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  1. Wow. So maybe not a horrible horrible person, but just a man much too old for his job. He must be devastated. I've screwed up a time or two, but this is a whole different level.
  2. German summers are awesome! What? Birds? Oh. All right then.
  3. How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb? One. They are efficient and they aren't funny.
  4. I'm sure most cops want to get a little ass in the back of the squad car.
  5. IIRC you've talked about periods of her not getting out of bed, apparently out of control spending, and now some real rage events. I hate keyboard analysis as much as anyone, but I must ask - is she bipolar? Like old fashioned occasional psychotic break bipolar? Aside from that: man that sounds really hard. I'm sorry you are having that experience, and I wish I could help.
  6. Yep. Another day, another dozen. It's normal now in America. Isn't that strange? We can get used to anything.
  7. I would like very much to buy that trooper a drink or two. I can't imagine keeping such a secret, and not giving it away with a grave countenance or open weeping, for an entire night. What a back-breaking burden to carry, even for one night. Outside: "Happy Halloween!" Inside: "Oh God the trick we have for you poor kids."
  8. 1. I'm cheap. Tighter than the bark on a tree. 2. I have a modicum or artistic talent, but I'm not freighted with fig-painting time. 3. I need a basic variety of the typical archetypes - warriors, rogues, wizards, etc. 4. I wouldn't mind a grab bag of villainy, while I'm at it. Anyone know a good source?
  9. Baltimore. 5 shot, 1 killed. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/blog/bs-md-ci-reisterstown-road-shooting-20151002-story.html
  10. We are ready for the return of this yell: https://youtu.be/m0U6h5mvr9E
  11. Tangerine Dream and Synergy! Sherman, to the wayback machine!
  12. You can't have a memorial to the Kamikaze and then complain about any damn statue we put up anywhere.
  13. I've had a rough couple of months. My tenants wrecked my rental property - excrement on the floors, walls and ceilings, windows broken, plumbing broken, AC units gone. It's been a lot of work to rehab, and really saddening. My daughter (you may remember our excitement at the date of adoption) has moved in with my wife's cousins. Attachment disorder is ... appalling. She didn't set the cat on fire or anything, but she was desperately unhappy with us (which I get, I really do, it was a flarging madhouse when she came home to us, and she had a long row to hoe in the best of circumstances). I am frankly heartbroken. I know we have done the best for her that we can, even in letting her go. They are good people, with bunch of bio-kids and an abiding faith in a benevolent (if somewhat dominionist) God that Lucy always wanted and we cannot provide. I miss her, but she can't miss me, because attachment disorder is appalling. She's a good kid, strange and sad and deeply deeply broken ("When will Papa touch my vagina?" "Never, honey, we're aiming for never." "Why not?"), but mostly good. The best I can hope for her is that she will grow up and be happy and be part of a family that cares for her. I hope that she can live a full and happy life, and I am so sad that it won't be with us.
  14. Our governments aren't so different after all!
  15. Cops block paramedics, later claim prisoner hanged himself, prisoner wakes up from coma and denies hanging himself. Oops. http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/st-louis-man-jailed-for-minor-traffic-violations-left-comatose-after-officers-blocked-paramedics/
  16. All they need is much bigger guns. We'll supply them with huge guns and they'll surely only use them on each other, and whoever wins will be our allies happily ever after. Right?
  17. So it wasn't full of cheating husbands, it was full of lonely husbands with no one to cheat with. How awfully depressing and darkly amusing at the same time.
  18. I stand embarrassingly corrected.
  19. I hate to keep harping on this point, but about half of these cheaters are necessarily women. Seriously, this is the problem with sexism right here. The women are elevated to such virtue and simultaneous lack of agency that they aren't even included as rational actors. Meanwhile, men are reduced to an animal state where they are responsible for all the "sins of the flesh." It's a damaging social mythology to all relationships, even the illicit affairs.
  20. Isn't the witness in this case a cop from another jurisdiction?
  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irresistible_impulse Welcome to your next wiki-hole! The legal definition of insanity is almost nothing like the conventional or APA definition. It has a storied history of society wanting to kill people who have commit utterly irredeemable acts of violence. The trouble is, sane people don't do those things, almost by definition.
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