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  1. Pats lost but not badly enough to kill my Fantasy League. It was a squeaker but I'll take it.
  2. I guess that gives Pittsburgh fans something to smile about.
  3. I'm not ready for the York conglomerate to have a good team. Someone beat the 49ers.
  4. MK I Ironman for MCMLondon. by Redditor Facest4b
  5. The problem is that the perpetual money machine isn't perpetual. there's a limit to how much a fan base can pay to support a franchise. And the greed that drives things like swapping cities or at the very least stadiums every decade is all focused at the top. ownership will milk every last cent out of fans, break every last player and when no one is paying they will move on to something else, leaving only the employees to deal with the debris. Anyone who claims they've lost money as a sports owner in the NBA, MLB, or NFL in let's say the last 20 years is selling you a bill of goods. if the worst franchise can now sell for billions...they're not losing money.
  6. Anyone else noticed that Jacoby Brissette and Teddy Bridgwater have more than held their own as replacements for Luck and Brees?
  7. it's not just China. Though they've got the centralized power. Most megacorps are well on their way to our cyberpunk dystopic futures. Just look at all the things nestle owns. But this is a basketball thread! I'm wondering if the Lakers are going to implode harder than Houston.
  8. yeah, he's not one of the athletes I worry will end up destitute due to bad decisions with money. Actually it's kind of nice seeing the number of superstars who seem to have that finally covered.
  9. yeah that's a disappointing comment. But one you'd expect from a business.
  10. Knowing my karma I'll get obliterated. My RB have under-performed every game. And their projections weren't good. I can't bank on 2-3 players every week.
  11. Well I doubt I'll have such a performance again. By the way, anyone want a Kirk Cousins for a Running Back of at least middling value?
  12. I will mourn in my own way. By rooting for his understudy and cry in a corner.
  13. Nice first start there, Rookie. Don't get too excited though, it was against Arizona.
  14. Gardner Minshew with the win. Making him the first of this year's rookie QB's to get a W.
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