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  1. Just out of curiousity, Winterhawk, what would you need in order to do a DC-style picture of someone's character? Space Cadet
  2. As far as why you didn't see any Green Lanterns around Earth (or any other world in the pre-Crisis Sector 2814, for that matter), it was because the LSH was up to the job of protect- ing Earth and all of the other worlds in that sector of space, IIRC. Space Cadet
  3. Re: FELION Background needs expanding and fixing up Just for the record, you left out a fifth possibility for the origin of a feline/human hybrid: genetic engineering. Space Cadet
  4. How about a campaign based on literature's first known super- hero -- the Scarlet Pimpernel? Given the current feelings towards the French in certain quarters these days, I'd imagine that there would be more than a few RPers who'd welcome the opportunity to stick it to "those demmed Frenchies" -- at least in a campaign context. Space Cadet
  5. MoonHunter, you were'nt by any chance referring to the old Marvel Team America series, were you? That's the only comic I can think of that had motorcyclists as the main characters (and mutant motorcyclists at that). Space Cadet
  6. For a really interesting "fish-out-of-water" series-based game, you could use the show Outlaws as a guide for such a campaign. The show was about an outlaw gang and a former friend-turned-lawman from the 19th Century American West transported forward in time to the 20th Century by a lightning bolt, and their subsequent efforts to fit in to their new time. Space Cadet
  7. You've got a contact here in the Academy? Hmm... I'll have to look him (or her, or it -- this is, after all, a multi-species establishment) up one of these days. This could also explain why the guys in the CCU (Contraband Confiscation Unit) look so insufferably pleased with them- selves lately... Space Cadet
  8. Re: Outraged, London I know that this board occasionally attracts some, shall we say, interesting people, but this... the only word in the English language that really fits here is: BLEEEAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!! Space Cadet
  9. Speaking of things post-apocalyptic, I recently had occasion to check out the Abacus Dimensions website (the folks who currently sell The Morrow Project and its support material), and according to the news section of their MP page, there is supposed to be a new adventure for the game coming out soon called Fall Back! Here's the Web address: http://www.abacusdimensions.com Space Cadet
  10. Cripes, the next thing you know, somebody out there'll want to play Crime and Punishment HERO, or War and Peace HERO, or...oh, never mind. Space Cadet
  11. Hello? You are still out there, aren't you? BTW, did you ever find a website to post your stuff on for free? Space Cadet
  12. My guess would be that only those beings possessed of tremendous natural, magical or cosmic powers and/or abilities would have the potential to survive to the Terran Empire era. Cateran and Teleios are good choices (Cateran by virtue of her immortality, Teleios as a result of his advanced scientific knowledge). Menton could concievably survive by means of psionic transference (vis-a-vis the Witchmen of the Horseclans novels). Superhumans who are immortal as a result of being endowed with cosmic- level energies could also survive to that future era. In all cases, though, they would either have to live in near-isolation from other people, or go the Highlander route: spend ten or twenty years in one identity, then move on or "die", then start all over in a new location. Space Cadet
  13. Before anyone asks what CMDF stands for, here it is: Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces (from the film Fantastic Voyage, which was set in the not-so-distant future -- back when the movie was originally made -- of 1995). Space Cadet
  14. Like Mr. Greenwade, I too would like to see a 5thEd version of Super Agents, especially with the recent revival of that particular genre in both movies and TV. It'd be particularly interesting to see how well cinematic super-agencies from some of the wilder '60s movies would work in a Hero campaign (just imagine the looks on the PCs' faces when they're suddenly thrust into the middle of a CMDF covert op). Space Cadet
  15. How about a street-level Hero campaign based on any of the numerous cop shows of the '70s and '80s -- you know, shows like Felony Squad, Dragnet, The Mod Squad, The Rookies, S.W.A.T. and T.J. Hooker? Space Cadet
  16. One possible choice for a series-based campaign would be the late '70s series SEARCH, especially for GMs who don't have large groups of players to deal with. From what I can remember of the show, each episode dealt with a single SEARCH operative being given a mission to carry out while recieving virtually-constant intelligence support from SEARCH HQ. The operatives themselves were wired for both sound and video that allowed SEARCH HQ to see and hear whatever the operative did. Space Cadet
  17. Space Cadet


    YESSS!! At last -- at long last -- I have my own copy of the USPD. Now I can give free rein to the diabolical r** b******* side of myself and come up with some really fiendish baddies. Heh-heh-heh... Space Cadet
  18. Of the abilities mentioned in the Miscellaneous Powers section of the USPD webpage -- Linguistic Savant, True Universal Translator, and Universal Translator -- which comes closest to duplicating the ability of the Antonio Banderas character in The 13th Warrior? You know, the scene where he's sitting at the fire with the Vikings and listening to them speak in their language for a few minutes before talking to them in the same language. Space Cadet
  19. Give praise indeed to your poor memory, for it has saved you from shelling out $10 - $15 bucks for one of the worst PA pics in the last 20-odd years (me, I paid $4.95 to see this on Pay- Per-View when it first came out). Space Cadet
  20. Heh-heh-heh... just wait until you get around to trying to figure out how to do the adaptive armor of the White Stars. That's what is gonna be real fun for you when you get around to it. Space Cadet
  21. You wanna talk about post-apocalypse stuff that's guaranteed to kill off a few brain cells? Well, then, here's a movie to add to the Cinematic Post-Apocalypse List that'll do the job quite nicely: Def-Con 4. IIRC, this one was about the crew of a U.S. MIRV-armed space station (obviously, Hollywood script- writers have never heard of the Outer Space Treaty). They survive an unplanned re-entry only to have to deal with the hazards of a post-WWIII Earth -- cannibals, lunatic survivalists and a would-be college yuppie overlord (who was responsible for the aforementioned unplanned re-entry in the first place). Space Cadet
  22. This kind of sounds like a description of the Penaggalan (an Indonesian vampire). Space Cadet
  23. Welcome back, DD -- or do we have to start calling you Planet Lord now? Space Cadet
  24. Another post-apocalypse setting can be found in the C.A.D.S. series of books written by John Seivert. The series deals with the adventures of a top-secret experimental force of U.S. battlesuit troopers after the start of World War III ( sort of like Heinlein's Starship Troopers meets The Day After ). As far as environmental apocalypse goes, you can add the movie Quintet to the list of post-apocalypse movies. This Paul Newman picture deals with a group of people trying to survive in an ice-age environment. Space Cadet
  25. I can't wait to see who tackles the "How would you build the SF Rafflur weapons in Hero System format?" question... Space Cadet
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