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  1. Re: Musings on Random Musings I thought Toon was a pen and paper RPG?
  2. Re: Better Block That's a one maneuver CSL, for 2 points. I like the idea a great deal. The trouble with missile reflection for hand to hand is that the idea of hitting someone with their own fist, sledgehammer, sword, what have you is extremely silly, especially if you aren't going to disarm them first. As a M-A maneuver it would take a grab, a disarm, and a counter-attack. Multiple triggers? Yikes what a mess. It has a literary basis - people get stabbed with their own knives and swords all the time in movies and books. Their own fists? Not so much. You're turning a roll of five into an eighteen.
  3. Re: The cranky thread A rate cut? A goddam RATE CUT!? You morons. Now that everybody on Earth knows bundled debt is an investment for suckers, you do the only thing guaranteed to make T-bills a lame duck, too. Stupid, stupid, stupid, venal, cupiditous, jackasses! A pox on both your houses!
  4. Re: A Thread for Random Musings [urkel]Did I do that?[\urkel]
  5. Re: A Thread for Random Musings In binomial, my rep is only 30.
  6. Re: This Human doesn't smell threatening Model it as a perk and a disadvantage, then. Perk - loved by animals. Disadvantage - Loved by animals...
  7. Re: This Human doesn't smell threatening How about a COM bonus, with the limitation of Only for animals (-2)? 1 point gets you a +6 COM with the critters. It can be more than just a dump stat.
  8. Re: Better Block How about a martial block damage shield? It would cost, mind you. As for super blockers, reasoning from effect: a desolid can work, a damage shield can work, armor can work, some extra PD can work... Whatever. A block that works just like a block, though, my first suggestion is the best I have.
  9. Re: two (sigh) PRE questions I might suggest an alternative house rule, or an alternative method for handling the issue. 1. House rule: A second, subsequent presence attack is only worth half the dice that it otherwise would be. A third is halved again, etc. After one massive bowell loosening presence attack, a second one loses a little something. If they are spending all those points of PRE, they've earned the right to use them, but if you don't want your game to turn into a bunch of roaring mice you have a right as a GM to set some rational limit on the tactic. 2. Escalation. A few high PRE villains can be a fine lesson in humility for recalcitrant PRE abusers. The combat, however, rather than looking like heroes duking it out across the city skyline, will look like an episode of Crossfire. High PRE combat should be limited because while it can be effective, it is also silly looking in the long run.
  10. Re: How would you build an arm with an A.I. You could make it a focus for a multipower, depending on what you'd like it to do. Indirect attacks, clairsentience (assuming a sensor suite), maybe telekinesis. Looks like I agree with Acme.
  11. Re: Musings on Random Musings If I'd known I was group hugged up against an Irish setter I wouldn't have been dry humping.
  12. Re: Not literally, of course... Hell, break 'em both!
  13. Re: Musings on Random Musings If they weren't already interested in hiring you, they wouldn't give you an interview - go confidently, for you are already liked, and have already favorably impressed them.
  14. Re: Musings on Random Musings I was only kidding. Whips are so impersonal...
  15. Re: Power advantages to Martial Arts There is another way. Buy a NND H-HA, and a weapon proficiency for the martial art form with that H-HA for another point. I think that should get you up as high as twice the DCs of the H-HA, provided the Maneuver & STR can bump it that high. It ain't perfect, but I think it's legal. As an example, any of the chain weapons have the Indirect advantage. Any Okinawan Karateka skilled with the Nunchuka gets to use that indirect advatage with all of the appropriate martial maneuvers. Yes?
  16. Re: What costing for noncombat movement without penalty? You sure? Couldn't you just buy some 5 point CSLs with the limitation (Only at non-combat velocity)? Not saying it would be cheap, but it would get you over zero, yes? EDIT: This sounds like it should be a standard speedster trick.
  17. Re: Musings on Random Musings A marriage is an organism in an inherently hostile environment. It must adapt constantly to respond to new threats and new sustenences or die.
  18. Re: Musings on Random Musings *shudder* Yes, yes you should. Cleaning This Gun is a country song you might enjoy.
  19. Re: A Game Of Questions Would it then be sprinkling outside?
  20. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Google ads can be confusing. not ready nothing to say at this stage to anyone http://www.nowebsite.com
  21. Re: Musings on Random Musings Even better! They have cuter clothes. Additionally, the best (only?) way for us to increase the gender diversity in these games is to make our own.
  22. Re: Musings on Random Musings [Dr. Evil]We shall call him, "Mini-moo."[/Dr.]
  23. Re: Musings on Random Musings I recommend spawning, as I am happy every day that I have children. I am not happy every minute that I have children, but the aggregate result is happiness. That said, there is no right time to have them. They are an unmitigated financial catastrophe. They make the notion of free time seem like a fond memory of a distant past. You will find yourself taking advantage of absurdly small increments of time for nookie. That said, you will feel loved like you never have before, even when they say they hate you. They are worth every minute, to me. Good uck.
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