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  1. Re: Kinnison Institute 2 I'm in, though I think FB might be better thread wise and file wise... (Ava here.)
  2. Looking for Kinnison Institute Players Barrier NighHawk HeroEC Starkiller Scandalarian Reverend Greg here, on facebook with Quozaxx and jkleisemann. Have a group called Kinnison Institute. Sent me you email address / real name at gpalechek@neo.rr.com Will see if can find you on FB to add to group....
  3. Re: Worst. Hero. Ever. Assuming you're checking this thread as you posted to in almost a week ago... Adam, it's been a few weeks and we're waiting on you in Beacons on Herocentral.
  4. Re: [Game Idea] Beacons in the Night Not sure if you read this thread much, Adam, but it's been a few weeks and your players over in Herocentral are waiting on you....
  5. I know you can't Reflect at range... When you buy Missile Deflect at Range and add Reflection into this, the advantage is not applied to the Reflection adder in HD. My question is: Is that intentional or should the At Range Advantage also be applied to the Reflection adders, even though you can't use them? It's a question for character building that has come upin chat...
  6. Re: What Do You Want To See?: DC: The Animated Series The only reason I'd want to see a name change is fear of Hero being sued by Batman the Animated Series guys Incorporating theme villains would be cool... Designing cheap equipment would too, esp as there was talk of an everyman equipment pdf awhile ago...
  7. What would the differences between 4th and 5th Dark Champs be, since they were written by the same person?
  8. I notice Steve has never clarified the whys and wherefores of the new cost, tried asking him at Last year's Origins and he got defensive... It caused a group of ours to eventually disband, it was one of the reasons anyway. We had point caps the GM wasn't willing to work with, and I had a megahard brick who should have hurt hands that punched her, but doing the Thing's hide always on is too expensive for what little good it does...
  9. I see polls everywhere, which make for fun discussions, but how do you make them?
  10. Sounds like the Super Village People!
  11. OK, my take... Fix Damage Shield!!! Return Haymaker to a Str only maneuver and make it 1.5 times Str again... only things I can think of...
  12. Had to chime in on this one... Remember the whole "talking takes zero time" rule? Well, we had a group that believed it all the way. If a threat would come up, we had a team meeting on what to do about it that took 3 hours REAL TIME, even when the threat was immediate! The rule was intended as for use with one-liners and sililoquies. We ended up having one session of briefing, one session of action, and one session of debriefing!
  13. As someone who bought darn near EVERY Hero product through the 80's and 90's... Heroes from the Deep - decent water rules. Bad News from Dr Drugs - decent High School rules and a good map Eye for an Eye: Lots of good write-ups... Olympians - couple good pics I used for Greek Heroes Mutant File: Good template for Mutant characters which I still use. Other write-up blew chunks though... EE, Road Kill, High Tech Enemies - All bad! My friends and I would joke about characters in it. "Hey, let's take a snowshovel full of points, chuck them at a piece of paper and see
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