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  1. I believe LM had an affair with Neil gaiman.. Not the author but the original issues of Sandman. Dude, paper is so high school (am I doing it right?)
  2. Honestly I remember being on 4chan and being a Goon, and thinking trolling hilarious. I was wrong. Yes we've been too hard on the guy, the cruelty he's been exposed to for so long is a perfect reason to give up on social media. It's sad, because social media contributes a lot to what makes him a bankable nerd celebrity. I think he will return somehow in about six months. P.S.when I met him he was nice, personable and a little shy.
  3. That;s a kick butt idea. Let me see what I can come up with.
  4. I kind of feel that not choosing an asian villain in a stock pile of villains in a game set in Asia is just as racist as not having one, maybe more so. Mor eot the point I feel like it's missing out on a lot of the fun that the setting promises. You know what I mean?
  5. Do you guys think i'm missing anything cool? DO you have a suggestion for a not overly cliche Asian bad guy? I'm wracking my head trying to think of a non fu man chu or triad style baddy.
  6. Lol, I used to go to Hsinchu for work a lot. It's big damp and industrial parky. It could work, but people usually travel there for work and leave. If I was going to use a real Taiwanese city the southern port of Kaoshuing would work relaly nicely though, it's the second biggest city, has massive high rises and huge population. The northern port Keelung would also be usable. Keelung is cool, because it's got the aforementioned port and has a bunch of ancient shrines inside hard to get to caves (literally, fat people can't visit them because of the tight squeeze.) It has a really famous ghost p
  7. Thanks Axe! That's a stunningly obvious thing I overlooked. I'll definitely incorporate that character in there some how. If I rewrite her as Chinese her Chinese name can have it. (Maybe Shan Mei *mountain beautiful* or Shu Shan *Tree mountain*, they both sound beautiful to Chinese speakers.) I live in Asia and China is the hot button topic (seriously, I heard what's ISIS from a military officer I work with), so I'm intentionally trying to keep it autonomous, so away from Macau (which is sad, it's like super las vegas) and Guangzhou. I'm thinking maybe I should incorporate Macau/Singapores
  8. Hey guys, i'm running a low powered (almost dark champions) super/magic/anime style game soon. The concept is super powered wash-ups/wash-outs/and f*ck-ups. In a modern asian city. Think Singapore if more depressing and dirty, or Hong Kong if more multi ethnic. Any way, here are a bunch of NPC concepts I'm starting to stat up. I was wondering if I could get your feed back on them, possible other story hooks, and suggestions for characters that fill roles I haven't already thought of. Love y'all. -- -- Mei Arakawa, a sailor scout whose troupe were killed/frozen in time by their Queen Ber
  9. Who would waste their money on such a thing?!
  10. Re: The Last Word No, it all ends in a singularity.
  11. Re: What Non-Fiction Book have you just finished? I have just rererereread Impro by Keith Johnstone, it's the foundation text of Improv (excluding Spolin's work), and a minor work in the field of the anarchic teaching method. It's games and concepts work really well with in a role playing situation as well. It's Mask stuff was so interesting when you compare it to LARPing that I ended up loaning my copy out to the key creators of a big Kiwi LARP. The book itself is written as one of those semibioographic, semi academic works that Theatre uses. All in all, yeah, it's pretty sweet.
  12. Re: Underwater Combat Mastery swimming usable as an attack? Simulating pulling someone under, maybe way under.
  13. Re: Your FIRST Super Hero Character I was three and had a character Who was me but supermanish with energy hands instead of those eye beams. by the time I was four his name was Shrapnel and I had created an entire world of characters that coninually got added to. Actually I think I have bits and pieces from the comix and the like that I used to draw of them, somewhere around here.
  14. Re: Online Steampulp Game Hmmn too drunk to write back gruund. Blargh
  15. Re: Online Steampulp Game almost finished with a char, shall be up later today.
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