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  1. Re: Disadvantages for Pyro I'm at work, so I may be off, but can't you add a rep as a disad. Give him one like Member of Brotherhood or somesuch. Or even a disad for being friends with the Blob, cause that kind has got to have some Bad B.O.
  2. Re: The Last Hurrah (adventure for your use) Ok, here is what I'm going to do. Its not Reagan, it was Clinton, Who in my opinion was one of the worst presidents in MY lifetime so far. If you disagree, tough. He had made the Juggernaught to take out Monica if she blabbed, but when it did happen his popularity soared within the middle aged and single males betwwen 18-65. So he never used it, but now, after the terrible fall from grace when he couldn't get cast in a soap opera his rouge and slightly crazed secret death supers decide to blow the world up to make sure they g
  3. Re: Dark Champions: Secret Worlds Neil, I appauld you and your players with trying something new. I appauld you personally for taking time to write these up and letting us in on your world. I find with most gamers I have met, they are capable of only one type of character and normally only want to play one type of game. Some close friends of mine will play anything set in front of them, but will mention twice a night, "wouldn't D&D been fun, when can we start another campaign." Or they play any and all systems, but its the same character in a different world, where only
  4. Re: Storn Art from idea to full picture Dang Storn, I read MM, then your idea of how he would look to you. And let me tell ya, now I can't think of him any other way. It just seems right.... That is real talent, very cool.
  5. Re: Superleap and falling damage. If memory serves there are rules for using leaping to cussion a fall in the book, under falling and damage. At work so can't look in the book, but I'm sure in the last half of the rule book it goes into this very thought.
  6. Re: What Would Your Character Do? #63
  7. Re: What Would Your Character Do? #63 I would have the team Sound controller , Dischord, surround him in Sound bubble (14/14 FW), then when the Kro-no ray is ready again have the team speedster,Blitz, (whom has an OCV of 12) shoot the spoiled child while the Dischord only opens one side so the brat has nowhere to dodge too. If I'm by myself, call in the team while subduing (i.e. knocking out) the poor aged child with a kick to the head. My character only likes his own kid.
  8. Just me, but I have always been partial to teams named The Misfits. Old story, just like it. Would Love to hear of other people using it.
  9. See, we Floridians are an Angry lot, much more suited to Brujah than others.
  10. I'm sorry, but I would have to kill this person if they pulled that in my game. I understand if I have to NPC on of their old characters for some reason and they were unhappy with my portraiel of said character, but if I'm sharing GM duties for the same game, and this mook craps on my GMing this way, it would be a real short game. I agree, very anoying, I just read it and had to reply with a death threat, I fell for you if this is actually happing with your game. Send this person to FL, I'm Italian, want some legs broken?
  11. Remebered another one: Players who update their char multiple times. i.e. get a level in D&D and has to aply it right as the game is over, but next session states they never updated so they have to take up game time doing it again. I was never sureif he was an idiot or just leveling twice. Another example are those people who seem to have a slightly different set of powers and abilities. " You said last game your Force Wall couldn't cover that much of an area. No, no, you must be nmistaken, its allways been this way." Thats why I hold on to a copy of everyones char I pla
  12. my peeve are those players that want their character to be involved with everything. They have the best chance to do ONE thing, most times a needed thing, but keep trying to be involved with the rest of the game that doesn't involve the ONE thing. "Forehead Lad, only your invulnerable forehead can stop DR Demento long enogh for us to get threwhis gaurds and trash his death ray. Go get em!" Forehead Lad takes one or two shots, then runs over and joins in the more entertaining melee. "Forehead Lad, what are you doing, Dr Demento is going to creame all of us now." Play
  13. Kristopher, you da poster!!!!!! Well said and justly done, I nod to you in grattitude.
  14. And if they cost the same, do whatever makes you and your GM happy, cause its only a game.
  15. The odd character I made, and have always loved: The Ogre Knight. In 2nd Ed D&D he was a Ogre that didn't want to just pillage and kill. He went looking for a better path (got kicked out cause he was a wuss by ogre standards, wouldn't eat a child, had to give creatures a fighting chance, liked veggies!!!) Met a old Paladin on the road, guy was blind but had good senses kind of thing. Knew enough common to talk together and traveled. Paladin died protecting the ogre from some crazed villagers that wanted to kill the ogre, something about hos the ogre had captured some man and must h
  16. Luckily, two of the other heroes had moved the crowd out of harms way...and except for another two of the heroes, no one heard her. But I'm waiting for her to do it again. More recently, I set the new group of heroes againt 10 Spec Op, the old capture the flag game. Tundra, the 1980's iceman clone, was shouting out in warning. "Common, guys, I respect what you do, I really don't want to fight." Out of the bushes, with complete surprise, two ak-47's spit lead, and Tundra has multiple holes. Shaking off his con stun, he turns to where the bullets came from and shouts out. " I ma
  17. Started a 200 point Champions game. During a press conference viper attacks to quickly beat and discredit the heros. Durring the combat, team mage Strangefate casts a aoe entangles, isual of horned demons erupting from hellfire to grab the agents and hold them off the ground. Sunbeam, the devote follower of Allah, looks at me and says in a flat voice. " I attack the demons with my 4d6 rka explosion." The agents will get hurt too you know, i reply. She looks at me, smiles innocently, and states, " The infidels were going to burn eternally anyway, so I help."
  18. Dude, more grey hairs are poping out of my head, I feel so old now. That show was great, right up there with Misfits of Science. I don't know anybody myself that has played that character or even one like it, most people in my group think activation rolls are a sign of a weak character and would rather play a NPC Punky Brewster. And as for the heros FBI sidekick (if memory serves) remeber when he started eating dog biscuts all the time. Loved it!
  19. Oh how I miss those Braincells I have now officially read this entire thread. Here are my comments, take tham as you will. Champsguy: 1) get some theraphy for your Long problem. I know you said you don't really have a problem with the guy, but the way he pops up in almost every other post of yours in this thread, I really belive if he looked in his hedges your eyes would be staring back. 2) I fully understand that gamers at times want reality to have some effect in their game, but also remember it is a game. If YOU feel that stated information for certain things are i
  20. Could you put it up here for viewing when your done, need to chalange Srangefate soon with something mystical, and maybe your version will keep hm on his toes.
  21. Strangefate What the heck, will put it here for ya anyway, or anyone else whom wants to view it.
  22. I got a character on my home comp....196 pts ttl 80 pt VPP magic, skill roll based on occult roll, incantations, gestures, the usual. Want me to upload him for your viewing, or got something else already?
  23. Another wonderful Pic Storn, is it my imagination, or is he hispanic? It actually reminds me of some character pics I drew some years ago, like looking in a mirror that sharpens the image. And BTW, I think the pockets rock, I have such a hard time drawing visually appealing pockets and pouches.
  24. I have to agree with RDU, that medusa is the bomb. I never would have thought of multi-color snakes, but now that I see it, I'm mad at myself for not thinking of it sooner. Well done again Storn, many thanks for the great work.
  25. My reasoning for IronMan's, or any other super's flight speed with lifting and not falling through the dirt is......... ITS SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!! Common, sometimes Superman gets pounded and goes straight into the dirt, other times he bounces causeing cosmetic damage to the ground surface. Its all about what is heroic and super, and whats in the script. We look for too much reality in our fanatsy games (be they midevil, future, or super) and the fantasy is lost. All this gaming realy relies on suspension of disbelief, without that we chanied by the cruel rules of physics and r
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