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  1. If you're in the NJ area, there's Dexcon at the Morristown Hyatt over the 4th of July weekend,  I'm planning on trying to run some HERO System games & I know of at least a couple of other guys that run stuff.

  2. Yamato


    Re: Bows The term for Japanese bows is either "hankyu" for the shorter version or "daikyu" for the longer version. The reason that the daikyu could be fired from horseback is that the place that the hand holds the bow at is approximately 1/3rd of the way up from the bottom of the bow (when it's unstrung), thus avoiding the problem that other bows have which have the holding point (or shelf) at the midpoint of the bow. Also the firing method for these types of bows is a modified thumb ring style, due to the design of the shoting glove worn. On a separate point, most horse bows (usu
  3. Re: Equipment Guide - Delayed Recovery Thanks, RJ. I knew that I had seen it but couldn't seem to find it while looking at the various indexes. Of course, it might have helped if I hadn't been trying to find it after being up for over 30 hours. I'd give you some rep if I was able to.
  4. On page 118, HERO System Equipment Guide, under Note #22 for tear gas hand grenades, it listed the following Advantage - Delayed Recovery (+2). ]Now I know that the explanation for this is somewhere in the HERO System rules (I'm still using 5th Ed. Revised with some additions from 6th ED.), but for the life of me, I can't find it. I guess my Googgle-Fu isn't all that great. Does anybody else remember where the explanation for this Advantage is given? Thanks for any help.
  5. Re: Hit Locations in Super-Hero Game? Something that I should probably mention is that since I got started in Hero (back in 1985), I've had only 3 PC deaths in the game. And those were at the express request of the player. As far as NPC deaths, I've had only 5 but that was also planned as part fo the storyline.
  6. Re: Hit Locations in Super-Hero Game? Well, since I'm the GM in quesdtion, let me chime in here. What Mike forgot to mention was that Black Diamond (they were fighting GRAB) got hit by the team Brick who connected in the Vitals which effectively put her down for the count & resulted in the team capturing all of GRAB except Cheshire Cat (who had teleported out previously). Since I'm the one that's rolling the Hit Locations, I usually roll them as Chest unless there is a reason for the location to be elsewhere. Also I try to use Hit Locations as a way to flavor the combat &am
  7. Yamato


    Re: Acid If you've got Ultimate Energy Projector, take a look at the section on acid, pages 45-50. If you don't habve UEP, give me a call most evenings after 7 PM & I can give you particulars.
  8. Re: Twisted Cross, Silver Bullets I thought it was Von Hawkwood, but I could be wrong. Unfortunately ,my copies are in storage which I can't get to at this time. I do remember that the titles are The Spear Of Destiny & The cup Of Destiny.
  9. Re: Twisted Cross, Silver Bullets They're by Katherine Kurtz & her husband Scot MacMillian. supposedly there was going to be at least another q but nothing ever came of that as far as I know. For reading about weird things & teh War, try Trevor von Hawkwood's "The Spear Of DestinY". I used it as the basis for a CoC scenario in which thePCs discovered that the reaosn for the gas chambers in the camps was really for mass blood sacrifices to attempt to release teh Old Ones from their captivity. However, as somebody has already pointed out, let your players come to
  10. Re: How many arrows can an arrow maker make? Well, I talked to my contact this weekend who has a business making traditional archery equipment about the number of arrows that can be made. He statted that in a 10 hour day he could personally (with modern equipment & all the necessary parts) turn out about 200 arrows in that time. But that's if he did nothing else that day. He suggested that if the maker had the peoper equipment & available blanks, then he coudl probably turn out (if he worked all day at it exclusively) make a couple dozen. If he had to go search for feathers (fo
  11. Re: How many arrows can an arrow maker make? I took a look at the refernece tables given in the "Armourers' Companion" for Chivalry & Sorcery: The Rebirth (4th ed.) They give the productin times as 2 days for 20 arrows of quarrels or any type ( but that assumes that the maker has a proper shop with the correct equipment to make said items. If not, then I'd personally give the player the ability to make up to 6 if they made their Bowyer & Fletcthing skill roll. But that's me personally with no knowledge of how to do such things myself. If I remember to ask on Sat, I'll be over
  12. Re: Researching old sailing ships If you can find it, FGU out out a supplement for the Chivalry & Sorcery system (1st ed) that included historical information on ships form Egyptian times up to the late Rennaisance. It included deck plans usable for 25mm miniatures & gave game stats for use in C&S for them, as well as their actual stats. I used to have a set but they disappeared a number of years ago along with a large amount of my old C&S stuff. You also might want to try the Osprey "Men-At-Arms" series to see if they have done anything on sailing vessels of various pe
  13. Re: A Problem of Dissatisfaction Champions Universe - p.28, CU Characteristics Standard - p.114, Campaign Guidelines & Standards Hero 5th Revised -- page28, Character Types Guidelines Table & Character Ability Guidelines Table Hopefully this will help. Good luck w/the new campaign.
  14. Re: We've Got the Missiles peace to determine... "Once the rockets go up, who cares where they comes down. that's not my department." says Verner von Braun.
  15. I realize that you can't use Penalty skill Levels (PSL) to offset the -3 penalty for not having WF with a weapon, thus incuring the Unfamiliar Weapon Penalty. But if you had, say, 3 CSL With HTH Combat or 3 CSL With All combat, could you use them to offset the -3 penalty for Unfamiliar Weapon when you attack with such, thus effectively giving you WF with all weapons for either 15 points or 24 points? If not, why not?
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