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  1. "You're a monster, and I'm killing you. It's not complicated." - Frank Castle

  2. When the lies your fellow countrymen tell themselves are no longer your own, identity and peoplehood collapse.

  3. I had someone tell me today that gender politics would be rendered moot by post-biological bodies. I told them to get back to me when they moved into one.

  4. No more Mr. Nice Vondy!

  5. Wishing there was some solid norse-mythology based urban fantasy out there.

    1. L. Marcus

      L. Marcus

      I can't think of _any_ such setting being published. I might be wrong.


      I, on my part, have been toying with the thought of writing up some of the more contemporary denizens of Nordic folk stories, like huldra, näcken, troll, giants, and so on.

  6. Some days I wish for the flame-wars of old and the clarion call to arms of Paid in Full!

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