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  1. Re: Your greatest Chmapions moment "I have a catapult. Give me all of your money or I will fling an enormous rock at your head."
  2. Re: Your greatest Chmapions moment I had a long-standing VPP Telemechanic named Arch. One of the other PCs had some five hunteds on his character, all on an 8-. As it just so happened, the GM started rolling dice, and all five showed up. At once. Combat Ensued. Myself and another PC were inside a bank dealing with one villain, while the other three PCs were outside dealing with the other four. Through four turns of combat, I finished off the villain inside, after he'd KOed the other PC. I walk outside the bank, to find myself facing off with the four other villains. They'd taken the entire party. They bantered at me, demanding my surrender. I don't remember what exactly was said, but I basically told them where to stick it, and whipped out the VPP. Four shots fired. Four villains down. 1. 2. 3. 4. I picked up my friends and walked away.
  3. Re: Batman Begins: Batman My one comment on it is that you're forgetting the whole reason for the cowl and outfit: To strike fear. I'd give him another 10 PRE, OIHID. Other than that, looks respectable.
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In retrospect, this isn't nearly as funny as I thought, but it caught me off guard enough that I was broken for several minutes. GM/ME (pre-game summary): "When last we left our intrepid heroes --" PLAYER: "Aww CRAP! We've left our intreptid heroes!"
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The backstory's a bit complicated on this one, so I'll just throw it out: Character 1: "So let me get this straight... we're going to take this army and invade? Basically, we're leading a crusade...?" Character 2: "Yes." Character 1: "Just checking because, historically speaking, the crusades never ended well...." Character 3: "Historically speaking, the crusades never started well." Character 2: "Historically speaking, we've never led a crusade."
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From a pick-up starwars game last night: A wookie and a human walk into a bar. (stop me if you've heard this one...) When questioned about his comrade, the human answers, "Him? He's my fur coat, I just haven't had it killed yet." Later in the same scene, the wookie is questioned by another wookie, to which he responds, "Oh, Him? He's my condom. I just haven't used him yet." ------ "If we're not here to make trouble, what the hell are we here for?" ------ On trying to break into a prison: "We'll get the wookie arrested. Just think of all the things you can hide in a wookie." ------ "As long as we come out of it alive, it's alright." ------ Two Jedi, A Killian Ranger (alternate force tradition), and two droids are breaking into a prison disguised as maintenance workers. The Killian Ranger and one Jedi are arguing in a corner, attempting to look nonchelant, when they are approached by a dark jedi and the obligatory cadre of stormtroopers. Dark Jedi: "I'm not sure... Which one of you is it?" Ranger: "What do you mean? We're just cleaners." Dark Jedi: "Spare me. Which of you is the Jedi?" The Jedi and the Killian turn away from him and huddle. Rock, Paper, Scissors ensues. The Jedi throws scissors. The Killian throws rock. Jedi: "****." Ranger: "HA!" Points to Jedi "He is." ------ Just after the group has defeated the DJ, and finishes dispatching the stormtroopers, another three platoons of stormtroopers enters the causeway, escorting the prisoners we'd gone to recover. With bodies littering the floor, the Killian ranger calmly steps up to the officer apparent and says, "We'll take them from here." Persuasion check = 1,1,1 "Oh, okay." And they turn around and leave.
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From my group last night: "You had the box? What did you do with the box?" "That's between me and the box!"
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