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  1. Re: The "Nice Happy" Thread Today in the car I put on Fragile, by Yes, which I picked up off iTunes last night. Ben, my 12 year-old: "Wow! What is this? Why haven't I heard this before? You should play this more often!" This is a part of Fatherhood I've been waiting for. The Sharing Of The Good Music.
  2. Re: Creepy Pics. Exactly what I was wondering. People used to skin cats (more than one way, apparently) so maybe that one is more literal than figurative as well.
  3. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities Here I must agree only in part. These questions are ultimately important, but not particularly relevant at the time. As a DV prosecutor, I had almost no serial abusers, but I had several serial victims. I do not question that they were really and truly being abused in each case, so that leaves the question - what gave the dear lady such a punchable face? No, that's not the question - why did she keep finding partners interested in punching her? We had a predatory theory of abusers, which made prosecuting them feel good but had very little to do with reality 98% of the time - life is thankfully not a John D, MacDonald novel. Asking her what's wrong with her while she's in the relationship is not helpful - but damn someone should ask after she's out of there, shouldn't they? That's not "concern trolling" that's just concern - the third time your friend gets hit by a car, you'll surely ask about their relationship with streets, right? I don't know the right answer.
  4. Re: Creepy Pics. Someone spent a lot of time on that image. A lot of time. Weirdo.
  5. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities Ditto on all counts, and got that rep for you.
  6. Re: The cranky thread Don't do it instead of having your own business - just a side income. It kills your soul, ambition, self-esteem, and self-confidence 90% faster than most legal work.
  7. Re: The cranky thread I know I'm a jerk for saying out loud. I'm glad the annual grief-a-bration is over.
  8. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities Dawkins is a raging jack-hole? I'm shocked!
  9. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Gary thought you should roll low for saving throws. It made sense at the time.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Son: "Why do I have to clean my room first? That wasn't part of the deal!" Darth Me: "I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further." Son: "This deal keeps getting worse all the time..."
  11. Re: Creepy Pics. So like I said, I go running, alone, at ten o'clock every night. About 3.5 miles/night so far, I'm working my up. Listening to IT, unabridged. According to Mike Hanlon, IT comes back every 27 years or so. 1985 in the book. Plus twenty-seven years = I'll jog a little faster. Glad I don't live in Maine.
  12. Re: Creepy Pics. Listening to IT on my iPod while I jog in the evenings. Mr. King is willing to go "there" in ways that I, as a writer, am afraid to.
  13. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... THAT is the most deadly animal (after men and mosquitos) on the African continent. Adult hippos regularly kill crocodiles. And it's adorable. So. Damn. CUTE.
  14. OK, actually very very old pyramids, lost in the Saharan sands for centuries. http://news.discovery.com/history/lost-egyptian-pyramids-found-120810.html Treasure! Mystery! Horror! Mummies! Atlantean Technology! Adventure!
  15. Re: Creepy Pics. I want a faster Big Wheel.
  16. Re: Under the Agony Star: a sword and planet campaign Sounds a little like Roland's Gilead could be a resource.
  17. Re: Creepy Pics. Apparently. Keith David was at last year's comic con, and not this year's. Darn.
  18. Re: "Neat" Pictures It must have been Olympic to leave footprints. So, so sorry.
  19. Re: A Thread for Random Videos She will be my bride. I know I already have one, but seriously, we'll make room. I love every thing about her, except of course that she can just run the heck away from me and there's not much I do to catch her. That video is freaking hypnotic.
  20. Re: The "Nice Happy" Thread More Lucy. Today, her science worksheet said "Name an Amphibian." She wrote: Lucy the Frog.
  21. Re: The "Nice Happy" Thread Today, my daughter Lucy wrote on her hand. She wrote "I like Myself!<3" That's like a "water into wine" level miracle there.
  22. Re: Musings on Random Musings Based on your phrasing, it sound like you were underwhelmed BECAUSE she was too excited. I have to admit, that doesn't sound like a bad thing - a girl being too excited about me. I mean, she's in for disappointment, and not just because I think gangbangs and erotic knifeplay are both potentially too messy and I like being the only exciting pointy thing in the room for sexy-times, but still, excited about you sounds like a net positive, no? I go stabby?
  23. Re: "Neat" Pictures Check your Aussie history, it's the other way 'round.
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