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  1. Felony murder. It’s a law that states that a person is guilty of murder if a death occurred during the course of the commission of a felony by that person, regardless of the foreseeability of that death, intent to cause harm, or the cause of that death. In short, if a person’s coconspirator tazes themselves in the nuts and has a fatal heart attack while that first person is part of that active conspiracy, that person is guilty of felony murder. If a little old lady falls down the stairs and breaks her neck running away from the burglar she saw leaving her neighbor’s apartment, that burglar is
  2. Dr. Arliss Loveless from Wild Wild West, which I guess is pulp? Steampunk? Compellingly bad? edit: love me “Some More News,” along with the Worst Year Ever podcast. (The podcast was quite presciently named last fall, in honor of the upcoming interminable political season. The year immediately outstripped the plan, but sure did fit the title.)
  3. I meant the rest of his numerous federal crimes.
  4. If he’s impeached, pence can pardon him. So I’m torn - I’m pretty sure we (all of us on earth) a a bit less safe with him in office, but I long to see him prosecuted. He will doubtless attempt to pardon himself, and it’s definitely about time the pardon power was limited in some way (by judicial fiat) but Pence’s power to pardon him seems plenary to me unless pence is a codefendant. If we don’t prosecute him, government corruption becomes even more open and free of consequences. We clearly need to rein it in a great deal.
  5. Nah, just the person who says “Actually he’s just called The Doctor...”. That person is number 6 on my punching list.
  6. Tony Stark, maybe just him five times. Theo from The Haunting of Hill House, either the book or the first magnificent film (holy cow is that a deep watch!) trying to come up with five new ones... Iago the parrot. Or maybe just Gilbert Gottfried Doctor Who. Correct me and you can be number six Tyler Durden. I know there is a flaw in my cunning plan, but when a character yields such a truly unpleasantly toxic, lame fan-base he must be punched hard in the face.
  7. Good news! As far as the doctors setting the global standard for treating my cancer can tell, I currently don’t have cancer. Happy New Year Everyone! Turned out to be good enough odds. Thank all the gods, even the Old Ones. On a critical fail this cancer pulls out the old Iron Crown tables.
  8. I felt fine before my initial diagnosis, so my usual reserves of aplomb and overconfidence have been sorely diminished. the PET scan was easy - I’m cool with tight spaces and the hard part is not falling asleep and trying to roll over. I’ll hear about the results in a day or two. My neck can’t take any more radiation. If they didn’t kill all the cancer, what seemed incredibly hard when I was going through it before will have been the easy part. My fantastic odds will have become much, much worse. I’ll find out in a day or two. The odds are currently very much in my
  9. Tomorrow is my PET scan, to find out if I’m fine or so very terribly horribly not. To say I am anxious about the latter possibility is an extreme understatement. To help, my subconscious has been serenading me with Freddy Mercury singing “Who Wants to Live Forever?” for the past three days. Me. That’s who. Me. I do.
  10. Yahoo News freaked me out a bit this morning, re-publishing Aretha Franklin’s obituary. it freaked me out a bit because I clearly remember that Clint Eastwood died shortly after finishing The Mule. I recall the news reports, the obits, a brief blurb on NPR about the funeral. I don’t know what to think about it, aside from the fact that I was clearly mistaken as far as what we call objective reality is concerned. do any of you remember a woman briefly playing for the Toronto Bluejays back in the ‘80s? For like half a season? Newsweek wrote an article about her? She chewed t
  11. Love me some Beau. In my fantasy land I want to share way too much bourbon with him and Robert Evans, and just listen to the war stories while we talk about how to fix the whole world.
  12. Hey all! treatment for throat cancer is allegedly more physically challenging than most. It certainly did suck at the end, and the healing process has continued to be somewhere between painful and merely aggravating since. By the end of October I had received all the radiation my neck can take, I think ever. We will take a look via PET scan on December 28 to see if they got it or not. Dear lord I hope so. I feel more or less fine, but far from perfect. The waiting is the hardest part right now: without the PET scan I’m Schroedinger’s cat, both fine and doomed simultaneous
  13. I’m an American, and this is news to me too. I think the massive weight of historical legalized and codified white supremacy will continue to have an impact on our culture and individual outcomes for a long time. There is a lot of litter, we have to work together to clean it up. No blame, no guilt, just a mess that needs cleaning. We need to keep the conversation focused and refocused on that. I would also humbly submit that one reason we continue to talk on and on about white privilege is so we don’t talk about class privilege, which is to my (admittedly white) mind a gr
  14. I misunderstood the original rules. I thought that only one of our team of five could be an alien, and not that we would also have for our team an additional member who was an alien. The Blob most certainly is an alien, (came down with a meteor). I can happily replace it if anyone thinks that would be more fair, or use it as my alien pick.
  15. Hmm.... I have a plan coming together online my head, and it might not work, but I’m going for it. For my big guy I will pick my one Alien. In a small freezer in the submarine base’s mess hall is a tupperware marked “Agent J’s Jello Shots. If you touch it you die.” Only the second half is true. The Jell-O shots are actually a small, frozen fraction of The Blob.
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