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  1. Kind of think Winston will be back with the Buccs. They don't seem to learn.
  2. My condolences, Cygnia. RIP Neil.
  3. Well Hardin's shooting has improved, Lonzo Ball put 3 quality games together in a row.... Too many injuries this year - and I'm not just saying that as a Trailblazers fan. Giannis is looking more amazing every year, guy is averaging 30pts a game in about 30 mintues. He's the only top scorer this season who's average goes up on Per 36 minutes. I'd almost put Carmelo as a feel good story, especially given the win on the road in (also injury plagued) Toronto.
  4. Well I still have San Francisco and Baltimore to root against.
  5. How upset would the rest of the universe be if Eli took the Pats to a championship?
  6. Yeah, I think they REALLY wanted to make Baker feel wanted by going with his favorite guy...
  7. Another band touched by the late great Phill Lynott. Grand Slam....
  8. Next week I'm focusing more on music styles I'm not as fluent in...I'll probably share some more
  9. I threw down for a Spotify Sub so I could find some new old music or old new music
  10. Found an interesting band. It's the surviving remnants of Ronnie James Dio's original Solo Line up, they started doing Dio Tribute/Covers in 2012 with a new singer. Then, like the touring Thin Lizzy band before them (or around the same time) they decided to head to the studio and record new material, changing their name to "The Last in Line." They're good. Not just because they're reminiscent of Dio. They tried to keep his spirit in their song writing.
  11. Nah, I drafted me two guys on IR and one who never played. Good win though, Old man. I could never find a running back to give me a chance.
  12. Your Raiders? This is your fault?!
  13. Ah, Furious George. Looks like the League viewership is down this year, guess the "Warriors are killing viewership" and the "NBA is better when the Lakers to be Good," and "James Harden is the best scorer since Jordan," lines of thought are not panning out. I think having the warriors destroyed by injuries wasn't the defeat people wanted to see. The Lakers have the best record in the west and no one outside of LA cares. And James Harden is the same as the old "Throw the ball into the paint and watch the big guy bang" kind of boredom but on the outside. The guy is a good passer and when Houston does some ball movement he and the rest look good. But watching him jack 34 shots and only hitting 4 is...wild.
  14. Nothing makes my heart sing like "Alabama losing streak."
  15. AND WE LOST BOTH I will say we may have ruined a Heisman Candidacy but it wasn't a good couple of weeks, I do have hope. Unless...I heard that Peterson is out at UW and I don't want them to poach our coach.
  16. Well we have a 3 game win streak and Melo got player of the week. Which is weird. Read that the viewership on the NBA is way down this year so the "The NBA is better when the Lakers are good" and "James Harden is the best scorer since Michael Jordan" narratives are not translating in to more viewers. It's kind of too bad, given this season's topsy-turvy nature has been really fun. I'm enjoying seeing the box scores again and checking out who is doing what.
  17. Bengals are 1-11 now? What are they trying to lose the #1 pick for the guy who busted his hip?
  18. Beavers are 5-5. We won 35-34 last night, our woeful defense stopping ASU's 2 point conversion then our offense lead by a 6th year senior went for it on 4-2 to maintain possession and run out the clock. This has been an at times delightful and often harrowing season. Coach Smith has shown in 2 years that he can handle the offense, our defense made some improvement I believe but given we always seem to give up big plays it's a measured improvement to be sure. Still, better than the sinking feeling that we aren't going anywhere.
  19. So.... the last guy to swing a helmet did so at Richie Incognito in 2017...had a history of beefs with Richie and it was way more likely that he was more than reacting. Antionio Smith got ...*checks notes* a 1 regular season game ban. (and the final 2 pre season games.) I'm assuming this clearly insufficient punishment happened because the pearl clutchers in the NFL head office couldn't be bothered to watch a pre-season game? I know Smith missed. That could be it, but he also had a beef with Richie, clearly attacked him two or three more times. Rudolph took exception to a rough tackle near the end of the game (after the play whistled dead) went for two nut shots and then attacked a guy being held back and got hit. Then his team gang tackled the dude and stepped on him. Only one guy was given suspension. And he was the "Kick him in the head" guy. Oh and Antonio Smith is black and Richie was white. So for once, the disparity in punishments seems more, "Protect the QB" rather than overt racism. Though clearly could be both. But as Burfect can attest, Roger Goodall is a bitch.
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