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  1. Love Zap she has a very Jolt from the original Thunderbolts team with a side order of Static thing going on it's great
  2. drat did I finish both teams lol well Might as well do the sinister Left-hand version The Puppetmasters five evil puppets/puppet inspired villains
  3. The Puppet Pals Puppets, Muppets, Dummies, marionettes, shadow, finger, sock or glove this team of five is home to any hero inspire, imbued, possessing or possessed by them
  4. Gold spike everyone knows that the transcontinental railroad was completed with a golden spike. what most people don't know is that there where four ties Two gold, one silver and one iron with silver and gold plating. only the whereabouts of three are known the fourth golden spike was stolen from the News-letter newspaper in San Francisco shortly before the 1906 earthquake. the spike is a potent magical artefact containing mystical energy syphoned from decades of transcontinental travel. its current wielder is able to perform some incredible magic by harnessing its power. she can spike people locking them in place teleport anywhere in the continental US with a rail line, slow down time for victims like a never-ending train journey, but mostly she just uses it as a telekinetic bludgeon. she dresses in a steampunk-inspired bodysuit .
  5. Henrietta Hartman is the Heart and soul of the team. before the event, she was always the one to try and drive fundraising to encourage others and had incredible empathy and love for animals and wanted to be a vet. after the event her empathy exploded outwards she could literally feel the emotions of others soon she discovered she could absorb and suppress and store them within her self and even transfer them to others within a fairly larger area. some people think she's the team's weak link, and initially don't take her seriously. Those people have had the concentrated fear of 50 terrified hostages implanted in their brains yet!, because that's as serious as a heart attack(literally). Henrietta is technically the team leader she motivates guides and shapes the teams' overall strategy but as cortex is a Telepathic super genius she tends to leave tactics up to him. shes kind of annoyed by the fact shes basically the team Mom and wants to expand with more females but thinks her powers and personality will leave her stuck in that role regardless. her empathic sense has considerable range, especially for the most powerful emotions. She is often responsible for leading the team to action and adventure; when she is compelled to investigate someones or somethings emotional state (they once defeated a villain before he had even begun his plot because he upset a family of prairie dogs building his base ) she goes by Empathy. (team initials spell ACME or MACE)
  6. ok new team I came up with this one on memorial day. the undying patriots these 5 supernatural patriots defend their respective nations and the world from the evils of the other side. five members each from a different country each a different supernatural being and a flag suit (vampire union jack/spitfire and werewolf captain America being comic book examples)
  7. Shadow runner the youngest member of the team Drew Durden was playing a pretty much straight copy of legendary Drow assassin Drizzt Do'Urden (there's always one) he called shadow runner and wondered why everyone laughed and asked about cyber wear. since the spell he has gained the abilities of a Drow enhanced senses speed and agility and is able to surround him self with a cloud of utter darkness only he can see through. weilding twin scimitars and spells he's the teams stealth specialist.
  8. oops I missed the collective backstory just pretend he got his powers from the spell but made up a more cyberpunk backstory lol
  9. CYBERPUNK 20/20 Mick Lakewright was an IT consultant by day, punk rock singer until a pyrotechnic accident during a show cost him his eyes. following extensive plastic surgery he was finally getting his life back in order on disability and depressed because his loss of vision made it hard to follow either of his passions when an old college buddy offered him a chance to take part in an advanced prosthetic vision program he jumped at the chance. the implantation worked perfectly the prototype neural interface linking his organic vision centers to the synthetic eyes gave him 20/20 vision once more and that would have been an end to it a modern medical marvel giving him his life back if his vision didn't keep getting better. it started small he realized he could see the infrared communication between his TV and the remote soon it wanst just his vision that was affected he could "hear" his router . after several days of thinking he was going mad he spoke to the project doctors and discovered the truth the neural interface was an adaptive Neural network and the programming had worked a little too well instead of merely adapting the feed for normal human vision it had interfaced all of the signals it could receive to his brain including the Diagnostics wi-fi channel. Mick quickly discovered the power of his new senses from thermal vision to his ability to think wifi commands and became the most sought-after IT troubleshooter in the city. which is how he ended up kidnapped to fix a computer problem with a super-villains doomsday weapon. using his abilities to escape and thwart the villain's plot brought him to the attention of a local superhero team now Mick is the go-to It consultant for the superhero world. so by day, Mick fixes superheroic IT problems by Night is the mirror-shades wearing badass battling rogue AI and techno-ninjas with his Cybernetic eyes and the custom smart pistol fired with his mind. at the weekends schedule permitting he plays gigs with his band.
  10. the outskirts of Mecca would actually be an ideal location for mass teleportation of disaster victims as the Saudi government already has huge warehouses containing water food and clothing for the pilgrims.
  11. death tribble technically your the fourth as I wrote up iron halo straight after creating the team then got distracted and forgot to post lol so its all yours
  12. Iron halo aka the Saint of Nails. Svetlana Kovalenko was born in war daughter of a Russian deserter and a Pashtu mother in Afghanistan. her life was actually fairly idyllic before war came again to her home the Taliban pushed out of their strong holds and came to her remote mountain village when she was just 12. her father tried to fight them but he was too old and out of practice and the Taliban fighters to numerous. Svetlanas father was captured and as the village was forced to watch as he was to be executed. Svetlana watched in horror as the Taliban pointed their guns at her father. stricken with fear as they where about to fire she screamed and the fighters guns exploded turning into so much flying shrapnel. the survivors fled and Svetlana and her father where forced to do the same. over the next few years her father would teach her everything he knew of combat while she learnt to master her new talent of ferrokinesis able to manipulate iron and steel. svetlana began to hunt Taliban guilty of atrocities protecting the small Christian and over communities of Afghanistan early on she was in a fire fight with Taliban on a building site when she started to run out of the knives she had been using and switched to 9 inch nails this would become her signature weapon a disc of 20 or so rotating above her head ready to fly at any moment. her long black coat in also lined with more of them which allow her lift her self and fly. Svetlana tries to avoid killing pinning her enemies to walls for preference but has no problem with lethal force when required.
  13. ok new team HALO FOUR female heroes with Halo's that simple disc shape above head (no restrictions could be high tech, mystical, physical or energy even attached to a hair band by a spring)
  14. TRIBE While the rest of team represent the hard sciences Trish Trilby represents the social sciences. growing up with her UN aid worker parents traveling the world she discovered a gift for languages and a love of discovery of different cultures. eventually she would become an anthropologist/linguist specializing in remote cultures. during her PHd study in the deep Amazon she discovered a previously un-contacted tribe when she saved the village wise woman's granddaughter from illegal Loggers she was welcomed to the tribe she spent 2 years with the tribe before the wise woman revealed the tribes greatest secret a berry from a tree that allowed them to enter an enhanced mental state and learn languages, skills and martial techniques in hours. for the next few years Trish traveled the world diving into the cultures of tribes from Africa to Australia and Mongolia to Mogadishu. her ability to quickly adopt the mannerisms and accent of a local learn their skills and seem like she had lived their all her life learning things no outsider ordinarily could made her a world renowned expert on aboriginal cultures. when a conference she was attending was assaulted by ARGENT agents looking to steal an Aztec ceremonial costume containing meteoric fragments of a previously unknown metal. Trish escaped the initial round up and Prowled the halls of the convention center quickly subduing Agents using stealth skills from urban explorers, Argentinian Goucho throwing skills, Maori martial arts . when the authorities arrived to deal with the situation they found it resolved. and Trish was invited to join QUEST. she now has three Doctorates linguistics, Anthropology and KIcking BUTT
  15. Captain Terra Capt. Terry Hauptmann USMC volunteered for an experimental super-soldier program. the process implanted an advanced ultra compact super computer linked to hardwired reflex enhancements and cybernetic sensory upgrades. the process was extremely successful he became with his super human reflexes and the implanted computers ability to process data giving him both a tactical and strategic ability. While captain Hauptmann was always a patriot the implanted computer opened his mind his ability to handle information was incredible and as he learned more and was able to see the interconnections of the vast quantity of data he could access and realized that he couldn't just be an agent for one country but had to work for the whole world to avoid the Disaster he could see coming he went AWOL and became Captain Terra performing missions globally before he found The last Chance
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