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  1. In a 6E Heroic campaign, such as Fantasy Hero or Star Hero, are the Martial Arts damage classes exempt from the "double weapon base damage" rule? Example, my Viking character has a 2D6K Battle Axe and 20 STR and Martial Arts. Without any extra DCs, he can do 4D6K with a Cleave attack. Now he buys +2 Damage Classes with his Martial Arts. Does he now do 4 1/2 D6 with the Cleave, or does he only do 4D6? If he puts his +4 Combat Levels into additional damage, that according to the rules exceed the 4D6 K, and buying Weapon Master exceeds the 4D6 K, so it seems to me as the DCs would also in
  2. Eodin

    Star Trek RPG

    There are references to Khan in the history chapter of TNG Hero, but nothing about augments or building Khan's "superior beings." The only augments I remember writing about were in the TravellerHero books (book 2, I think) regarding cybertech enhancements. My personal opinion is they would have STR, CON, and INT in the 18-20 range, DEX and PRE in the 15-20 range. Their EGO would be 13ish, since self-control of emotions is not really something they excel at. They'd be slightly tougher (+2 to PD, ED, REC, and BODY, added to the 5th edition figured values). Everything else would be based on cul
  3. Eodin

    Star Trek RPG

    Thanks! Glad to hear a few people still enjoy them. By the way, the Star HERO Fandom website belongs to Arooo. Back in the day he had offered to host my Trek pdfs, since he was already hosting his Babylon 5 HERO and something else.
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    Star Trek RPG

    I wrote TOS Hero (and later TNG Hero at the request of another Hero-ite). I grabbed whatever artwork was available on the net, no licensing or connection with paramount. I've had a few people ask if I'm going to update those setting books to 6th edition, and the answer is probably not. At the time I used Adobe In-Design, but when Adobe changed from buy software to subscription model, I quit using the product, so I'd have to start from scratch in some new program. Same with all the TravellerHERO stuff I did, the In-Design files are no longer usable. Glad to see Shadowcat's still doing w
  5. I've started running a "Victoriana" campaign, and Widening Gyre is of of my minor sources. It's a good book. I'd love to see a Victorian Hero or Steampunk Hero the size of Pulp Hero, but that won't happen. In my campaign I'm combining pieces from Cowboy Hero, Horror Hero, Widening Gyre, GURPS Steampunk, Victoriana, Castle Falkenstein, and several others just to get the pieces of all the things happening in a magictech world of 1866. Lots of stuff! And since mine is based in the San Francisco, not London, there are different assumptions about the goings on. But I digress. Bill Keye
  6. Reading through Viking Combat techniques, one I came across some time ago was how they would "block" a weapon attack by binding/entangling it, and following up as a counterstrike with their own weapon. My original thinking was that you could abort to a weapon bind just like a block, and follow with a counterstrike if the bind was successful. But re-reading Hero Martial Arts 6th edition, you cannot abort to a Bind, since it assumes Bind is an active attack like a Strike. Should I just say the "Block" in the martial block is a temporary bind, like blocking an attack by grabbing the weapon
  7. RIP Leonard, you gave us much, and you will be very missed. May we all LLAP.
  8. Good to know. Answers a few of my "should I or shouldn't I" thoughts.
  9. Hi folks, Not to detract at all from the Traveller HERO conversations going, but we've been asked to work on another setting sourcebook for a space opera type setting to HERO 6th edition. If I keep getting asked, I must be doing SOMETHING right... I'd like to get feedback from people on what they do and don't want in a HERO sourcebook setting for Star Hero. Here's where I'm coming from... The IP is purchased, so we don't have the same restriction we did with Traveller HERO, we can do almost anything we want with it. Now, we've done a lot of work reorganization the information so we
  10. For me, what feels like "Traveler" is mostly about setting and assumptions of the setting. War of some kind somewhere is always a possibility. 90% of characters are ex-military, they are all making a buck (or trying to) flying cargo of some kind, legal or not. Technology has a 50's feel to it - bulky or large, raw without aesthetics, requiring massive amounts of power. Pulpish/Steampunkish to me at times. Of course given when it was created, with no concept of iPads, VM servers, etc., it makes sense. Star Trek's Enterprise is stately and comfortable; Traveller's Beowulf is a mass of
  11. I too am late to the conversation, heard from Kevin and Polaris recently. It's been a while, so my memory of the various issues and constraints is somewhat murky. Psionics, I had no information in the Traveller source material to use as a gauge on what the energy use (END/REC) would convert to, so the END rules were best guess. Profession templates - as Kevin already said, we couldn't reprint the existing material, since it's owned by HERO. Races - again, can't do an direct reprint of the existing material, since someone else owns it. I do remember someone commenting we should have incl
  12. Wow, shows Trek stands the test of time. I noticed that I created those PDFs almost 11 years ago. Maybe I should update them to 6E versions someday.
  13. Another Star Trek actor has passed away: Malachi Throne,who appeared in ST:TOS and ST:TNG. RIP, Malachi Throne.
  14. I've been playing around in my head putting together a "FanstasyCraft", what I mentally think of as Warcraft done right Have not done much with it, beyond the food. So in the spirit of Christmas and food, here's what I have toyed with so far. Foodkraft Recipes. The idea is that each type of recipe is learned, and subsumes knowledge that red meat increases STR, fish increases INT, soups increase CON, etc. And since recipes can be helpful, or harmful (ala the Borgias), or emotional (love that chocolate), etc. Foodkraft: Assisting: Aid 2d6 (standard effect: 6 points), Characterist
  15. Re: [Traveller Hero] What was it exactly? And you can still view the previews at http://www.comstar-games.com/demos/Trav_Hero_Bk1-demo.pdf and http://www.comstar-games.com/demos/Trav_Hero_Bk2-demo.pdf
  16. Re: Power that does less damage the larger the area Variable Advantage from 3rd Edition did what he's after, and I've missed having that version available. As a GM, you could grandfather that version into your campaign if you wished. Given 5th edition, it really depends on how big the largest area of effect is going to be. Spreading works well if the largest AOE is not that big. If it can have a large area, I agree with the suggestion to buy the largest dice and largest area, with a limitation that the damage plus radius = max damage, which is worth a -1/2 Limitation. For examp
  17. Gives interesting insights into "forever"
  18. Re: Phaser Disintegration in 6E One of the key concepts in both Trek and Traveller is that for energy versus matter, matter loses. So I would still use AVLD (protective energy field with resistant defense) and does BODY. The number of dice of RKA is a matter of conjecture.
  19. Re: Sixth Edition Showcase #8: APG Goodies Cool Stuff Don't forget Shelling for APG2, for those seashore adventures.
  20. Re: Sixth Edition Showcase #7: Damage Over Time and Time Limit Steve, I have to say, this is great stuff. Even though it means redesigning lots of things in our Star Hero universe project books. Can't wait to see what you've done with megascale for our starship weapons treatment. DoT and plasma blobs, mmm, the possibilities for my Trek Hero books...
  21. For those interested individuals, We're working on several trekish thing currently. One is a hero version of Lightspeed, which has Trekish, Star Warish, and Nexusish parts of the galaxy. We're also working on something tentatively called Final Frontiers, with a trekish feel, which will have hero and mongtrav versions. Can be played in original-Trek, TNG-Trek, and Dominion War-Trek flavors, although the villains in each are different than the TV shows. Lightspeed, hero version, will be released first of the two books. Kevin and I are working hard away at conversions and such.
  22. Re: Trek Hero PDF available Thanks, I enjoyed creating them.
  23. Re: Trek Hero PDF available While I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, I do hope it won't change Trek history. I'm going to have to dust off my Trek Hero files one of these days and review them to see if there are any updates I want/need to do. In between writing new stuff for the Universe Project at ComStar... Long live 'Trek
  24. Re: A What would you like to see thread... Based on the pdfs I've read from their site, Lightspeed is a space opera where approx 1/3 of the Milky Way galaxy is Star Trekish, 1/3 is Star Warish, and 1/3 is Frontier. So depending on what you prefer, your games can be in that 1/3 of the galaxy.
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