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  1. The Lensman series (also by "Doc" Smith) would also be a good source for campaign ideas. Some of the major characters in the series -- good and evil alike -- have powers and talents that would make Yoda take a respectful step back. Space Cadet
  2. Wasn't there supposed to be an adventure sourcebook for C:TNM called Champions Worldwide released sometime in the near future, or was that project dropped? I seem to recall seeing an ad for it in one of last year's game magazines. Space Cadet
  3. 45 frelling dollars?! The bloody thing had better have gold trim on it for that kind of money. Sheesh! Space Cadet
  4. We stand between the darkness and the light, between the candle and the star. Space Cadet
  5. I just got my copy of Champions Universe today, and I couldn't help but notice the part where it mentions the first appear- ance of superhumans taking place in 1938. My question is this: would this part of the Champions Universe history preclude the existence of a superhuman who gained his powers at an earlier point in time -- say, for example, the mid-1870s? Space Cadet
  6. I believe the particular mutant twin-team in question is Fenris (Andrea and Andreas Strucker) from the X-Men series, at least as far as a joint attack power is concerned. Space Cadet
  7. Shadowpup, the particular episode you're looking for is Episode #102, "Meditations on the Abyss". I just found it today on an episode guide website for B5. Hope this helps some. Space Cadet
  8. OK, it looks like some clearing up has become necessary vis-a-vis what White Stars are capable of carrying in terms of smaller craft, and what they have been shown to carry on the show. As far as Flyers go, these are probably the standard small craft carried aboard a White Star for combat and recon purposes. Because they are somewhat larger than a Nial, however, no more than two would be carried. Nials can also be carried aboard White Stars, as was shown in one of the final episodes of the series (I can't remember the title of the episode, but it was around the start of Lennier's mission to discover who was responsible for attacks against IA shipping. Lennier had been assigned to the White Star Maria as part of his cover, and arrived in time to take part in Ranger training exercises, one of which involved being one of four Nial pilots on a fighter gunnery exercise). This would most likely be a once-in-a-while situation, however, as fighter craft are notoriously maintenance-intensive. On the other hand, with the Drakh War in the later background of the series, this might well become a standard loadout for the White Stars in the future, especially since the Achilles' Heel of the class is its vulnerability to massed fighter attacks. Does this clear up things a bit for you? Space Cadet
  9. Oh, yeah, this is most definitely worth several dozen virtual salaams. Nicely done indeed, Mr. Seeman. Space Cadet
  10. As far as ideas for a costume go, something like a strongman's outfit comes to mind -- sleeveless tank-top, leotard-type pants, leather knee-high boots and wristbands. Since the outfit is (apparently) going to include a utility belt, said belt should be designed in such a way as to make its equipment easily accessible to the remaining arm. As far as concealing his ID goes, you could have him wear either a hood or a domino mask (whatever would be easiest for a one-armed man to put on or take off). As far as a name for this guy goes, the only thing I can think of to call him would be Shadow Boxer. Does any of this help at all? Space Cadet
  11. I suggest that you check out some of the stuff being current- ly produced by Reaper Miniatures. They've got several figures of the sort you're looking for, mostly villain types with at least one hero figure. If there are any other places that produce Egyptian-themed minis, I don't know who they are, but a Web search for "Egyptian Miniatures" might turn up something. BTW, the name of The Devourer is Sebek. Space Cadet
  12. Just out of curiousity, Worldmaker, has anyone come up with a point value yet for the "Known Sex Offender" SL that was posted to the boards prior to their trashing? I'm asking you this because I've been trying to come up with a reasonable point cost for this disad ever since I suggested it on the old boards. Space Cadet
  13. Thanks, archer. That's worth several virtual salaams, to say the least. Space Cadet
  14. Arooo, have you by any chance done a writeup ot the Badger variant of the Starfury (a two-man version that had a rearward- facing cockpit for a tail gunner, and was more of a variant for the B5 Wars game than an actual "canon" ship from the show itself)? Space Cadet
  15. I seem to remember having seen an article somewhere on the Web about converting Robot Warriors to 5th Edition format, but I can't seem to find the right website. Has anyone else seen this article and can tell me where to find it? Space Cadet
  16. YEEECCCCHH!!... And I thought the Freshmen's Dorm here at the Academy was a sleazy joint... Space Cadet:eek:
  17. Ah, Supreme, I hate to be a real nit-picker about things, but the Star Trek (TOS) episode you referred to as "And What of Lazarus" is actually called "The Alternative Factor". Space Cadet
  18. Let's not forget the other Cincinnatians on the list here... after all, a town can never have too many heroes, right? Space Cadet
  19. Oh, don't worry... that's just one of the things on my "Get A.S.A.P." list for this month or next month. Space Cadet:D
  20. Thanks for the info on Power Destruction, Uncle Shecky. I used to have that info written down somewhere, but it got lost some- how and I could never remember which book it was in. Space Cadet
  21. I seem to recall an old super-power for Champions called Power Destruction, but I can't remember how it was written up or how much it cost. Is there anyone online right now who could answer these questions for me? Space Cadet
  22. This is one can of worms that should definitely have remained unopened... Space Cadet:D
  23. A couple of years ago, I was prowling around a Morrow Project- oriented website called The SupplyBunker.net, and, in the process of checking out adventure scenarios contributed by various people to this site, came across a term that you just might get some use out of: Enhanced Human. Space Cadet
  24. A word of warning for those of you who may have decided to mail-order stuff from across-the-border hobby shops such as The Sentry Box: if you're sending your order from here in the U.S., make bloody well sure that you've got enough postage on the envelope, because it's going to cost more than 37 cents. I found that out the hard way Tuesday when the envelope I put in the mail last week came back with an "Additional Postage Required" label stamped on it. Apparently, it costs 60 cents to mail a standard-size envelope to Canada from the U.S. (at least, from right here in Ohio; I don't know about the rest of the country). Space Cadet
  25. Well, whatever you decide to call your super-base's AI, just remember the single greatest truth of the Information Age: To err is human, but to really frell things over takes a computer. (Q.U.A.R.K., if you're monitoring this thread, no offense intended, okay?) Space Cadet
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