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  1. The Narn Knights of the Round Table... now there's a scary thought... Space Cadet
  2. Aw, man, that's just plain evil... Bad lemming! Evil, twisted lemming! I'll have to remember to do that myself sometime (). Space Cadet
  3. You know what the creepy thing about your "The Gathering is a lie" premise is, tkdguy? The fact that, right now on the FanFiction.net website, there is a Highlander story in which that very premise is a part of the story (only it was a mortal with a twisted sense of humor who started the whole "There can be only one" shebang). Another plot element involved the bit about Immortals not being able to have children. The author of this particular tale put his (or her; I forget which) own spin on the issue, to the point that, yes, it was indeed possible for Immortals to have children. What was really incredible was how the author incorporated elements of the original Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, and the Ryan Administration (from the most recent Tom Clancy novels) into the story in a way that actually made a strange sort of sense. AAMOF, the first thing that crossed my mind was the thought "I can just see someone doing this as an RPG campaign". Space Cadet
  4. Another possibile choice for the Bushido/Noble Warrior category is the reptilian race of Dragoncrests (from the Living Steel RPG). Space Cadet
  5. Ralph did indeed have a girlfriend in the show (played by Connie Selleca), who IIRC was a lawyer of some sort, and eventually became Mrs. Greatest American Hero towards the end of the series. As to the students, I believe that Michael Pare was the "bad boy" of the class, and that one of the female students was originally on "Welcome Back Kotter" (I think her nickname on WBK was "Hotsie Totsie"). Space Cadet
  6. Originally posted by Bengal: And of course, Sheep Man: The Man who can turn you into a sheep. Well, if nothing else, we've gotten at least one villainous NPC for a Western HERO campaign... Space Cadet
  7. You forgot the Dark Power Behind The Scenes category: the really grim, eldritch horror-type of ETs -- the Shadows and their servant race, the Drakh (from B5) and the Eddorians from the Lensman series of novels. Bushido category: the Kaldarans (from the Invasion Terra campaign setting for the Mekton Zeta RPG). Endless Swarm category: the Aggendi (an insectoid/reptilian hybrid race; also from Mekton and Mekton Zeta). Ancient Steward category: the Arisians (from the Lensman series). BTW, the reptilians from B5 that were mentioned in the Wanna- Be category are the Drazi. I'm not sure which category these guys would fit into, but how about the Ethicals from the Riverworld novels? Space Cadet
  8. Sparkplug was Flare's sister, and was an electrical energy-projector with flight powers. IIRC, she was a result of the same experiment that gave Flare and their brother(?) their abilities. I think that the character called Poinsettia was also part of the same experiment, but I'm not absolutely certain of this. Space Cadet
  9. Unless I'm mistaken, Battlestaff, the character you referred to as Goliath was actually named Giant. IIRC, there were some other members of that group as well (at least in the comic books featuring those characters): Flare, Sparkplug, Lady Arcane and Icicle (Icestar's sister, if memory serves me). Space Cadet
  10. As far as Godzilla's height is concerned, it depends on which version of Big G you're talking about. If you're talking about the pre-timeline change version, then 30 stories (300 feet) is just about right. If, on the other hand, you're talking about the post-timeline change version then Big G's height would be closer to 60 stories (600 feet) (as a result of Godzilla being created years later than he was originally, and with a modern nuclear weapon to boot). Now as far as "Stupid Godzilla Tricks" are concerned, I can only think of one really weird stunt that Big G pulled in one of the pre-timeline change movies: somehow magnetizing himself and using that power to pull MechaGodzilla towards him just prior to popping open a 24-pack of Kaiju Whoopass on it. Space Cadet
  11. The only thing that I can think of to add to Big G's writeup would be some form of Absorbption power, to reflect his ability to feed on the radiation from nuclear power plants (or nuclear explosions), with the absorbed points going into an END battery. Space Cadet
  12. My first Champions character back in the mid-80s was a brick/ energy projector called Starguard (this was before the Allies supplement came out). He had super-strength, flight (FTL and normal in-atmosphere movement both), and had the power to generate/project the full spectrum of phenomena associated with stars -- light, heat, gravity, radiation, etc. As originally written, the character was slightly above the (then) limit of 250 points, but the GM liked the character concept so much (a Green Lantern/Superman type of character) that he let me run Starguard as was, provided I didn't have him use powers that were outside of his stated abilities. In the 4 to 5 years that the campaign ran, I don't think he ever regretted having let me do that. He told me some time later that my character being in the campaign had given him plot ideas he might not have had otherwise. I'm currently in the process of rewriting the character to fit the current rules, and I've already given him a new name, since there's already someone in the current version of the CU called Starguard (even if it is a slightly different version of the name). Space Cadet
  13. Yeah, and he's probably got the T-shirt that says "I'm So Evil, The Devil Worships ME!" just to rub it in. Space Cadet
  14. I'm not sure if this the right part of the boards for this topic, but here goes anyway... In looking over the various Perks in the Hero System, I suddenly remembered an old Reader's Digest story that I'd come across some years ago. It was about a woman who had undergone surgery to have a nuclear battery-powered pacemaker hooked up to her heart. Because she did a lot of cross-border travel between the U.S. and Canada (job-related, I think), she had to get a special permit to transport nuclear material across international bord- ers. So, what I'm asking you fellow Herophiles is this: what do you guys think that a Perk like that would be worth in terms of character points? Space Cadet
  15. Rex Smith did a stint on Solid Gold? When the frell did that happen? Space Cadet
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