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    Star Trek RPG

    There are references to Khan in the history chapter of TNG Hero, but nothing about augments or building Khan's "superior beings." The only augments I remember writing about were in the TravellerHero books (book 2, I think) regarding cybertech enhancements. My personal opinion is they would have STR, CON, and INT in the 18-20 range, DEX and PRE in the 15-20 range. Their EGO would be 13ish, since self-control of emotions is not really something they excel at. They'd be slightly tougher (+2 to PD, ED, REC, and BODY, added to the 5th edition figured values). Everything else would be based on culture, location, and how they were raised/trained.
  2. Eodin

    Star Trek RPG

    Thanks! Glad to hear a few people still enjoy them. By the way, the Star HERO Fandom website belongs to Arooo. Back in the day he had offered to host my Trek pdfs, since he was already hosting his Babylon 5 HERO and something else.
  3. Eodin

    Star Trek RPG

    I wrote TOS Hero (and later TNG Hero at the request of another Hero-ite). I grabbed whatever artwork was available on the net, no licensing or connection with paramount. I've had a few people ask if I'm going to update those setting books to 6th edition, and the answer is probably not. At the time I used Adobe In-Design, but when Adobe changed from buy software to subscription model, I quit using the product, so I'd have to start from scratch in some new program. Same with all the TravellerHERO stuff I did, the In-Design files are no longer usable. Glad to see Shadowcat's still doing what he can to keep it available in some fashion.
  4. I've started running a "Victoriana" campaign, and Widening Gyre is of of my minor sources. It's a good book. I'd love to see a Victorian Hero or Steampunk Hero the size of Pulp Hero, but that won't happen. In my campaign I'm combining pieces from Cowboy Hero, Horror Hero, Widening Gyre, GURPS Steampunk, Victoriana, Castle Falkenstein, and several others just to get the pieces of all the things happening in a magictech world of 1866. Lots of stuff! And since mine is based in the San Francisco, not London, there are different assumptions about the goings on. But I digress. Bill Keyes did a great job with his Widening Gyre.
  5. Re: Power that does less damage the larger the area Variable Advantage from 3rd Edition did what he's after, and I've missed having that version available. As a GM, you could grandfather that version into your campaign if you wished. Given 5th edition, it really depends on how big the largest area of effect is going to be. Spreading works well if the largest AOE is not that big. If it can have a large area, I agree with the suggestion to buy the largest dice and largest area, with a limitation that the damage plus radius = max damage, which is worth a -1/2 Limitation. For example, if max damage is 12d6, a 4" radius attack does 8d6, a 6" radius attack to does 6d6, etc.
  6. Re: Anyone Have PA Hero yet? I got the PDF of PA Hero, and think it's excellent. I had run a Gamma World campaign 20 years ago, and was interested in what PA Hero had to say on the subject Also, and please forgive the shameless plug here, but when I was working on Traveller Hero, I was thinking that PA Hero would be a great additional source for developing many of the worlds that came crashing down because of Virus in The New Era. Everything from medieval worlds worshiping technology to AI Robots running around shooting people in a sort of Virus hell world.
  7. Re: "There is no pain; you are receding...." 1) either Aid to PD and ED, Limited (only vs. Stun), or Mental Illusions, Based On Con (-1/2), Single Effect - Hide Pain (-1) 2) either Flash vs. Touch Sense, or Images to Touch Sense, or Mental Illusions, Based On Con (-1/2), Single Effect - Hide Pain (-1) 3) depending on the area affected (limb or torso) I'd say Entangle, limited effect (only restricts movement of affected limb; -1) or Drain DEX and STR (torso)
  8. Re: Okay, bear with me on this one...converting Top Secret to Dark Champions Yep, KS and LL are right on. Dark Champions has LOTS of good stuff. I'd say 9 too. Keep in mind converting TS that STAT/5 is fine, but TS skills range from about 50 to 150 (%), so you'll want something like 50% = 11-, 100% = 14-, and 150% = 18-. Our group had a blast years ago running HERO-based espionage in the many of the TS modules.
  9. Re: Steve - Any Plans For "The Network" If you only knew the half of it
  10. Re: Steve - Any Plans For "The Network" Fair enough. I ran lots of Espionagetm and Danger Internationaltm in the 80's, and don't want to see that shelved indefinitely. I may try putting something together on my old group's UNION organization.
  11. Steve, Do you have any plans to use the Boston Cell of "The Network" (Danger International, page 152) in future Dark Champions stuff? If not, how would you feel about an article for Digital Hero that expanded on their limited writeups and converted them to DC 5E?
  12. Re: Has it shipped? And my FLGS doesn't know when they'll get it in. I guess I'll have to wait for it to show up on the online store if they don't have anything in the next week or two...
  13. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units? And it certainly wouldn't be out of line to add x2 or more to the END cost. I know you're not running Trek, but as a comparison... in one of the TNG shows, Geordi had to shut down the Warp Drive so he'd have enough power available to spend a couple of hours replicating engine parts. Depending on what you ship's END and REC are, a x5END cost wouldn't be out of the question.
  14. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units? FWIW, from the TNGHero pdf, Cost Industrial Replicator System 80 Industrial Replicator System: Multipower, 240-point reserve, all OIF Immobile (-1 1/2), Extra Time (Full phase; -1/2) 6u 1) Small Object Replication: Transform 4d6 (Major), Air to Any Object programmed into system (+1), Continuous (+1) (180 Active Points); OIF Immobile (-1 1/2), Extra Time (Full phase; -1/2) 8u 2) Large Object Replication: Transform 4d6 (Major), Air to Any Object programmed into system (+1), Continuous (+1), Area Effect 8 hexes (+1) (240 Active Points); OIF Immobile (-1 1/2), Extra Time (Full phase; -1/2) Total Cost: 94 points.
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