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  1. Just had a flash of memory zip through the gray matter: the part of MacLeod's background when he was under the influence of a Dark Quickening, shortly after having had to kill Koltec when the latter had become evil from absorbing the Quickenings of too many evil Immortals throughout his life. I knew there had to be a reason for the "Otherwise Useless Trivia" section of my brain to exist... Space Cadet
  2. Oh, yeah, Badger3k, I remember Sword Of Justice all right. It always struck me as kind of funny -- I mean, the hero was virtually telling the cops who was helping them out (using the 3 of Spades as his calling card, with the 3 representing the number of years he spent in prison for a crime he didn't commit), but the cops (one of whom was the hero's best friend) never once tumbled to who he was. His signature line would definitely have a place in a Dark Champions campaign: "The Spade is the Sword of Justice. Its rapier marks the end." Space Cadet
  3. Just don't forget to give them all the same Hunted: the evil Master Chef Kandagawa and his sinister allies, the Ohta Faction. Space Cadet
  4. When I posted those suggestions to you, tkdguy, there was one character that was part of Duncan's background who complete- ly slipped my mind: the Tracy Scoggins character (the witch who saved Duncan from a future enemy back when he was a teen- ager; her name was Cassandra, IIRC). She was also part of Methos's background as well (back when he was one of the Four Horse- men). Hopefully, I haven't forgotten anything else about the character that might be of help to you. Space Cadet
  5. Actually, tkdguy, you're not the only one who remembers the character of Exo-Man. I had made a small mention of the char- acter in a previous thread last year. But while we're on the subject of battlesuit trooper-type TV superheroes, how about the title character from the show Future Force? And let's not forget the Art Hindle character from the TV-movie Power Man (the movie's original title as listed in TV Guide at the time; the network changed the title prior to its airing on TV, but I can't remember what they changed it to). Space Cadet
  6. About the only thing that I can think of that you could do with your writeup would be to include Duncan's reunion with Darius and the circumstances which brought it about (Darius's message to Duncan asking for his aid against an Immortal named Grayson, Darius's former second-in-command during the period before he renounced his life of warfare). You might also want to include Duncan's marriage to future Immortal Kate, and his being reunited with her during the incident involving Kell. Space Cadet
  7. Most movie critics these days have their heads so far up their Fourth Point of Contact that they wouldn't recognize a period piece (decent or not), much less understand the fact that they're not supposed to be updated for modern times. Space Cadet
  8. Talk about outsourcing to a foreign market... that phone number's got way too many digits for an American phone number. Space Cadet
  9. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: From the ARGENT public relations Dept Just got through doing some 'Net crawling to find out just who it was that Twilight was talking about in his post, and after getting the lowdown on Knecht Ruppert/Black Peter, all I can say is this: with a "friend" like this, the Claus-man certainly has no need for any enemies, supervillains or not. Space Cadet
  10. Another source of ideas for an Alien Invasion campaign, if you can find it or know someone who has it, is the Adventurer's Club article "Death From The Skies!", which appeared in Issue #11 of that publication. It's got some good ideas on how to run an Invasion campaign, particularly one which starts out as a covert invasion before eventually becoming an overt invas- ion. Space Cadet
  11. One possibility would be to build it as an Automaton, with the limitation that it is only able to act independently as long as the person who is attempting to control it is using brute-force methods, instead of through force of will. Another would be to design it as a Hand-To-Hand Attack with the Usable At Range advantage, with the Focus limitation as well. Space Cadet
  12. Re: Re: Re: From the ARGENT public relations Dept You got that right! The guys here in the Academy's Signals Intell- igence class were just talking about some signals they'd picked up from the North Pole -- something about getting some heavy- duty firepower for something called the T-800, whatever that is... Space Cadet
  13. Re: From the ARGENT public relations Dept Well, folks, if this country should suddenly experience a major coal shortage inside of the next few years, at least we'll know where it's going and who to blame for it... Space Cadet
  14. Funny... I always thought that they looked a bit like oversized salt-and-pepper shakers... oh, well Space Cadet
  15. Hermit made mention of high-tech instant change devices in an earlier post to this topic, and I agree that a gadget like that would be interesting to see in the Gadgets and Gear book. It'd be especially interesting to see large-scale versions of such a gadget as well as the "Only affects person wearing it" versions. The best examples of this kind of superhero hardware can be found in animated shows such as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (a.k.a. Battle of the Planets and, somewhat more recently, Eagle Riders; the wristbands that the good guys wore that not only changed their street clothes into their uniforms, but also transformed their normal-looking vehicles into more advanced versions -- the team leader's propeller- driven plane became a jet at the instant of tranformation, for example), and Sonic Soldier Borgman (the combination wrist communicator/transformation devices worn by the Borg- men that allowed them to change into their battle armor). Space Cadet
  16. One of the major suprises in this new BSG was the relative tough- ness of the miniseries Galactica compared to the Galactica of the original series. As far as I could tell, the new Galactica didn't have anything like the deflector shields of Star Trek or Star Wars, yet it survived a hit from a 50-kiloton nuke. Compare that to the battlestars of the original pilot movie, which apparent- ly didn't need much more than one explosives-laden fighter crash- ing into the launch/recovery bays to turn it into battlestar flambe. Another surprise was the low-tech approach to weaponry taken by both the Colonials and the Cylons (missiles and outer-space autocannon instead of lasers). I think the only high-tech weapon of any kind that was seen in the miniseries was the EW system used by the Cylons to shut down the battlestars and their fighter protection befoe attacking. Space Cadet
  17. Although it's been out of print for years now, there is one other game resource for modern weapons and their stats: Phoenix Command. This game system was produced by Leading Edge Games, and had sourcebooks for modern heavy weapons, Old West firearms, and sci-fi weapons (mostly for the Living Steel game setting). Alternatively, you could try to find a copy of Millenium's End. I'd imagine that, given the slant of that particular system, you'd have no problems finding suitable hardware to convert over to FREd. Space Cadet
  18. You might want to consider giving your J.R. Ewing-type fiend the "Floating Hunted" disadvantage from Dark Champions. After all, J.R. did have more than a few people after his hide in one form or another (remember Kristen? BLAM! BLAM!). Space Cadet
  19. Space Cadet

    Cthulu Hero

    Just out of curiousity, to which President are you referring to -- or was this a blanket statement? Space Cadet
  20. I'm one of those who also likes the idea of Project: Sunburst being a source of superhero origins. AAMOF, one of the ideas I'm currently working on is for a superheroine called Lady Cobalt, who would not only have her powers as a result of the Project, but be a civilian as well. Also, because of the radiation- based nature of her powers, she has to wear a special con- tainment suit to keep from poisoning others with her radiation (it's not a total-coverage suit like Radium's; her head is exposed, but she does wear a polarized visor to disguise her face). I don't have much beyond this at this time, unfortunately. Space Cadet
  21. At present, I only know of four game supplements that deal with modern firearms: GURPS High-Tech, GURPS Modern Firepower, Palladium's Compendium of Modern Weapons, and a similar book published by R. Talsorian Games (I can't remember what the title of it is, but I think that a d20 version was recently released). There are also a couple of websites on the GURPS WebRing dealing with modern weapons, especially weapons that haven't been covered in already-existing material, but the material within is unofficial. Space Cadet
  22. Now that is just too bloody diabolical for words... Space Cadet
  23. You mentioned the fanfiction.net website in your most recent post as a source of B:tVS/Other Series crossovers, and I do say that, yes, there are some decidedly interesting stories in there, but there are some definitely strange crossovers in there as well. There are several Buffy/Star Trek crossovers that I know of in there, and at least one Buffy/Ronin Warriors story (now, admittedly, I can't remember if this one is actually in the story archives of fanfiction.net or is on some other website, but I have seen it on the Web). There are also a number of Buffy/ Highlander stories as well. With regards to some earlier questions about how Batman would fare against a Buffyverse vampire, I have only this to say: Anyone who has the sheer stones to issue the "fistfight challenge" to Kalibak (or someone like him) vis-a-vis Neo in The Matrix, and hold his own against him to boot, is not going to have any trouble whatsoever when it comes time to crack open a keg of whoop-a$$ on the latest batch of Sunnydale bloodsuckers. Space Cadet
  24. This thread, like Jaws Just when you think it's safe WHOOMP! There it is Space Cadet
  25. Oh, yeah... especially if the opposing team's playbook is some- how replaced with a copy of the Necronomicon. Space Cadet
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