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  1. I hate to keep harping on this point, but about half of these cheaters are necessarily women. Seriously, this is the problem with sexism right here. The women are elevated to such virtue and simultaneous lack of agency that they aren't even included as rational actors. Meanwhile, men are reduced to an animal state where they are responsible for all the "sins of the flesh." It's a damaging social mythology to all relationships, even the illicit affairs.
  2. Isn't the witness in this case a cop from another jurisdiction?
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irresistible_impulse Welcome to your next wiki-hole! The legal definition of insanity is almost nothing like the conventional or APA definition. It has a storied history of society wanting to kill people who have commit utterly irredeemable acts of violence. The trouble is, sane people don't do those things, almost by definition.
  4. Buckets of Rain https://youtu.be/D6v5HrfeeV8
  5. Blind Melon: No Rain https://youtu.be/3qVPNONdF58 Beta Band: Dry the Rain (If you don't know these guys, check this delightful bit of mellowness out.) https://youtu.be/ek_X_e8Byng
  6. I wonder what happened to the employees of Syndrome on his volcanic island after his untimely demise. Hundreds of people, judging by the size and scope of the operation. Would they just go home? Home where? Would they take over? There's a lot of valuable intellectual property on the island and no official corporate filings. They could be a union run island in no time.
  7. The flies they eat feast on my poo.
  8. We have about a hundred posts a month discussing American cops brutalizing and killing civilians, with no end in sight. What the hell, man? In only two incidents have any cops been arrested. Seriously, what the hell?
  9. I like sriracha, but not on my cereal. I like lightsabers, but not on House of Cards. (actually, that would be awesome. Nevermind.) I like beer, but not in my ice-cream.
  10. Look! Data! http://abcnews.go.com/Health/women-cheating-men-study/story?id=13885519
  11. You know about half of the the infidelitous louts were women, right? IIRC, women have slightly more dalliances than men, but they tend to be of shorter duration.
  12. http://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/07/online-cheating-site-ashleymadison-hacked/ This morning, 37 million sphincters tightened all at once.
  13. Things not to say to your already-ticked-off-at-you mother, adolescent lawyer edition: "That contract was never signed!"
  14. Nifty! I started reading the series recently. Good present day (1980s when he started out, but who's counting?) LA Noir. I'll check it out! Thanks!
  15. I rewatched Kung-Fu Hustle last night. That movie really is fantastic.
  16. At least we've gotten away from the rood. From wikipedia: Rood is an English unit of area, equal to one quarter of an acre or 10,890 square feet (1,012 m2) or 0.10 hectares). A rectangular area with edges of one furlong (i.e. 10 chains, or 40 rods) and one rod respectively is one rood, as is an area consisting of 40 perches (square rods). The rood was an important measure in surveying on account of its easy conversion to acres. When referring to areas, rod is often found in old documents and has exactly the same meaning as rood.[1]
  17. File this under "news you needed 10 minutes ago."
  18. That explains a lot of the awkward looks I got in Athens. That and my Latin was terrible! I think my time travel pre-flight research might need work...
  19. Her parents keep trying. I'm betting before her brother's trial.
  20. As a white guy, I find her decisions baffling. My black friends are nearly unified in their disdain, contempt, and anger. I think that putting on blackness involves putting on all that has come before it, and white people simply cannot do that, however much they'd like to (for whatever absurd reason). She seems genuine in her convictions, but I am reminded of those who pretend to military service or Native American ancestry. Not yours! The people who have it, earned it some fashion, or by virtue of having it have experiences you cannot have had, and as such you literally cannot be identified as one of them.
  21. lousy day of inexplicably crap moods and moodiness. Dark ruminations, paranoid/hostile social fantasies, the works. On the other hand, I've been fairly productive, which was nice.
  22. Picked up 4 issues of DP7 for $1.50! Wheee! If you aren't familiar with the title, a simple google image search will be educational, but about very different topic.
  23. Chad's grandfather was a tanuki. No pants can hold him.
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