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  1. I’m an American, and this is news to me too. I think the massive weight of historical legalized and codified white supremacy will continue to have an impact on our culture and individual outcomes for a long time. There is a lot of litter, we have to work together to clean it up. No blame, no guilt, just a mess that needs cleaning. We need to keep the conversation focused and refocused on that. I would also humbly submit that one reason we continue to talk on and on about white privilege is so we don’t talk about class privilege, which is to my (admittedly white) mind a gr
  2. I misunderstood the original rules. I thought that only one of our team of five could be an alien, and not that we would also have for our team an additional member who was an alien. The Blob most certainly is an alien, (came down with a meteor). I can happily replace it if anyone thinks that would be more fair, or use it as my alien pick.
  3. Hmm.... I have a plan coming together online my head, and it might not work, but I’m going for it. For my big guy I will pick my one Alien. In a small freezer in the submarine base’s mess hall is a tupperware marked “Agent J’s Jello Shots. If you touch it you die.” Only the second half is true. The Jell-O shots are actually a small, frozen fraction of The Blob.
  4. I’m picking my shapeshifter as well today - the Judas Breed from Mimic. The Judas Breed is a genetically modified bug, that evolves through rapid parthenogenesis to resemble its intended prey.
  5. Organization: M.I.B., the Men In Black. You got alien problems? We make ICE look like a bunch of jerks. Which, in fairness, they really are. Location: Mobile undersea base. (I can only find an unsourced mention of the base on Wikipedia. I’m told I’ve been there myself, but I have no memory of the place.)
  6. Yep! I really like the Apothic blends, and that’s the most I need to spend! My (very rich, usually very frugal) friend poured me a glass of a ‘68 Margaux, in spite of my protests that it was a terrible waste of great wine on an ignorant tongue, and it definitely tasted like wine.
  7. Brainwashing disenfranchised minorities and forcing them to kill each other on the grounds that they are inherently morally bankrupt and a danger to civilized society isn’t holding up well?
  8. What an exciting bad idea this is! This little number presents a few entertaining ergonomic opportunities. The external flange (aka the base) is really very small, without rounded edges. This makes for a very likely, rather unpleasant fishing expedition when the poor bottom finds that their own poor bottom has scuttled that cheap little submarine of pain to Davy Jones locker in one of many involuntary convulsions. Alternatively, consider the opposite scenario. The smooth little insertable has a very good chance of being launched across the room quite amusingly, at least in retrospec
  9. Yes! They strap me to a slab ( down in the lab) and point a linear accelerator at my neck. To hold me down juuuuust right they made a nifty mask of my face that bolts to the slab. It has a mouth guard in it to keep my jaw extended away from the danger zone as much as possible. The doc has programmed the accelerator to aim at exactly the right spots on my neck. (You can see three cross hairs on my neck in the photo - the computer uses those to line up the linear accelerator’s aim.). The inflammation of the non- cancerous tissues is used to squeeze the tumor into the line of fire. The whole thin
  10. Dude made more than 5 movies with stage 3 & 4 cancer. I’m down here at stage one like “I made part of a fence?” I know this isn’t a race or anything, but I’m deeply impressed. The day after chemotherapy day I’m impressed with myself if I stay awake through a whole tv show. The man had deep, deep wells of determination to draw from.
  11. The felony warrant against the innocent man shot in the back by the police has been vacated.
  12. Pain management for this type of cancer is essential - the longer I can keep eating, chewing, and speaking, the greater my odds on making a full physical recovery, in addition to staying cancer free. I’m getting treated at Johns Hopkins (finally a benefit to living in Baltimore!) And their modality for throat cancer is becoming the global standard. Not swallowing for two weeks in your forties massively increases your chances of having serious swallowing difficulties in your sixties. I’m not certain under which rubric they are justifying the prescription, but the upshot is this - better pain ma
  13. Well that’s silly. You cannot seal a door with quick-crete, especially one that size. The newly set mix is nowhere near strong enough, especially at that thickness. I do t know that it could ever be strong enough, really, but after a week that stuff gets awfully hard, and after a decade it’s damn hard to break. But wafer thin? I doubt it would hold if you have it a hundred years to harden. The fire, lit elsewhere near the precinct building, didn’t actually succeed in setting the concrete building on fire. if this actually was an attempt to seal the officers in the building,
  14. At the time of his attempted murder, I think he was being arrested for trying to leave. I believe his warrant status was unknown. I believe these were all warrants for his arrest, and not previous convictions for which he had evaded the state’s punitive measures. This status, wanted but not convicted, is what we lawyers call “innocent.” An innocent man was shot in the back, and the person who shot him in the back allegedly found a knife near the location where the peace officer shot the innocent man in the back seven times at point blank range. I would be interested in hearing the
  15. I’m taking 3 300s, 3x a day - 2700! Long term use would wreck me at these levels. The way gabapentin interferes with short term memory formation is really cool (neurologically) and a pain in the ass conversationally. Keeping track of a four sentence idea is getting hard now. I’ve already been living with ADD that has made those “where did I put that?!” habits very important to have and very costly to deviate from. Even without gabapentin I’ve lost my wallet in my house note times th an I’d care to count, or to share quite honestly. The hard parts for me are my willfully disobedient
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