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  1. Re: "Dark Flow" Discovered at Edge of the Universe Ah, but is it on the left or the right edge of the universe?
  2. Re: Real Locations that should be fantasy Maybe not as titanic as some of the other links, but still: A place that almost feels like an Elven Realm when you are there... Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe More pictures at German-language Wikipedia Only to show the main attraction, the Octogon with the Hercules statue (which is 8 meters (25 feet) tall) and the Cascades:
  3. Re: Is there a "penalty to skill roll" modifier for powers? No, because if I reduce their cost, those with high skill are not "privileged". Which would not emulate the kind of game were great power needs to be controlled by great skill, such as is usually the case with magic.
  4. Re: Is there a "penalty to skill roll" modifier for powers? Well, it is intended to be a good deal. I mean, even if it was exactly 4, as soon as you take two or more powers that have the same limitation based on the same skill, you save points. But the individual power would still be limited by this modifier. It's only that some characters could circumvent it, as long as their skill is high enough. Now, if an enemy finds a way to reduce your effective skill level, then you have a problem...
  5. Re: Is there a "penalty to skill roll" modifier for powers? Not exactly, but it is the direction I am heading for. My idea is to make powers cheaper by imposing a penalty on the skill roll (independent of Active Points), such as: "Skill roll is -1" (- 1/8), which you could apply multiple times, even for a total of -10, -20 or more. That way, you could have sets of relatively cheap powers (say, magic spells), that require a very, very high skill score in a core skill ("Casting Magic", for example).
  6. Subject sais it all: Is there a modifier in Hero (5th or 6th) to make the "requires a skill roll" harder, such as "-1 to skill roll" or "-20 to skill roll"?
  7. Re: New "Impossible" Planet May Be on a Death Spiral Hm, you mean they build planets there? Wouldn't a farer orbit better, because of less gravity that hinders the completed planet's transport to its destined place of operation?
  8. Re: New "Impossible" Planet May Be on a Death Spiral So fate itself supports Hero Games. It is am omen!
  9. DrTemp

    Star Trek HERO

    Re: Star Trek HERO Not to spoil the fun, but maybe this one is useful in this context: http://www.starherofandom.com/h_trekhero/index.php
  10. Re: (Somewhat) realistic "Sensors" Analyzing the light hat is reflected by the atmosphere might allow to identify its composition. This could possibly also work for foreign starships that have windows, I don't know.
  11. Re: Terran Empire changes Oh, and don't forget not to use chemical rockets on early starships as in Alien Wars. It just makes no sense.
  12. Re: Fermi Paradox Article -- Only 10 ET Civilizations ? The conclusion of "only 10 Civilizations" derives from the probes leaving behind traces of their existence that last 100 million years. If they assume a lifetime of 1 million years, it becomes more than a 1000 civilizations... If a probe has ever reached Earth at all, it did certainly not last even one percent of that time... so we can assume that there are a lot more than 10 civilizations out there.
  13. Re: Terran Empire changes Actually, the most significant change I would make is: Give the starship stat blocks new ships, that is: New illustrations. Terran Empire starships are Boring Boxes. Regarding the Supers idea: That's what Galactic Champions is for, isn't it. Edit: Oh, and I would check the logics and implications of the Hyperspace drive of the setting. As written, the drive is a "distance shortener" drive, and thus the travel time should heavily depend on the n-space acceleration rates of the ships. The ship stat blocks don't reflect this. I would simply change the fluff text for the hyperspace drive accordingly.
  14. Re: 3d grid maps? I've always done this using two maps: One depicting the x/y plane and one depicting the x/z-plane right next to it. That way, you have each startwice (once on each of the two maps), and as a spectator you can, with a little excercise, imagine the 3D structure of space. I even did nebulae, warp routes, and such larger objects, and they worked quite well.
  15. Re: Making colonization attractive? Both true, but then, why would anyone want to make things so bad and fund enough advertising to make offworld colonization a perceivable phenomenon?
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