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  1. Boy, are we ever getting out of that meeting?
  2. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Using ones initials is pretty common as a Unix system login. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? That would be Germany's "Dark Eye" RPG, back in the late 80s. I got it from my local church's library. So I guess the Pope made me do it. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? The very same game. Nobody knew about RPGs at all and someone had to run it, while we were passing time at your mom's single parent support group. What are you currently playing/GMing? It's back to the roots, as I'm using a Fuzionized HERO to run an old "Dark Eye" adventure series. Also, maybe I'm doing something more light D&D-ish pretty soon. And a sci-fi PbP is just getting started, let's see if that survives the first month.
  3. The opposite is true, too. I don't think this fight will be won by might. I guess we'll get some epic back and forth, than some burst of clerical might that smites Roy, then some non-violent solution, probably involving the real Durkin in a "Nooooooooo" moment. Or Belkar will stab some undead kidneys.
  4. He's a family values candidate. Odd family, but stil…
  5. I've "binged" Bosch, the Amazon-funded police procedural where someone made the insane casting decision of letting Titus Welliver play a good guy (the horrendously named Hieronymous "Harry" Bosch, LAPD detective). Didn't even hear of the novels, but liked the series, especially how they took their time and solved a crime in 10 40-minute episodes, something that a CSI metastasis might've handled in one. More time for creating a modern, yet noir-ish point of view.
  6. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same...
  7. The Goblin Emperor, by Katherine Addison. A less funny King Ralph scenario, where the whole Elvish royal family gets wiped out in an airship accident and the 18 year old half-goblin son has to come out of exile to become Emperor, having to struggle against court intrigue and prejudices. The elves & goblins are not what we're used to, more a way to get some racial tension into it, no immortals or squatting hordes here. The court seems rather baroque, tech seems advanced enough (clockwork & airships), without become to annoyingly steampunk. What I really liked about the books was that you as a reader are thrust into this unknown setting along with the main character. All people have weird names & titles and it takes you a while to get all of that sorted out. Don't expect any Game of Thrones and/or Gormenghast shenanigans here, it's more focused on character development than courtly intrigue and there are plenty of nice lords & ladies around. Actually, at times I found things a bit too far into that direction, approaching Eddison/Lackey territory. (It seems fantasy these days either goes into this YA/Disney group hug territory or tries to emulate Martin/Abercrombie torture fests.)
  8. I just finished "The Voices", a black serial killer comedy with Ryan Reynolds. Prime idea is showing the POV of the killer and depicting his mental illness (he's talking with his pets, thus the title). So it's more a deconstruction of the serial killer than the slasher flick. Doesn't get bogged down in moralizing, and Reynolds is a good pick for black comedies. And of course, I watched Kung Fury.
  9. Hmm, I remember cleanup detail being there since about always. I mean, the bricks and paragons get to wreak havoc and the speedsters and energy projectors get to evacuate people.
  10. Aren't daddy issues basically the foundation stone of Campbell's "monomyth" hypothesis?
  11. Other Space. Yahoo's sci-fi comedy that isn't quite sure what it's supposed to rip off most and has a captain more annoying that Zap Brannigan. But on the other hand: Joel & Crow are back!
  12. Isn't she a flesh golem now? Reacting Abby Normal is their whole shtick since 1818.
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