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  1. Re: What if you could have just one or two powers?
  2. I posted this over at RPG.net and just realized that here was realy the best place to post this, so, for those who are also on RPG.net, sorry for the double post: I'm currently brainstorming for a Sci-fi setting I would like to build which would permit powers(somehow) and I thought, why not ask the people here what would be their favorite powers over all of the others; Mind control, invisibility, flight, Fire blasts, Teleport..? Whatever... One (or possibly two) powers, not a powerpool, not an Elemental control and not a Multipower... just one or two powers (think Heroes TV show). Th
  3. I'm the gamemaster related to the previous question about NND weapon and blocks. I have two very specific question. The character in question has a jedi lightsaber that has been constructed as a HKA NND does body, defence is forcefields and is, obviously, composed of light. Can it be used to block a hand to hand attack? (Or should a disadventage be added to prevent blocking with the weapon, like cannot be used to block(possibly -1/4)) Otherwise, can it be blocked by an opponent? -->Or should an adventage be added to prevent this(like, cannot be blocked by physical me
  4. Re: Vampire the masquerade Hehe, Now I have too much to read LOL I will have to make choices I guess. I see that the blood pool seems to be delt with in differrent manners in the different rules presented here. The previous rules had an END reserve no REC and a transfer from BODY to END with an extra max of 40. In other words, if the END reserve is too high, the kindred can only raise it to a certain level once per day ( up to maximum possible ) The latest rules (the pdf version) has an END reserve with a REC (the REC has a limitation, only when drinking bloo
  5. Re: Vampire the masquerade Wow, exactly what I needed. Thanks all
  6. I searched the forum and did's found anything on this subject. Anyone knows of a single source of Hero system : Vampire the masquerade on the net? Thanks
  7. Re: Ideas for a Hero Games Legendary Product Possibly an original setting with *lots* of books to support it(we know that this is impossible due to sales, but it helped me commit myslef to a setting in the past). Example of original material: -------------------------- -Ghelspad -Dragonstar -The world of darkness (white wolf) -Living steel (very old stuff, very original) -Matrix (it was original when it came out) Anything original, contrary to Turakian age or Terran empire that are both good but mainstream standard settings.
  8. Re: PREDATORS -- What Do *You* Want To See? An evil corporation, their goons and special operatives. References : -Bubblegum crisis' Genom -Robocop's OCP
  9. Re: How would you build this...? Transform mutant into a non powered equivalent. As long as the collar is present, the transform stays in place. And for the entangle, I think you were wrong, it is the best power to use to produce this effect. For the Dampening effect Mutant negator: Major Transform 2d6 (Mutant into normal equivalent, Removing the colar completelly negates the effect), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2), Continuous (+1), No Normal Defense (Force fields, Physical armors; +1) (120 Active Points); Independent (-2), OIF (-1/2), Linked (Entangle; -1/2)
  10. Re: Hypothetical Axis Amerika 2005 I agree that the world would be very different, especially in Europe. As for amerika, I am sure that the Japanese would not have the power to maintain an occupation on half of the US, they could remain master of the Pacific with a completelly destroyed US fleet and naval bases. They could have signed a peace treaty with the US which would have imposed on the US from building a Pacific military fleet. As for the Germans, they would most assuredly made sure that the Amerikans would indeed be governed by a Puppet government. With time they could m
  11. Re: Chaos fiend campaign setting Thanks for the kind words RDU Neil. When we started this campaign, we started with DnD rules(hence the monster like merge at the start of the campaign) for 3 sessions I think, than switched to Hero 4. So we made our characters based on 250 pts, and then 3 or 4 games later, switched to Fred, but kept our point total. Sinister? Yes, and what is coming in the next part of the campaign is even more so. I wish to introduce the player to some kind of cold war like situation pitting ENN and their lackeys (US government among others), DEMON (allied with
  12. Re: Chaos fiends campaign setting Started a 250 and the characters are now at 363.
  13. Re: Breaking through a force wall of 50PD/ED Hardened I started a new thread in the Champion section with my campaign history if some are interested : Chaos fiend's campaing setting
  14. Re: Chaos fiends campaign setting Here is the history I have writen up to now and is almost all based on my character's events since 2 or 3 years... HISTORY: ------------------------------------------------------------- 14000 BC, Atlantis sunk and a female, named Areea, is inserted in an anti magic device that blocks all magic from being used on Earth without a soul gem. The reason for this is that Atlantis was destroyed by magic from beings of the Qliphotic dimension. The Atlanteans wanted to leave this last heritage to the rest of humanity and make sure that Magic would never i
  15. I started a Thread in the Hero System discussion section and it almost changed to a campaing setting discussion. Which is fun, but I thought i'd start adding my campaing material here. It will also make it's appeareances on my personal web site soon. I don't know at what speed I will update this section but I will do so at my pace. [i will update this post when I am completely done with the history but I will tell you, in subsequent posts, when I make updates here.] Your feedback will be appreciated be it good or bad. If the history seem cloudy on some aspect, do not hesitate to
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