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  1. Remember when Genius John Gruden traded away a generational defensive talent for draft picks and everyone was like "well who's doing the drafting?" Good defense there RayRays.
  3. I've noticed that the Birthday Threads have fallen, and I'm nothing if not extra. Happy Birthday to my Best Buddy for without whom I would have been a lonely lonely bastard back in 2008. I hope Mom and Dex treat you like a king today.
  4. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 22 points in the 4th. Go Beavers!
  5. The Quarterback Carosel was rough this week. Of the QB's starting for new teams (including Rookie Joe Burrow) only 2 won. Cam Newton (sigh) and Tyrod Taylor. (two games left and someone correct me if I'm wrong)
  6. Just found this today...But it's 5 years old. The Surreal McCoys. Whole Lotta Folsom.
  7. I keep getting updates. Hope to see you guys on the field of dishonor.
  8. Sorry to hear this BoneDaddy. Hope you kick Cancer's ass.
  9. I totally wish I could take credit.
  10. Timing is bad for him and Carolina might not get anything for him. They may cut him? Then he could be a later addition to a roster once things cool down? Feels bad man. My team is cutting vets left and right and looks to be going all in on rebuild and I'm not sold on ownership or GM to pull it off.
  11. Well Foles has been consistently bad outside of Philadelphia.
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