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  1. Re: Blogs and PodCasts You can take a taste of my site. There is a ton of Hero-centric stuff buried within. The blog is mostly system free with a primary focus on setting pieces. There is also play by post fantasy campaign that has been kicking for close to a year and a half. http://www.pencil-pushers.net
  2. Re: Thats one nimble little bull I, personally, do a benchmarking for each style campaign and expect that I'll do the same with the new system. The benchmarks will be different but give me the same guide. CV will now have its own slot rather than just be filtered through DEX. I do expect that my write-ups will look quite a bit different in the stat department.
  3. Re: Real Locations that should be fantasy Yeah, the stuff I am doing is more of a history + gaming slant. That doesn't take any cool factor from the show. I did not see any Moscow episodes after taking a gander. I am need to look at a few of them when I hit other locations. Some of them are awesome just watch for computer viruses! I hit one nasty Russian site a few days ago -- unrelated to this search but still. There are 2-4 sites that are basically nothing but pictures if you Google "Moscow Underground" plus a mind-blowing site about their subway stations which are
  4. Re: Real Locations that should be fantasy I've proposed doing a column at RPGnet on these places and I am in the midst of writing the second half of the first one. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated... The Preispodnyaya
  5. Re: Shadow Angelus Nope.
  6. Re: Taking Surbrook's Stuff website to the next level Bump I run my own site which is impossible to keep up with but I wish you luck!
  7. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City I've gotten much further along on the Union City map - here is an update. I've also plugged away at the wiki. Once I get the map completed, I'll post it in a much larger size and in various permutations so that anyone can tweak it for their own use.
  8. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City I've actually been working on Union City but I've been putting it on the Herowiki site run by Curufea. Union City I gotta say, this style game sure does come off better with a wiki format both from a GM and player perspective. I'll post here as I get closer to having things all properly organized. Eosin
  9. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City
  10. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City They don't have any idea that the plot from Demon resulted in the Zero Point Event nor that 40 million people weren't killed in a catastrophic explosions but were instead consumed by one of the elder things that walk among the stars. I am also keeping them in te dark about what - exactly - is out there. They know what they are and they know wizards, werewolves, and vampires but that is about all that they know of the things that go bump in the night. I am going to make up a character primer for each PC that will include what he or she knows. A PC w
  11. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City Hehehe, yeap. I am sure that this thread is killing my PCs who frequent these boards [Edsel, Nightstick, 1Eyedjak, Shiro]. They cannot come and play or comment in these threads which they know reveal all to them. I'll make sure to start a actual play when we get running in 3 weeks.
  12. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City You know, I could have saved myself a bit of trouble if I'd ever looked up Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto. I happened onto a map today and it is similar to the Nolan Batman one but it was done with google maps. I am a little too far into this one to back out now but dang that is a sweet resource. I got a lot of ideas just toying with the "site" buttons to reveal things like restaurants and secrets. Liberty City Map Now I just need to finish work on my map and figure out how to build my own google map application. If I can pull that one off
  13. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City Now I am off and running.
  14. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City I've never been able to get into Mieville. I know folks rave about him but I must drink a different Kool-Aid. I thought that New Crobuzon was more fantasy or alt than urban fantasy. Still, thanks for the list. PS - I finally got some content.
  15. Re: [uF]Advent - Union City UNION CITY WHO'S WHO Pershing, Leland: Republican Mayor of Union just re-elected to his seat in 2020. Mayor Pershing is in his 60s but still fit from a lifetime of service in the FBI - including two years as the Director. His administration has had several charges of corruption but none of them have made it to court. Currently, he is in the midst of a sex scandal reportedly involving the female chair of the Young Republicans. Hall, Jordan: Commissioner Hall is in her first term as Police Commissioner of Union City. A detective made famous for cracking t
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