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  1. It is probably easier to pick the episodes that I DIDN'T like.... I still watch the whole series from start to finish every few years or so. But "Illusion of Truth" was just bad to me. I understand why for plot reasons it was done, but felt like all the characters turned their brains off for it. B5 had me sucked in from the pilot film. I had taped it off TV and watched it over and over until a year or so later when the actual series started. Easily one of the best Sci-Fi Epics of all time. I feel it's strength is the ongoing story, but that was so unusual to the tv-watchers of t
  2. That makes sense. Yes, it is a good way to get people to try out HERO. Maybe we could impose on you to post some of the conversion builds of abilities and spells you mentioned at some point. You mentioned point values for spells, but do you you budget the other abilities or just go for the 'feel' of what 5e grants?
  3. I think I am following this, then you would use the advantage/disadvantage element you described before based on class/race/items. I assume that characters can get bonuses to saves to reflect items or increased proficency modifiers? I appreciate you sharing what you are doing. I have always been intrigued by the toolkit nature of HERO, but rarely see someone overhauling it so much to fit their needs.
  4. one of the things 5e seemed to do was remove alot of the save or die mechanics. However saves are VERY intergrated into all of the race and classes in it. If you are doing a conversion then ignoring the mechanic seems hard to do. Especially since most saving throws are to reduce damage. However in a pinch the idea of the STAT roll as save does seem like the best adaptation. Although I guess you could leave what the effect of a Save does to each spell when converted.
  5. This sounds like a very interesting idea and a great example of customizing HERO to do what you want. I have a question however, how do you handle the concept of Saving Throws?
  6. I have been working on a campaign for a little while now that would involve vehicle combat as part of it. Both space combat for starfighters as well as vehicle combat on the ground level. While I am comfortable with the character side of things, I realized that I am a little less clear on the official rulings for vehicle combat. Reading through my Ultimate Vehicle sourcebook, it referenced a great deal of skill checks and maneuvers for combat as well as the relative DCV penalties for Size and the like. What I was not seeing however was an actual example of play. (In fact I am finding
  7. While I know Steve Long had reasons for killing off Muerte (licensing maybe, i don't recall) I find it a lost opportunity. As far as a Dr. Doom type character that your average hero group could actually face more directly he filled a good gap. As mentioned with Dr. Destroyer, his power growth makes it so he is almost entirely regulated to background status, direct conflict will wipe most 'standard' level hero teams. You could make the argument that 'standard' should not be facing him, but why have iconic villians if you can't actually face them at some point? Muerte served as a
  8. I will admit it has been years since I REALLY dug into New Millennium, but my memory's impression was that it was pretty solid in concept with alot of good overview and some details but there was alot of inconsistency and continuity mistakes in it. But nothing that a little GMing cant patch. I'll have to dig out my books to look over it a bit closer.
  9. At the risk of derailing things. I think maybe part of the issue is the renaming of the city when rebuilt. Even going Robocop and New Detroit-ing it would have not 'erased' the city. Giving it a new name feels more like replacing something new that ignores the old. This is all very subjective, but taking a 'real' city in game world context and then making it fictional one did always feel a little odd. New Detroit: The Millennium City, would have solved that maybe to a degree. For my votes on the main topic though. I think that a few more options all over the country wo
  10. No I agree with you. That is partly where my confusion was coming from. Every version of Reduced Pen I see in books was always on killing attacks as I listed. But it felt somewhat contradictory to Killing Attacks. But I suppose it is one of the Limitations that is more Heroic level that Superheroic anyway.
  11. That would be a faster method for sure. It would also help reduce the problems with having half dice or +1 on Killing Attacks. I appreciate the insights from everyone. Even though I've known HERO for a long time, there are always new corners I've never really touched on before.
  12. Ok so mechanically it fills a slot between STUN ONLY and Standard Damages.... that makes sense. I suppose the mechanics are just a bit clunky compared to the rest of the system and I was second guessing myself. Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone. I was hoping that all the people that post here might be able to help me make sense of the Reduced Penetration limitation. I understand mechanically that if you hit, your divide the damage dice in half and roll them, then apply the BODY damage separately against defenses, but combine the STUN before applying. This is to simulate something that is stopped more easily by armor or tougher defenses. I see that it is used for shotguns as well as claws on monsters in the bestiary. But at least at the HEROIC levels of game, it seems like these weakens the
  14. I am a little confused as to how the Stun Multiplier on the Hit Location chart works in 6e. With 6e, we now only roll a 1/2d6 for the Stun Multiplier on KA (a nice change for sure). However even though this is the case, the STUN mods on the hit location chart still go up to x5. Is this working as intended as just a special benefit for the extra complexity of the Hit Location chart? Is there an alternate chart published in one of the other sourcebooks that gives an alternate chart if we did not want to have such heavy multipliers?
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