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  1. I went into the season with zero expectations and I'm still mildly disappointed.
  2. We're more or less 25% through the season and here are my takes: HAHAHAHA Steelers. The Jets got a win sooner than I thought. Wow the Chiefs are scary bad at defense. Were the Raiders Overrated? Or are the Chargers really scary? How long will the whiplash over QB play last for the Saints. Panthers were supposed to suck Now I have to pay attention. The sad part is the joke is usually on myself.
  3. Oops! My bad! Thanks for letting me know!
  4. Panthers gonna suck this year. Which really makes it unstressful to be a fan. Go team!
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/ed-asner-television-legend-dead-at-91/ar-AANSnX0 RIP to one of the great ones. And according to anecdotal evidence, one of the nicest.
  6. Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks for winning their first championship since the year of my birth, 1971. Giannis Antetokounmpo went for 50pts (including 17-19 from the line), 14 reb, and 5 blocked Shots to lead Milwaukee's comeback from 0-2 deficit to a 4-2 series win!
  7. Died at 71 from late stage Dementia. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/former-saints-pick-wrestlings-paul-mr-wonderful-orndorff-dies-at-71/ar-AAM4jbz RIP Sir. One of the great heels from when I was a kid.
  8. I was bummed to hear that 2-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and 7'5'' former Utah Jazz Great, Mark Eaton passed away after a bicycling accident, he was 64. https://www.si.com/nba/2021/05/29/utah-jazz-legend-mark-eaton-dies-at-64 Rest In Peace, Mark.
  9. I swear I haven't heard this song in decades but I woke up and it was stuck in my head.
  10. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/jim-steinman-dead-meat-loaf-celine-dion-1234955739/ Jim's songs were so recognizable. Once he was on my radar, it was pretty easy to know his songs regardless of Artist performing them. He is also the reason I got to know Lord Morham and share music with him. Rest in Peace, Sir. So, In his honor one of my favorite songs of his from Bonnie Tyler (no, not Total Eclipse of The Heart, but same album)
  11. Great run by the Beavers. Can't even complain too much about the Elite 8 loss. Houston abused us in the first half. Not bad for the team picked 12th in the PAC-12. won our first conference tournament title. Took Oregon to the woodshed twice this year. Waltzed into the big dance ready to go.
  12. Two things, 1) Microsoft Word's grammar suggestions are bizarrely and glaringly wrong at times. 2) How I'm I still a top poster in this thread?
  13. Hey man, I'm just about caught up. Reads great!
  14. Oh man, that's horrible. Rest in Peace, InputJack.
  15. Remember when Genius John Gruden traded away a generational defensive talent for draft picks and everyone was like "well who's doing the drafting?" Good defense there RayRays.
  17. I've noticed that the Birthday Threads have fallen, and I'm nothing if not extra. Happy Birthday to my Best Buddy for without whom I would have been a lonely lonely bastard back in 2008. I hope Mom and Dex treat you like a king today.
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