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  1. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share you ideas! As the hero's DNPC waits at the bus stop, a man in a wheelchair comes up and says, "Does this bologna smell funny to you?" DNPC smells bologna, only to discover why it smells funny: chloroform! Hilarity ensues.
  2. Re: Superhero Images I love that Sepulchre. What a tremendous take on extra limbs!
  3. Re: Cost of strength vs. benefit You're all correct! Each adn every one of you! Even those of you who directly contradicted those others of you, you are all correct! I agree completely with everything that's been said on every side of this debate, even the things that contradict the other things. Even things that repeated similar things in the past. It all makes perfect sense. You know what costs too much? TF: Horses.
  4. Re: Photos - need a little character help 4d6 Unluck. Hand-wave the specifics.
  5. Re: Superhero Images Great color scheme for lightning. Not your typical lighhtning-style villain. Nary a lightning bolt anywhere, which is refreshing.
  6. Bengal

    Raw STR: Marvel

    Yep, Boomerang was a pitcher from Australia who got kicked out for cheating. The Secret Empire outfitted him, but later, Justin Hammer built his boomerangs.
  7. Bump Of Direction Man? Double-Jointed Lass? Hard one.
  8. He's got a damage shield with no offensive capability whatsoever. He's also got like a million PD and ED. So stat-wise, I'm kind of befuddled by him, but concept-wise, he's dynamite.
  9. Cool indeed, and don't forego patting yourself on the back for an old school Marvel Superheroes reference.
  10. I don't know, being reflective isn't a power, but more of a personality trait. Just spend a great deal of time furrowing your brow and ignoring what everyone is saying.
  11. A 2D6 transform shouldn't cause too much trouble. But if your GM allowed such a broad-based transform, I think what problems it does cause are his problems.
  12. Great thread, everyone. I am reminded of Avengers (vol. 1) #28, wherein the Living Laser melted the "special alloy" off or Cap's shield, and eventually disintegrated it. Later that issue, Cap appeared with his shield, perfectly unharmed... "special alloy" intact. In the first few Cap issues of the Avengers, Tony Stark installed magnets and special circutry into Cap's shield, which allowed Cap to control it by remote-control. No mention of how Tony was able to hollow out room in the indestructable disk, or why Cap didn't just use his fabulous skills with the disk like he always used to. A few issues later, this whole canard was dropped in favor of the ol' reliable skill and training explanation. During the Secret Wars or something, when Cap was off-earth, somehow he lost his shield, or the Beyonder destroyed it or something. Through sheer force of will, he re-created it, perfect in every detail. Despite the fact that nobody alive knows the precise chemical makeup of the disk... and I'm sure Cap has no idea how to make Vibranium or Admantium. Not dreams, not imaginary stories, still considered in continuity I believe... The point is, you never can tell what something can or will do. You may need at least 50 writeups of Cap's shield just to get it right, considering the butchery of horrid writing and catastrophy of dreadful editing that goes on from time to time.
  13. Bengal

    Need Duck Schtick!

    St Canard was the city, Duckburg was the... hmm. Country?
  14. I had a ressurrected man, Frankenstein concept. He wasn't that interesting powers-wise though. The fun came from seeing him take massive amounts of damage and having limbs fall off and things, and he'd just kind of get aggravated and pull himself literally back together.
  15. I miss the Street Fighter II RPG.
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