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  1. I must confess, I've often wondered what Dr. Moebius would look like as either a Champions or crossworld-travel campaign character... Space Cadet
  2. From descriptions of the Aliens motion tracker that I've read or heard of, the device uses changes in air density and movement as well as radar to detect and track enemies that aren't immediately visible to the user. Space Cadet
  3. Well, if the link doesn't work, you can always go to the Old Forums section of the menu, click on the link in Mr. Seeman's post, then select the Other Genres topic thread. Once the list of previous topics comes up, scroll down until you reach the "Jason Voorhies" line and then click on it to see the thread. A word of warning, though: although the topic is listed as being two pages long, when you try to bring up Page 2, the Infernal Machine flashes one of its lousy "404 - Page Not Found" or similar messages on screen. Space Cadet
  4. For another treatment of Mr. Voorhies, check out the following: http://www.herogames.com/oldForum/OtherGenres/000118.htm Space Cadet
  5. This is, ah, a tad embarassing, but I made a slight goof when I mentioned the title of the B5 episode to which reference was made at one point during "In The Beginning". It wasn't "Babylon Squared", it was the two-part episode "War Without End" (IIRC; if i've given the wrong title this time, feel free to post the right one). Space Cadet
  6. Ooooo, I know what power Gilligan would develop upon being subjected to a Marvelesque "radiation accident": 20d6 Unluck, usable against others, only to turn the current escape attempt into an absolute disaster. Before anyone says anything, I know that the argument could be made that Gilligan has that ability already. All the accident would do, really, is amplify that innate ability to ungodly levels. Space Cadet
  7. Don't forget the plotline with the magic sword. That was one of the trippier soap-opera plotlines in recent memory (the demon- ic possession storylines on certain NBC soaps notwithstanding). Space Cadet
  8. If it's Irish villains you're looking for, there's a couple of them in the Villains and Vigilantes supplements Most Wanted Vol. 1 and Super-Crooks & Criminals: the super-terrorist Boogeyman (MWV1), and the super-environmentalist Shillelagh (SC&C). Space Cadet
  9. The difference between heavy phaser stun and light phaser stun is that heavy stun flat-out renders the target unconscious, while light stun leaves the target conscious and able to speak, but not much else (remember the episode with the salt-sucking vampire?). Space Cadet P.S.: Just got through looking at Syberdwarf2's phaser example, and saw where he had suggested a straight-out EB for the light stun setting. Setting #3 could also be written up as a DEX Drain, for those times when you really need to find out something from someone, but don't want to have to wait for him to wake up.
  10. Baron Munchausen Hero??! Are you mad, or are you sprinkling something other than sugar on your Wheaties these days? Space Cadet
  11. Just got through reading that particular thread. What else can one say about such a hideous notion but... BRRRRRR!!!! By the way, Liaden, I rather like your current avatar. The idea of Lord Smith, Chief Agent of Rivendell is amusing, to say the least. Space Cadet
  12. As far as who might survive to the "Galactic Champions" era goes, I'd think that the Empyreans would definitely make it to that future time with no problem at all. Space Cadet
  13. By any chance, did the idea for this power come from the DC sci-fi limited series Spanner's Galaxy? Space Cadet
  14. You're just asking to be turned into Purina Sarlacc Chow, aren't you, Skip? Space Cadet
  15. As far as any surprises being ruined by either movie, I'd say the answer to that is a big "No". Neither is any knowledge of the third, fourth or fifth seasons required to know what's going on. "The Gathering" was the pilot movie for the series in general, while "In The Beginning" was more or less about the events leading up to and during the Earth-Minbari War (as recounted by Emperor Mollari). (Minor correction: there is a brief reference to "Babylon Squared" at one point during "In The Beginning".) Space Cadet
  16. As frightening a thought as this may be to some, I can just see someone making this into a Jackie Chan movie... Brrrrr!! Space Cadet:eek:
  17. Now there's a really twisted power... Space Cadet
  18. I'm not sure where this one would fit on the Force Powers chart, but given Luke's reaction to it the one time that he used it, it should definitely be red-flagged as a Dark Side power. Anyway, here it is: Distort Perception: This power was first used by Luke in the Heir to the Empire trilogy written by Timothy Zahn a few years ago. At one point during a space combat against Imperial forces, Luke used the Force to distort the perceptions of the TIE fighter pilots; however, immediately upon doing so, he experienced what was described as a "wrongness" in the Force, as if he had stepped upon a line that Jedi were forbidden to cross. From that point on, Luke refused to ever use that power for any reason. If I had to guess at the way to represent this in Hero System terms, I'd have to say that this was Mind Control with Illusion thrown in for good measure. Space Cadet
  19. Don't they already have something like this in Dominion: Tank Police? I seem to recall a rather infamous "combat striptease" sequence in this particular anime where the Puma sisters distracted the cops by performing a slow striptease routine -- just before whipping out some ridiculously huge weapons and blasting away at said cops (evidence, as far as I'm concerned, that the Puma sisters benefit from the same sort of weird physics that female immortals in Highlander make use of when they hide their swords in parts of their wardrobe that wouldn't hide a .45 or an Uzi). Space Cadet
  20. Now, why does this not surprise me in the least? Space Cadet:cool:
  21. From what little I know about Sweeney Todd, that would be more along the lines of Victorian Age Hero than the Regency era. Space Cadet
  22. I'm probably going to be branded as a heretic for suggesting this, Susano, but if you can get ahold of a copy of Palladium's Mystic China, or if you know someone who does, then check out the entry for the "Triad Assassin Style" martial art. This (fictional) style focuses specifically on the use of firearms. Space Cadet
  23. I thought that the Headhunter character from Villains and Vigilantes was a rather disgusting sort, but this guy is even worse. Space Cadet
  24. YOWZA!! I think that, as far as the RoF of this thing is concerned, there's only one line from Blue Thunder that adequately describes it: "And that, gentlemen, is one hell of a s***storm in anyone's nightmare!" Space Cadet
  25. Agent X, the original title of Battle Of The Planets as it was originally aired over in Japan was Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Space Cadet
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