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  1. The weapons I'm referring to were a series of charged-particle weapons (proton projectors, to be exact) that fired a cone- shaped beam, and had to use specialized power cells because using standard power cells would cause the weapon to explode. IIRC, the only rafflur that could use a standard power cell was a vehicle-mounted weapon. Space Cadet
  2. Space Cadet

    Cthulu Hero

    And just what, pray tell, is that supposed to mean? Space Cadet
  3. Marvel ran a "Barsoom"-type storyline back in the early 80s with their Star Wars comic, IIRC. The story had Leia being stranded on a world inhabited by two different humanoid races, with all of the "Barsoomian" trappings -- swords, rayguns and flying sleds. Space Cadet
  4. Space Cadet

    Cthulu Hero

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd almost rather see a revival of the "Cthulu For President" campaign. Anything would be an improvement after what we've had to put up with since the beginning of the current Administration... Space Cadet
  5. Re: Re: Re: Champions in 3-D Plus Ewwwww... now I know why I didn't watch Sliders. Space Cadet
  6. A couple of nights back, I had the opportunity to check out a website that provided background info for a Victorian-age superhero campaign; specifically, for GURPS Supers. With a little bit of tweaking, though, it could be adapted for FREd. Just imagine the looks on your players' faces if you were to bring them face-to-face with Jack the Ripper -- a Ripper with superpowers (Brrrrrrr!). Scary thought, isn't it? Space Cadet
  7. Wasn't there a weapon like that described in one of the Chrome Book supplements for the Cyberpunk RPG? Space Cadet
  8. How about this for possible names for your supervillain: Cyber-Magus Technomancer Space Cadet
  9. Re: The Villainous Mastermind Repetoir Okay, as far as a name for the fifth skill on your list goes, why not call it something like "Metaphysiology" or "Paranormal Bi- ology"? As far as other skills to give your Villainous Mastermind are con- cerned, I'd give him Knowledge Skills in the following: Business, Economics and International Finance. Why, you ask? Well, unless the VM plans on sending his flunkies out to commit high-profile robberies -- the kind that inevitably attracts the attention of the main hero group in your campaign, and which in turn leads to the obligatory a$$-kicking of the villain group -- he's going to need some means of bankrolling his nefarious schemes. With these particular skills, the VM could (through intermediaries) set up a number of legitimate "front" companies whose profits (or a portion thereof) he could use to buy the necessary equipment and/or minions for his secret HQ. I'd also give him some level of skill in Psychology (he's going to need it in order to deal with whatever ego-driven quirks his super-team members may exhibit). Space Cadet
  10. I don't know if this fits into the "living focus" category, but what about the Skrill ( ? ) from Earth: Final Conflict? Space Cadet
  11. Say, isn't Marutukku one of the villains from the V&V Most Wanted books? Space Cadet
  12. I'd like to see a writeup for the Sukhoi S-37 Berkut ( the Russian counterpart of our own YF-22 Raptor ). This baby looks like some- thing the guys that work on the G.I. Joe series would've designed. Space Cadet
  13. I got my own copy of TSTK just this last weekend, and it's already giving me ideas for super-gadgets for ultra-high-tech super- villains and their minions. Heh,heh,heh,heh.... Space Cadet
  14. From what I've heard about it, the HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) warhead is essentially a huge glob of plastic explosive that, upon impact, spreads to cover as wide an area as possible on an armored surface. Upon detonation, the warhead causes a sizable chunk of armor to blow into the target as a cloud of fragments, killing or at least seriously injuring occupants of the building or vehicle. Space Cadet
  15. SORCEROR SEEKING ONE-OF-A-KIND GOLD RING I am currently searching for a unique golden Ring forged in the heart of an active volcano. The Ring is, for the most part, rath- er unremarkable in appearance unless it is placed in fire, at which time letters in an exotic script will appear. Should anyone viewing this know where the Ring may be found, or know of someone who does, please contact the following address: sarumanthewhite@isengard.com One of my nine representatives will respond to any report made to this address (or perhaps all of them -- they are extremely dedicated to the performance of this duty).
  16. As far as posting updated versions of other folks' published Champs characters in this forum -- or any other one, for that matter -- goes, I wouldn't even so much as dream of doing that unless I had the original creator's express approval to do so. So, unless I have such approval to post an updated character belonging to someone else, you won't be seeing anything like that from yours truly. Space Cadet
  17. Now that is just too twisted for words... Space Cadet
  18. I'm not thinking about updating the earlier adventures so much as I am thinking about updating the characters from certain adventures to see just how nasty (or lame, as the case may be) they would look once they're converted over into 5thEd. Right now, I'm looking over the Blood characters from the Blood and Dr. McQuark supplement for my first updating attempts. Space Cadet
  19. MASTER DEATHTRAP DESIGNER AVAILIABLE FOR CONSULTATION Are you like most supervillians and other self-respecting fiends these days? Do you devise seemingly foolproof schemes for get- ting absolute power, world domination or unlimited wealth, only to have some group of so-called "heroes" come from out of no- where to put an ignominious end to your well-laid schemes? Just once, wouldn't you like to see them get the sharp end of the stick for a change? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then maybe I can be of some service to you. For many years now, I have spent my time devising numerous deathtraps with which to dispose of those annoying heroes who insist upon intruding on my privacy (not to mention daring to interfere with my plans for galactic con- quest); indeed, my entire base of operations has, over the years, been transformed into a multilayered deathtrap. Sliding walls with which to crush the unwary, floors which open without warning beneath their feet, hidden panels concealing assassins just waiting to ambush their victims -- these are just a few of the many refinements that could be made availiable to you for use in your hidden stronghold, should you desire to make use of my services. To arrange an appointment for a FREE consultation on which deathtraps would best serve your needs, just send an E-mail to the URL listed below: TheBeast@blacktower.com
  20. You want a clever but creepy future weapon? Just imagine a high- tech version of the Tall Man's Giant Ball Bearing From Hell (from the Phantasm movies): anti-grav propulsion, semi-autonomous targeting capability and a weapons system that can kill a target in any number of ways. Almost sounds like something that Doctor Destroyer would come up with... Space Cadet
  21. Rats! Another frelling double-post ... Oh, well, such is life . Space Cadet
  22. Thanks, Thirdbase. I wasn't sure about the gun size when I made that post, which was why I put the (?) after the shell size. Space Cadet
  23. Thanks, Thirdbase. I wasn't sure about the gun size when I made that post, which was why I put the (?) after the shell size. Space Cadet
  24. While browsing the discussion boards of the Starship Modelers website, I came across the following ditty: I like big mechs and I cannot lie I love it when my missiles fly That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty mech And some ECM in your face You get LOCK! (originally posted by Haywire to the Starship Modelers discussion board) I got a good laugh out of this when I first saw it last night, so I thought I'd post it here to share the chuckles. Enjoy! Space Cadet
  25. __________________________________________________ Originally posted by BobGreenwade __________________________________________________ On another note, while a TARDIS-like time machine was included in TUV, I'd like to see one similar to that associated with H.G. Wells. (For that matter, I don't think you'd even have to file off the proverbial serial numbers on this.) __________________________________________________ I'd wouldn't mind seeing something along those lines myself, especially if said time machine bore a resemblance to the one that appeared in the TV-movie version (the one where the inventor of the time machine went forward in time and discovered that superweapons he had designed in his own era were responsible for the near-destruction of mankind). Space Cadet
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