nearest and their shadows don't overlap.
  12. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Nice I'll be doing a low poly of Wickshine's to make the paper model too, BTW (sorry for repeating the blog there if you've been following progress). Although the textures look a bit iffy around the roof - as though they are abruptly cut off, and the support beams aren't shown.
  13. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Admiral attitude, and also one of my sentiments Speaking of which I've just finished the first floor's floor texture of Wickshine's Last Inn
  14. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Some nice polearms- http://www.jansfotos.de/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=60370
  15. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Reminds me, my work has some resources of use- Digital Map Collection
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