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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I looked at a few online translators but nothing really interested me. Primal was a name used in my last game, which i thought of for him, Primora might be different enough, so that's a possibility. Nexus is the name of one of my main NPC's when I run my campaign, so can't use that one. Equinox sounds good too. Entropy I could see for someone anti-elemental or with destructive abilities, come to think of it that would work for a bad guy i've been meaning to stat up, so putting that one to good use, thanks. She is a mutant so wasn't going with the typical
  2. Miracle of miracles I get to actually play in a game and not have to GM. So we are playing a villains campaign and my character has multiform into each of the 4 traditional elements(earth, air, fire, water) and in her main form has some ability with all 4 but at a much lower ability. I am having a hard time deciding on a name. She is of Roma descent if that helps any. Anyone got some ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Edit: Also costume ideas now that I think about it.
  3. @Lord Liaden I do own The Algernon Files but I think it's in storage. And I have would need a lot more need to risk going to the storage maze we own. @Question Man as always you have some great answers, those are a few ideas I had as well. And that is one name I will not use.....though my wifey laughed when I mentioned it to her. @ steriaca I am looking at more of a hero who is a plant, not an insidious farmer, but that does give me ideas for the scientist who created my character, thanks. @ fcaury was thinking about him being able to quickly grow "buds" that he can detach and th
  4. Looking for some inspiration for a plant based character and the only one I have been able to find in the books is Thorn from Solo Villains. Anybody know of one I might have missed, 5th or 6th is fine I own all the books? Or if anyone has one they have built I would appreciate any input. Thanks
  5. Re: Evil doubles from another dimension In a campaign long ago, the PC's figured out that they were younger good versions of the main bad guy team of the world. They were brought here from somewhere else by the teleporter villain from the other team because she knew they needed to be stopped but couldn't turn on the others, mostly due to the evil mentalist leader. Had to call the game early that night, they just sat there with there jaws on the floor as everything clicked into place that had happened to them since the beginning.
  6. I am running an amalgam game, everyone is a mix of at least 2 characters from Marvel, DC, Image, or just about any other dimension with supers in it. The players will the finding the base of operations for The Defenders of Justice (Justice League/Avengers) empty with no damage or signs why it was abandoned, and as an added twist, no one remembers them at all. In fact as far as they or anyone remembers no other supergroup has ever been successful or gotten bigger than a few members. No world hopping, world/dimension saving groups of any kind. Now for the part I am asking assistance with
  7. Re: Does your Team have a Charter? Yes, it took forever to put it all together. I think this is the final version, but there might be a few items missing. TEAM MEMBERSHIP 1. All members must be willing to serve for the benefeit of humanity. 2. All members must have paranormal power(s). 3. All members must be between the ages of 15-21 years old. 4. All applicants must be willing to audition with abilities in time and place of UN Gaurds choice. 5. All new applicants will go thru a six (6) month probationary period wherein the new member can be asked to leave by team leader f
  8. Re: The Incredibles Awesome movie, snuck out of work after the boss left for the day. I am seeing it again with my gf and a group of friends tomorrow as well. I think we are up to 12 people. And I am 32. The group will be 30-45 year olds.
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    Super Names

    Well now that Avatar is here, how about a few more. Brickwall Starspawn(Oh how I hated that game, think Beyonder, only an ASS%&*$@#!) Brainstorm Wavelength Shockwave Brainwave Sine Nyx Null Paragon FireStar Starfire X Lightwave Metalstorm Jynx
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    Super Names

    Not all mine, but here are some. Alloy Afterthought Foreshadow Footnote Laerza Omnia Mr. Burns Ginsu Tungsten Aeolean Twilight Girl Steel Lynx Hoarfrost
  11. With so many drama queens in the game we HAVE to do this for all characters. But really it is alot easier to say "My character looks like_______" than go into a generic "I am ____tall, my hair is____ etc....". Dawn: Rachail Leigh Cook(She is just so cute and doesn't look like she could lift buildings and throw them) I'll post others as I remember. Haven't played in a long term game in years.
  12. Doesn't one of the characters from Andromeda do something like this? Only to everyone else she seems to just "know" bad things could happen and provide alternatives. I think one of the episodes she kept doing this with no good outcome possible.
  13. I remember the Tommorrow People. God I feel old. So has anyone made the stats for any of the characters listed in this thread?
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