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  1. Oh, bugger! That's what I get for not reading a thread from the beginning... my apologies for the redundancy.
  2. Very surprised no-one mentioned "The Phantom", with Billy Zane. Excellent pulp story played straight... which might be why it didn't do very well at the box office. It included a LOT of the lore of the Ghost Who Walks: the skull signet ring, that leaves an indelible brand; the father-to-son tradition of the mantle of the Phantom; Skull Island itself, complete with natives who call the Phantom "Ghost Who Walks", and "Uncle Walker"... just like in the newspapers! The movie presented a pulpy-good story that ranged from pre-WWII New York to Skull Island in the South Pacific. There w
  3. Harley Quinn, any and every incarnation including her character's initial appearance in the Animated Batman. PUNCH that sulky little psycho face! I never found her either cute or whimsical; she's a murderous psychopath with no inkling of personal responsibility -- and the fact of her having been involved in an abusive relationship with the Joker does NOT somehow transform her into a saint or a martyr. Frodo Baggins -- and this was many years ago and based on the novel! I couldn't stand the pathetic little whiner and his pseudo-stoic drivel ["No, Sam, the Ring is my burden, and o
  4. Hello, Sentry-O! If you're still looking for play-testers, then count me in. I'm intrigued by your proposed system, and powerfully attracted to anything that retains HERO's benefits (flexibility, detail, workable overall structure) while discarding its besetting vices (ridiculous levels of granularity and associated point costs; EVERY part of EVERY skill/power/ability must be defined and paid for). As a long-time Champions player, that's something I've always found particularly irksome; the system's fanatical emphasis on 'no freebees'! Some powers/skills/abilities a player buys
  5. Brainiac 5, of the Legion of Super-Heroes. I've had many, many passionate loves for and breathless fascinations with many and varied members of the comicbook pantheon, which is not, perhaps, that surprising, as I'm in my 50s now and I've been a fan ever since I first read a comicbook -- in Western Australia, sometime in 1971 or 1972. They or it (I might have had a digest issue, or I might have got my hands on several issues) were illustrated in glorious black and white, and though I recognised the names "Batman" and "Superman", the comic(s) also featured "Rose and Thorn", "The Met
  6. Fox, just from the bit of background you mentioned, that sounds like an incredible campaign.
  7. Oh, this is good, Hermit. This is all good! I started with your original postings, back at the beginning of this thread (understandably intrigued by the eye-catching title), and just kept reading. I've just now concluded with this most recent update, and I felt the need to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed the tale. I thoroughly enjoyed the tale 😉 It's a charming and refreshing story, in that it plays all the superhero tropes straight, but gives most of the characters (supers and otherwise) at least a little awareness of how large absurdity looms in their lives... an
  8. Delighted to be back, Doc Dodocracy, and Cancer's situation is heart-wrenching; anything that diminishes the pleasures of role-playing is abhorrent and horrid -- particularly for a GM, without whom there is NO game!
  9. I hate to admit it, but (in the interests of full disclosure) though I used to use pencil and paper to create characters, I haven't been able to manage it since, oh, Champions 3? The pale blue cover with flying heroes in mid-air? After C3, character-building just seemed to take too much time for too little return; NPCs were particularly bad, as you needed so many of them! I gave up on superhero character-building, but not on the concept of playing superheroes (which I love). Instead, I got acquainted with Dr. Anomaly -- who some of you may remember from the Board from years ago
  10. And the earth, or at least the fecundity thereof, is the demesne of the Flayed One; it blossoms or withers at Xipe Totec's command. Unfortunately, its powers don't seem conducive to raising earth elementals, but maybe huge raging vegetable minions... John Barleycorn must die, indeed?
  11. And I'm glad to be back, 'Phretti.  Thank-you for noticing 😉  It's been -- oh Christ, it's been years now, hasn't it?  I'm getting sooo ooold.  But I can blame the HERO Board for the absence; I lost my password and only in recent months has the password recovery link been made manifest to my account... or did it even exist before now?  Anyway, I'd come back and read the posts every few months and try (in desultory and discouraged fashion) to log back in, but I never had any success until very recently.

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      I know how that it is. my mortgage company bought another mortgage company and now I have to figure out how to make an account since the password doesn't work anymore



  12. Oh dear Daddy Death Tribble, I'm so, so sorry, I didn't mean to make you worry! I know it's years past my bedtime, but I got distracted and then I lost track of time and then I couldn't remember my password and the "forgot password" link wouldn't work so I could SEE everybody on the Board but I couldn't talk to anyone and I was so upset because I knew you'd be cross and it was getting later and later and I wanted to let you know where I was but I couldn't and it's really all Teh Bunneh's fault... he's been such a dreadful influence. [with apologies to Keyes Bill... from whom I hav
  13. Alas, poor Cancer! That's cruelty on a cosmic level!
  14. Sine we're going Meso-american, let's go with the baddest of the big and the biggest of the bad -- The Aztecs! Xipe Totec (the Flayed One) This radiant machine takes the form of a fifteen foot tall human skeleton, with bones made of glowing jade. It has meteorological abilities, and can make rain fall and sun shine down (or at least, bathe an area about the size of five city blocks with radiation of the same appearance, wavelength and other characteristics as sunlight). It also generates a huge, focused "fertility wave", electro-chemically stimulating the growth of ve
  15. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) When I saw this picture, I actually said, "Whoa, good one." Out loud. Causing the cats to stare at me quizzically. ;-) Though I have NO idea who this is, I absolutely love the pic; the face, the expression, the pose, the way her hair falls and her cloak drapes .... She looks poised rather than static, as if she's about to take action, so the pose comes across as dynamic even though she's stationary. Her facial features/expression are very realistic, the face of an actual woman you might conceivably see somewhere, and her
  16. Re: Need another name for Juggernaut... Typhon (or Typhaon) -- in Greek myth, unstoppable dragon/giant born of the goddess Hera
  17. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine EARTHWORKS, with powers of elemental earth. Seen here in her earth-avatar form, a dense, durable and appallingly strong humanoid shape made of rich, living earth. In this form, Earthworks is subtly faceted, with formed steel extrusions covering her hands, feet, shoulders and knees. Her "clothes" are sculpted out of the different-coloured soils that make up her body; her hair is one solid piece of shaped steel. Earthworks' eyes, like the accents on her boots, gloves and belt, are high-carat metallic gold.
  18. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! I like this concept a lot; the character name, the origin of his powers, the entire back-story.... You've woven the hero-team limitations -- the requirement that they be part-time heroes with holiday connections -- into a sensible, meaningful background that answers the "why" question while managing to preserve a touch of the old ominous meaning of Hallowe'en. The glimpse of Gatekeeper in action neatly illustrates how this character's many elements come together, and the sympathetic Basher and the villainous Legbreakers make excellent foils for him. Yo
  19. Re: EPIC CITY! (Campaign Art & Collateral Material) Sounds more than a little Japanese. So "Rawhead" would be too English in flavour to make a good name for this fellow?
  20. Re: "Neat" Pictures That's a wasp. No great loss....
  21. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Huzzah! Sir Gwaine!
  22. Re: Superhumans changing the course of history Apparently the modern comic "The Authority" (1999) is concerned with precisely this; a group of high-powered supers setting out to change the world for the better and discovering just how far they can or should go, and what the results are. I recently bought the first two collections of "The Authority" (1-8, 9-16), including all the Ellis/Hitch issues and a few of the Millar. I haven't read them all yet, but the comic synopsis sounds like exactly what you're after, philosophically and practically.
  23. Re: Devil's Cape and Argonaut I too loved Devil's Cape -- one of the best written "super-stories" out there -- and am still anxiously awaiting the sequel. Devil's Cape has an iconic/historical feeling, as a young hero team literally rises from the inspiration of past heroes; some personally known to the new heroes, some unknown, but all murdered, every one, by the spectacular evil that is the city of Devil's Cape, Louisiana. This is exciting, inspiring stuff, and more than occasionally heart-breaking (if you've ever sided with the heroes). Overall, this was a well-written and very
  24. Re: "Neat" Pictures Steampunk or not, Bunneh, it IS unreadable... One of the worst books I ever essayed.
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