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  1. Yep you read that correctly. To give some detail, I'm currently running a champions game set during the current Olympic games. I need to come up with an Exhibition Team Sport being put on by the resident Aliens in my game universe: The Pleidian Planetary Alliance. I want something low tech, something that humans would actually be able to play. The alien version of Soccer, Volleyball, or Lacross. A team sport most def. I have a working concept but need some suggestions on fleshing it out and making it more interesting and exciting. Trigonometry: An arena game set on a multi-le
  2. Re: Historical Champions Haven't done it yet, but have most certainly thought about it. Champions: Gaslight, A superhero saga taking place in the London of Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens, Sweeny Todd, Jack the Ripper and Ruyard Kipling. Three Words, Clockwork Gadeteer Baby!! Champions: The Blue and The Grey A Civil War era supers game. Champions: Seadogs The champions of the Golden Age of Piracy. The Supers would be the Guardians of the town of Port Royal Jamacia. Champions: Red October Communist heros fighting against the decadent forces of the corrupt
  3. I've been asked to do a Sequel!! Never done a sequel before and I'm both flattered and feeling a bit of pressure at the same time. I posted a several months ago how I was getting ready to run my first Champions game, which I thought Rocked, and apparently so did a few of my players as they are the ones who are asking to do it again. And what with the Summer games starting this week they asked if I could design a champions campaign around the Olympic events. Now to give some background, before the inevitable cry for help and plot ideas... LOGIC (League of International and Glo
  4. xgotghrrl

    Ship Naming

    I did a space opera game once where we had 7 "Classes" of ships each named after one of the continents. you know Africa class fighter, Asia class carrier Europe class cruiser etc etc and each ship in that class was named after a particular country or city on that particular continent. Flagships of each fleet were named after countries and the fleet ships were cities. love always xgoth
  5. Hey mates, Why is it that what seem like the simplest char concepts are the hardest to build...well maybe it's just me but none the less. Anyway, here's the concept. Boomerang: Australian Super. The Char has one power, only one, he can create a reflective energy barrier around himself or around a small group of people that can absorb energy and reflect it back wherever the char wants. So in theory Storm comes along and blasts Boomerang with a lightning bolt...the energy crackles around the char for a second or two and BAM! right back at her. A solider unloads a round of
  6. xgotghrrl

    Super Pope?

    Well in my champion game, slated for take off this Sat btw. One of our chars is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, a Demi-brick with access to a few miracles of her own. We also have a Psionic Buddist Priest in the group as well. So I have no prob with faith based chars or herotypes. It's always interesting to see how the Druid, Crusader, Hindu and Greek God all work out their various differences. and btw...hero from the Holy See, smallest indenpent countries in the world....hmmm I think I have an idea for my first LOGIC Reserve member. *S*
  7. distinction needs to be made before the list gets too large. In broadcast media SF, there's a difference between a "race" (which are human-like aliens) and a "monster" (which are all those aliens that have no human commonality). Creatures like the Space Amoeba (from Star Trek) or the Bandersnatchi (from Larry Niven's Known Universe novels) are more rightly called "monsters." Their place in the story is to act in unknowable ways to advance the plot. "Races" are usually in there to point up some foible of humanity; a classic example is the Kzinti (again from Larry Niven's Known Universe novels)
  8. Hey mates, this may be a topic more app for the Star Champions board but what the heck, right. I'm posting this here as it's a psuedo continuation of my international super team thread. I'm trying to compile a list of all the Stock Alien Races Archtypes used in both the Sci-fi and Supers genres, in order to help the player of the Pleadian Planetary Alliance rep of our upcoming capaign. So far what we've come up with is the following. Ancients: Asgard and Vorlons Bushidos: Klingons, Luxans and Narns. Decadents: Centauri Logicals: Vulcans. Machines: Bynars and Borg M
  9. xgotghrrl


    Iconic weapons you ask... I got three and they all belong to the same hero...see if you can guess who. Tiara Bracelets Lasso and how iconic are they, well I've never seen a cowboy themed hero use a lasso Love Always Xgoth
  10. Again thanks for the input mate. As far as world / ethnic diversity is concerned it really isn't that huge a thing really when you think about how the group is set up in the long run. Membership in LOGIC is set up in the same manner of the UN Security Council. There are 5 permanent seats in the groups belonging to the US, UK, France, Russia and China. The other 5 seats are rotating memberships of two year duration, which can belong to any member country dependent on a majority vote of 15 member UN Security Council. So in theory you could have 4 middle eastern nations represent
  11. I had the exact same reaction on this very board when someone suggested the name orginally due to this particular character's origin/history and to the player herself when she decided on it. But the name is historically and culturally accurate. Soliders serving under Joan of Arc from what I understand and people in France today still refer to Joan of Arc as the Maid of Orleans or simply The Maid...and yes she uses the French Version of the Name and for that matter all the chars use the Native form of their Super Code Names, for example Emerald Buddah = Phra Kaeo in Laos. Now I have four o
  12. Count... Really enjoyed your web-page...nicely done mate. Loved the world timeline you put up as well btw. actually it gave me a few ideas. Now here's a quick update...I picked up two new players this week. Yahoo! So that means I wont have to be running a npc member of LOGIC after all. But it also means that a slight change has taken place in the group itself. LOGIC now consists of 11 members, 5 permanent countries represented, 5 rotating countries and 1 neutral observer member (our new Alien visitor and intergalatic ambassador). I mentioned the observation made by you good fo
  13. From Sudan Ali Diriage aka Basenji - canine-like hunter and brawler Hey Thanks...I like this one...consider it stolen that's a great super name. yeah i noticed after everyone put in their final submissions that we were way short on the 3rd world nations but I was for suffering from writers block. So again that you. The whole idea is really coming along nicely...we already have a few in jokes. Due to the name of the group, the main computer/AI in headquarters is known as SPOCK and the orbiting satelite is SAREK. Now all I have to do is design HQ, the team uniform and th
  14. Okay so here's the concept this particular team of heros works offically works under the control of the United Nations...but in reality they tend to act rather independentally of UN resolutions and of course national loyality also plays a big role in the group as well. Each hero is appointed by their home goverment and approved by a special vote of the UN security council. The team consists of 10 heros w/ five countries permanently represented (US, UK, France, Russia and China) and five rotating countries each appointed with two year memberships. I have 9 players at present and they have
  15. the maid, hmm my only concern would be the inevitable villian given nick names... ohh look the French Maid, come to clean house...well I'll dust her ruffle for her...once and for all! *Evil laughter* Love always Xgoth
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