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  1. If you're looking for an acronym for a super-base computer, you could always try something like CORA (Computer, Oral Response Activated), especially if it's been programmed with a feminine personality. Space Cadet
  2. Is The Avenger the one who gets whacked upside the head after his wife and child disappear from the plane they were all riding on, and winds up becoming an albino overnight? Space Cadet
  3. I don't have all of the necessary pieces to do this just yet, but once I've got everything that I need, I plan on putting together a modern-day Star Hero/Super-Agents campaign (something along the lines of the Near Space Defense campaign setting shown in the Super Agents sourcebook). The PCs would start out as your basic, normal everyday folks -- at least, up until the point where they're suddenly thrust smack-dab into the middle of a secret war between Earth and the alien invaders who want to use our world and its people for their own sinister purposes. Space Cadet
  4. Looking back on my list of GURPS books I use as reference material, I noticed that I'd left out one particular book: GURPS Mecha. Ooops! Space Cadet
  5. Thanks for the tip about The Sentry Box, Liaden. While I have gotten some hard-to-find miniatures through mail order from them in the past, I hadn't really thought about getting stuff like Robot Warriors from them ( ). Since checking out your post, however, I've gotten in touch with them and managed to not only get copies ofRobot Warriors and Robot Gladiators put on reserve for me, but copies of Horror Hero and Western Hero as well. Space Cadet
  6. Re: Hmmmm.... And let's not forget that little battlesuit project of DARPA's... Space Cadet
  7. I too have used the GURPS books for ideas to use with HERO, but I don't use the setting-specific books as much as I do with the '-Tech'-type books (Bio-Tech, High-Tech, Ultra-Tech 1 & 2, Psionics (originally referred to as Psi-Tech)). In fact, the only setting-specific GURPS books that I'm currently focussing on right now are the GURPS: Traveller sourcebooks. I use the following books for reference purposes: Atomic Horror Bestiary Black Ops Blood Types Cops Horror Mars Monsters Ogre Space Special Ops Technomancer Undead Warehouse 23 Y2K Space Cadet
  8. If I'm remembering this correctly, Rayoman was the one who had the Package Deals for the various Star Frontiers races posted on his thread back on the original boards. Space Cadet
  9. That's the anime I was trying to think of, Tranzor Z! Thanks, Mightybec. BTW, the female robot's name was (IIRC) Aphrodite-A. Now that I think about it, though, that business with the Bosom Of Mass Destruction was probably why I quit watching the show... In all fairness, though, the live-action giant robot/monster shows from Japan were just as cheesy in that regard (anybody out there remember Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, or Ultraman[/i) for that matter? Now there was some major Grade-A cheese). Space Cadet
  10. I don't know if this particular giant robot fits into the same background as Raideen or any of the others that have been mentioned thus far, but one of those that was part of the "Shogun Warriors" toy line back in the late '70s was Mazinga (I think it was called Mazinger over in Japan). It had a lot of the same type of style elements in its design as the previously- mentioned robots. IIRC, the anime series that featured Mazinga/Mazinger ran for a while here in Cincinnati on Channel 64 back when its call letters were WIII (prior to the change to WSTR). Space Cadet
  11. I believe that it was also called "Shattered World"... but it's been a while since I last scoped out the FUZION websites, so it's possible i've got the name wrong. Space Cadet
  12. Yet another example of the sort of demented imagination that gave us the "Singing Dogs" Christmas album... Space Cadet
  13. The only thing like this that I've seen that was remotely similar to what's been described here was a campaign setting for the FUZION game system, with the only difference being that it was set on a near-future Earth. Space Cadet
  14. You don't have any problems with accepting a character write-up based on a character (or monster) from a movie or TV show, do you? The reason I'm asking you this is that I finally got my own copy of the 5thEd Hero System Bestiary, and I'm going to take a shot at doing a write-up of "Seth", the main character from a movie called "King Cobra". I'd say that a 30- to 50-foot-long, man-eating gene-spliced African King Cobra/Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake hybrid would definitely qualify as a monster in anyone's book, wouldn't you? Space Cadet
  15. You want to be positively scared out of your wits? Then check out "The Warlock Project" website. This website has size comparison charts for the various ships in B5, and the one they have showing the Drakh Mothership in comparison to the B5 Station, well... Let me put it this way: anybody out there remember the scene in the episode of ST: TOS when the (I)Fesarius(/I) first shows up and pulls up in front of the (I)Enterprise(/I) -- and all you can see past the (I)Enterprise(/I) IS the (I)Fesarius(/I)? You get the picture. Space Cadet
  16. Ahhh... Finally, finally back at last on the boards... Before I go any further though, there are a couple of "Thank Yous" that need to be taken care of. First of all, thanks to Natoman for keeping the Discussion Boards going on his website for the length of time it took for the main boards to be reestablished here. I don't know of many boards like this where a member would provide space on his personal website in order to keep things going. Thanks are also due to Ben Seeman for fixing whatever was keeping me from posting to the boards. I can't think of too many things that are more frustrating than to be able to read the topic threads, but not be able to actively take part in them. Now that that's been taken care of, there are a couple of threads from the old boards that apparently haven't made it to the new boards just yet. The first of these missing threads is Dizzy Dan's "Please Review My Space-Opera Villain". This was one of the more interesting threads on the Star Hero boards, and it'd be great to see it back on the board. The other missing thread is the "Star Frontiers Hero" thread. I can't remember who originally posted that particular thread, but it was the other topic that I was keeping track of when the boards were trashed. What I'd like to do, therefore, is make the following request to the authors of these particular topics: if, by any chance you happen to be reading this thread, you could restart your threads on the new board. Space Cadet
  17. What I'd like to see is an example of a "firestorm" power -- in essence, a combination fire/wind attack that not only does energy damage to its target(s), but knockback damage from the wind as well. Space Cadet
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