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  1. May It Be by Enya. It is one of my favorite songs from the Lord of the Ring Trilogy.
  2. I am listen to a great song from the 80 sby Breathe. I am also listen to Run by George Strait
  3. I am watching DS9 on BBC America and since it was a commercial break I choice to listen to Faith Of The Heart which is the theme to Star Trek: Enterprise.
  4. Mike And The Mechanics - Silent Running (Extended Mix) This is one of my most favorite song from the 80s.
  5. Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running ( with LYRICS )
  6. I got to thinking that if I could not be an water elemental I would want to be an Ancarotaur. Ancarotaur are a creation of mine. Physical Description: An Ancarotaur resembles a gigantic, extremely horrific-looking starfish. Its smooth rubbery skin is oily and dark as the darkest night in color. Instead of the starfish arms, it has twelve symmetrically spaced incredibly flexible appendages. Two of its appendages are tentacles, measuring forty feet in length. Both of these tentacles have small but strong white sucker-like discs that are aligned in four rows. Each of its suckers is ringed with sharp teeth. These two tentacles are the most flexible of all its appendages. Four of the appendages split at the end, into three radial “fingers.” Another four of the appendages are nightmarish looking tentacles. A single vicious-looking barbed claw is found at the end of these tentacles. Another two of its appendages are tentacles. At the end of these two tentacles is a vicious looking mouth. Each mouth is lined with a double row of eight inches long razor-sharp pointed teeth. In its central disk, it has three round glaring red eyes that measure two feet in diameter set in an upside-down triangle pattern. Above each of those eyes is a thick brow ridge. On both sides of those eyes is a glaring red eye that measures six feet in diameter. All the eyes have a large rectangular shaped pupil. Below all of its eyes is a large powerful round mouth lined with sharp, serrated, triangular teeth. Instead of a normal tongue, its mouth has five black tentacle-like tongues that when fully extended, are about a third the length of their body.
  7. If you could be any fictional, mythological, or supernatural being what would you want to be? My favorite of the four elements is water so I would want to be a water elemental. As a water elemental I would want to look like the water elemental in the picture below.
  8. In the 2017 Power Rangers Movie Elizabeth Banks played as the character Rita Repulsa.
  9. That made me think of the ABC movie The Day After which came out in the 1980s.
  10. How about info on the Incan gods & goddess if possible. I would also like to see a template(s) for making demigods.
  11. What do you mean? I like the episodes before David Duchovny left the X-Files.
  12. Just wish BBC America would show all the epoxides of the X-Files.
  13. The X-Files and Secret History of the Sphinx.
  14. Explorer, World"s Deadliest Snakes, America Before Columbus, Tut's Treasures: Hidden Secrets, and Space's Deepest Secrets.
  15. Yes, I have and I watch it every weekday.
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