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  1. I will add support to secret IDs being very workable... with a caveat. Superman / Clark Kent was never an issue for the world at large to me... only for the Daily Planet crew or people the regularly interacted with both identities. In order for secret IDs to be compromised there has to be a causal link in peoples minds for the 'two' people. However, the concept that Lois Lane or Perry White can hang out with Clark and Superman and not "get it" is ridiculous, just as Spider-Man talking to Aunt May should have nearly instantly ended that whole mess. VERY close people to you w
  2. I have have very few issues with genre police and if anything I am the biggest one in my own games. However over the years I got better at realizing that genre conventions are not a single set even for Bronze Age comics and even less so as you move to the 90s. Retro game sounds very fun and yes looking at the comics for a look and feel is a good start. But the look and feel varies more than just by decades. For examples.... look at the 70s Fantastic Four stories vs 70s Dr. Strange stuff..... same decade but VERY different if you were going to run them as games. I would su
  3. If the concern is wanting things to be as 'current & cool' as possible then I suggest 4A or 5 based on tone of the adventures. Looking at modern superhero shows / films / games should be the benchmark and not comic books.
  4. I remember a sheet like that from the Big Blue Book era... might have come in the GM Screen. Those were really helpful for group game for sure. For the people that are doing more digital files for their notes and reference. Have you found good ways of filing or sorting to make it quick to locate things later on?
  5. Yeah I guess the IMMEDIATE after game is just to chat with my player and get her input on how the session went. What she liked or didn't and such...but the notes come soon after that.... either that night or next day.
  6. Currently I am only running a solo game with alot of sandbox elements so process tends to go like this. - Going into session have notes for MY general story plan for the overall story. Also have a few generic mini-encounters and sheets for them on hand to use as needed. - During session make short hand notes of anything that goes different from the plan (usually MOST of it) as well as name of on the spot NPCS and events. - After session do quick review of notes and write up something a little more clear and I keep those sheets in sequence in my binder for the game. Ki
  7. Thank you! Definitely a good start. They are grid based but the grid looks more hidden so with hex overlay it could still work. Nice! If anyone else knows good sources for more things like this I would appreciate it. Also good modern/cyberpunk city maps would be great too
  8. Depending on how you wanted people to pay for them. I would go with Focus or even Followers for some. The drones could also be done as small vehicles with Computer to run them.
  9. I am working on a Champions game that is a mixture of Supers, Cyberpunk and PostApocalypse wastelands. I am trying to find good hex grid (or blank) maps that I can use with online Virtual Table Tops for my player. Does anyone have any good suggestions. Almost everything I find is either D&D/Fantasy or Square Grid covered.
  10. That is pretty much what I was thinking as well Archer. I do enjoy toolkitting and the OP ideas for mental powers certainly are another approach, but I was offering this up as a way to give more flexibility to the mental powers as they exist as a compromise for people that are not satisfied but also don't want to build-from-scratch. Also in comics there IS prescident for mentalists that are trying to Read/Control Minds but are just not able to overpower someone's defenses fully but can manage a lesser effect and rolling effect dice first and then just making the most of what you rolled fo
  11. I fully admit that I am up way to late and tired but having read through all of this, there are certainly some interesting (if unfinished) ideas for alternate systems that I hope to review more after sleeping. However, I had one thought as far as the all or nothing nature of Mental powers as they currently stand in the game. Instead of the mentalist declaring the intended effect level and THEN rolling dice, what if they make their attack, roll the effect dice and see what level effect they CAN get, then declare what they want to do from there. This would simulate the mentalist getting
  12. I always had a soft spot for the bulk of the 4E Champions team, but I also admit that all of New Millennium got the short end of the stick by fans. While it is VERY image in places, it is a very viable campaign and there are many elements of it that I like better than what we ended up with in 5/6E. Also, other than licensing issues, I really don't see how most of the changes (everyone by Defender) were really any better than their predecessors. While the 5E+ team are viable characters in their own right, I still don't see how a little more care to flesh out backgrounds from 4
  13. Seeker just gets no love.... he doesn't even get a name anymore. Kinda shame... he was product of the times, but was always one I liked as a kid back in the 4E days. Plus as mentioned before Watchers of the Dragon went a LONG way to softening some of the goofy hard edges while keeping the spirit there.
  14. Glad I could help! I remembered the section as well... I just had to check through a few books to find it. Advantages to having read and re-read so many of the books over my life. Made narrowing it down quicker
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