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  1. Curufea

    Not D&D

    Re: Not D&D True, and to use my example from the maltheistic thread - Ravenloft has no religions either, although there are special rules for religious characters that come from other settings.
  2. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Just finished "Feet of Clay" again, I'd forgotten the Robocop hommages I'm now starting Marsden's "Tomorrow, When the War Began" as the movie is out soon, and it is classic Aussie Lit that many, many YA have read already - so I'm thinking I've missed out on it when it came out (but when it came out I wasn't really into YA fiction, I was all into big fantasy novels). It's written in the style of first person, the main character (Ellie) writing it after the fact.
  3. Curufea

    Not D&D

    Re: Not D&D Virtually every science fiction setting ever published. As to fantasy settings - it's a bit more difficult because magic and Gods are so tightly intertwined in "unthinking explanations for the unknown" - and has been previously pointed out, magic is often thought integral to a fantasy setting, hence it brings with it often Gods and Godesses as a possible source for magic/miracles.
  4. Re: Your "2010" Pet Gaming Projects Finish putting all the rules into the Metascape 2 mediawiki. Run a campaign of DWAITAS, preferrably a Faction Paradox one. Possibly try some Hero System at some stage.
  5. Re: Promoting Other Cool Game Stuff: TOWN Nice find! Although now, having read the fief sample - I'm a bit worried about the various forms of penance for types of bestiality...
  6. Re: Humans Need Not Apply: Campaigns Without Humans It would be cool to have an all-Dwarf game set in the world of Dwarves and War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz...
  7. Re: Not technically HERO Related... Nice! I'm a big fan of props in gaming
  8. Re: Only Humans Need Apply: Campaigns with Just Humans Weren't the serpent people? Or was that just rumours?
  9. Curufea

    Not D&D

    Re: Not D&D Religion could exist in the setting - but be completely background to the game. There are plenty of fantasy books that make no mention at all of religion. Not because the setting doesn't have religion, but because it is completely unimportant to any of the characters or the plot.
  10. Re: Humans Need Not Apply: Campaigns Without Humans I ran an Elf only (plus one Lizardman) campaign as my first Fantasy Hero game. It was set in the Golden Empire of Elves, where they'd basically conquered the entire Western Shores. The first multi-part adventure the PCs went on was on behalf of a treacherous Human - a mage of the Elven high king. In that setting all Humans were second class citizens (or worse). On the completion of the adventure (we didn't finish), the PCs would have gathered all the parts for a magic item, that causes their ancestor - who is the one solely responsible for the Empire, to have never been born. In order to gather the parts, they were given protective necklaces, which also had the property of protecting them from the effects of the device when activated as a side effect. This basically meant that all the Elvish PCs ended up in an alternate reality that was the Western Shores with multiple racial kingdoms. Some of them survived and still wander the Western Shores (as the Weeping Prince and the Great Dragon in the mythos for my setting). At least one of them took off their necklace and ceased to have ever been born.
  11. Re: Only Humans Need Apply: Campaigns with Just Humans Yep, I'm aware of that - the wizards (and Sauron and the Balrog) in Middle Earth mythology are the equivalent to Angels (and Demons) in the Christian mythology. They're the servants of the Gods of Arda - one of whom is Melkor/Morgoth, God of dissonance in the song of Creation who rebelled against his father God - Iluvatar.
  12. Re: Only Humans Need Apply: Campaigns with Just Humans But if magic is just a matter of study in the setting - you end up with world histories like Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, or The Laws of Magic by Michael Pryor. If the users of magic are not accepted into society in the setting - you end up with world histories like the White Wolf RPG, Mage. What I'm saying is - don't assume everyone handles the use of magic in a fantasy setting in exactly the same, boring, stereotypical, unimaginative fashion.
  13. Re: Only Humans Need Apply: Campaigns with Just Humans They're onl demi-humans in the same way that gymnasts are demi-humans, or mathematicians are demi-humans. They would only influence culture and history if the magic was able to, and if they were treated by non-mages in certain ways. You're making an awful lot of assumptions on how mages and magic works in someones setting there.
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